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Dungster, LLC
Dungster Composting Systems has highly effective composting systems for both large and small operations! Turn your manure into reusable and highly beneficial compost!

When Manure Happens— Composting Is The Answer!

We’ve all seen it. That huge pile of manure attracting flies, generating HARBORING bacteria and unpleasant fumes. It is an eye-sore, and irritation. For horse owners, it is a constant worry. Spreaders just spread the germs all over your pasture making a health hazzard for both the inside (gut) and outside (hooves) of the horse. Hauling manure away can be very expensive. Why not turn that stinky manure into fresh compost that you can use or sell to your friends? 

What IS Compost?

Compost is Mother Nature at work! Our world needs to return to mother earth as much as we take. Composting is one way this can occur. Raw wastes, such as manure and food scraps, needs to be responsibly managed so they do no harm (see eutrophication). The heat generated by composting manure kills weed seeds, fly larva, and pathogens. Nutrients are converted and fixed in a form plants can absorb, are less susceptible to leaching, and finished compost has no offensive odors nor does it attract flies and rodents as will raw manure. While manure management is certainly not a new issue, it is increasingly becoming a topic that must be addressed. 


So What Is The Answer To The “Manure” Question? DUNGSTER!

Talk about turning “lemons into lemonaide”… The Dungster is a lasting solution turning stinky manure, into a first rate compost that is a great addition to any horse facility!  The Dunster Composter and uses the "in-vessel" composting method to turn tons of manure  (even food waste!) and other organics into stable, desirable compost in just 30 days! The Dungster composter efficiently converts the material by thermophilic composting (Wikipedia - Open Source Ecology). This composting method, like all composting, is the key to a sound waste management program. 


Is It True That The Dungster Produces SANITARY Compost? How? 

YES! The answer is easy to explain. The high heat of the composting step (~130 TO 150F) “sanitizes” the materials killing fly larvae, pathogens and rendering weed-seeds unable to germinate resulting in ideal organic material used as a soil amendment. This is truly a compost that can benefit your gardens, property and enriches the soil and plantlife!


What Does It Mean “In Vessel” Composting? 

We are happy to tell you! In-vessel composting is a composting method that confines the materials within a vessel. Dungster’s “vessel” is a roll-off dumpster.  These dumpsters are never modified when composting and can return to waste hauling at any time. The Dungster aeration kit, with controlled air flow and temperature monitoring, maintains ideal bio-reactor conditions for ideal compost production.  Dumpsters are used, “as is”, because they are the most affordable and convenient “vessel” available in all communities both rural and urban. They are mobile, so units can be added and reduced with ease. They are available to purchase, or to rent, (or both) and no permits are required to use a dumpster. We also have a SOLAR OPTION you can learn about!

How Is The Dungster Compost Aerated? 

Glad you asked! The air is metered in by pipes laying by gravity alone in the bottom of the dumpster fed through a vertical manifold from an outdoor grade blower positioned above.  Fresh air is injected from the blower while the exhaust air simply vents through a biofilter. Temperature and moisture conditions are monitored for optimum aerobic decomposition conditions. With this method, there is no need to "turn-the-pile" and there is no large capital investment. Active composting is done in only one month with curing of the batch to follow!


Can I Re-Use The Aeration Piples? 

YES! We specifically designed them that way! Aeration pipes are easily recovered for re-use at the end of each batch. View our youtube video below to see the ease of aeration pipe extraction.  Once extracted, these pipes can be placed into another empty dumpster and another batch can be started.  The loaded dumpster the pipes were removed from can be emptied or left full and used as a transport vessel for delivery.

The Dungster Is Superior To Other Methods! 

  • Small footprint
  • Little monthly labor required
  • Only 30 days of active composting!
  • Low costs to start
  • A dumpster (as the vessel) costs low four figures when bought used.
  • A dumpster (as the vessel) rental costs are low three figures per month.
  • Dungster kit costs little to buy or rent (See Buy/Rent page)
  • Renting Option; Dungster kit is the only solution available to rent (see Buy or Rent page).
  • Weekly operating costs is less than a Starbucks coffee habit!

With So Many Other Methods You End Up With...

  • Long processing time, 3 to 9 months, or more
  • Large material handling investment of $20k to $100k
  • High labor demands

What If I Don’t Have a TRACTOR For Loading? Is There A RAMP?

