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Larry Surrett Online Horse Training Academy
Larry Surrett's FAMOUS Horse Training School attended by thousands of horse owners, trainers, breeders and show people over the years, is NOW available for a ONE TIME, $47 fee-- online!

Who is Larry Surrett?
Larry Surrett grew up in Mora, Minnesota and has trained horses his entire life. Larry had the privilege to grow up with excellent horsemen who taught Larry how to ride and train horses. He took the knowledge from them, expanded to make it his own, and has made a living training horses since he was 13 years old.

Larry attended Anoka Tech and the University of Minnesota and became a farrier. He took two apprenticeships so he could work with his mentor. Larry has been a full time horse trainer and farrier for the last 40+ years. Larry could also be called a "people trainer" as he believes that for a horse to be successful the rider needs to learn how to think like a horse. You learn to think like a horse and a horse trainer in the 3 week class he offered. Larry is an excellent horse trainer and can teach any horse to do anything physically possible while making it look like a breeze. He is a natural horseman.

Do You Have The Confidence You Desire With Your Horse? 
Most of us don’t. If you are a horse owner who's struggling to establish a strong bond and mutual respect with your equine companion or dealing with behavioral issues— you know that this worry carries over to your saddle time and creates doubt— or worse— danger with your horse.  Perhaps you want to take your existing skills to the next level and teach your horse some impressive tricks. Whatever your situation is, if you've ever wished for a comprehensive solution to your horse training dilemmas, then Larry’s Online Master Course might just be the most life changing thing in your world as a horse owner. 

But Can I Really Learn To Train My Own Horse?

Yes, in fact you must! Larry will help you and make it easier than you ever thought possible.You see, mastering horse training doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it can be a joyous journey that doesn't just get you closer to your horse but also makes you appreciate the intelligent, graceful creature that it is.

What Kind Of Results Do Students Enjoy From This MASTER CLASS?
Imagine being able to command respect from your horse effortlessly, and in turn, offering it the love and respect it deserves. Picture yourself resolving common behavioral issues with ease, turning dreaded confrontations into pleasurable interactions.  What about teaching your horse fun and exciting tricks? Not only will it strengthen your bond, but it'll also make for great entertainment and a sense of accomplishment. 
Plus! Think about how confident you'll feel, knowing that you're fully equipped to handle any situation that arises with your horse, thanks to the proven strategies and insider tips you've learnt from the online