Absolutely! With Dungster's Ramp-it-Up loading kit your daily chores place the manure and soiled bedding directly into the Dungster Composter in one movement eliminating multiple "touches" and avoiding manure lying upon the ground potentially leaching nutrients into the environment. This also eliminates operating a piece of power equipment, like a tractor, during daily chores.  This provides a lower carbon footprint and inheritly improved safety for all the people and animals at the farm. This is an great help for the full-board owner/operator who has limited time.  Like the aeration kit, the loading ramps require no modification to the host dumpster. They likewise are all manageable items in weight, permiting the installation, adjustment and removal to be a one-person task that is accomphished in a few minutes time.  

Note: Similar to the aeration kits, these can be purchased or rented from Dungster LLC.What

What If I Have a SMALL Operation? Can 
Dungster Help Me?
YES! We have several clients that come to us with smaller 1-4 horse operations and we have a system just for them!!! It is called "The Carbon Cyle"! (See 3 samples in the graphic at the top) Started in New Zealand, Dungster is the American Dealer. The Carbon Cycle ships from Erie Pennsylvania. PSo easy to put together, and we provide the Allen Wrench needed. The Aluminum Frame lasts forever and you only replace the easy wood slats, every 5 years. Turns into compost in only 45-60 days!!! P
ricing starts at only $1,000 for a SMALL (1 cubic yard) and $2000 for our LARGE (2 cubic yards).

Are There State Regulations Regarding Manure?

Yes and this is important to know! Most states already have environmental regulations addressing animal density per acre to protect from manure nutrients running-off into streams and leaching into drinking wells and ground water.  Some states are implementing food diversion legislation with composting of food the preferred alterantive. The Dungster system can be used in both applications.
Note: In MOST States when manure is turned into compost-- it is NO LONGER regulated!!

How Do I Get Started?

First, DUNGSTER is available to talk to to help you know what your manure needs (and output) likely are. You don’t have to figure this out alone! 

Two decisions must be made
:#1 the composter's capacity and #2 whether to start with a basic kit or a premium kit.

Fortunately, dumpsters come in common sizes, these are 10-yard, 20-yard 30-yard and 40-yard capacities. The Dungster Aeration Kits are likewise available in these four common sizes. Make your choice from the table provided on our website (Special sizes and non-dumpster aerations kits are available upon request).

Basic Kit or a Premium Kit:
 This decision determines how your composting process will operate.  With the Basic Kit you have one dumpster and aeration equipment for one dumpster. When full and actively composting (for about a month's time) the new material arriving daily needs to be kept someplace else. When the actively composting batch finishes, and its dumpster is emptied and ready for a new batch, the new material must then be handled again from storage and placed into the readied composting dumpster.

So BASIC Kit is ONE Dumpster and PREMIUM Kit is TWO Dumpsters!

YES. The PREMIUM KIT— you can fill one, start composting and then immediately start to fill othe other dumpster— so there is no ‘wait’ time!!

OK NOW The Final Decision… OWN or RENT?

There are advantages to both. Let Tim tell you about it… and check out our pricing and affordable options! 


What About The OPEN Top? 

Right! That opening needs to be convered since it is not part of the Dumpster Box! Dungster offers the "Dungster Guard Cover System". These molded P.E. covers come in sections where 2 will cover a 10-yard composter and 4 will cover 20, 30, or 40  yard Dungsters. Weighing only $43 pounds each, these covers can be handled by anyone. They come with securing straps that can be padlocked to prevent someone accidentally throwing in a 'trash bag' (annoying). The top also keeps animals out.


Owning starts at just $2,190 for a 10 yard basic kit and we have several larger sizes available!

Renting starts at just $52 a months for a 10 yard basic kit.


Call Tim Today and be Rid of the Manure “Blues” Once and For All!

You’ll be happier, the neighbors will be happier and the horses will enjoy fewer flies to contend with! Tim understands your “manure woes”. He is friendly, knowledgable and will help you determine just the right situation for your composting needs. You will be surprised at how affordable and enjoyable it is to turn a problem into an asset! Pick up the phone and tell Tim today about your horse property, your horses and let Tim help you find a real solution to your manure needs! 

P.O. Box 644
Fairview, Pennsylvania 16415
Phone: 814-450-1010
Website: Click Here To Connect

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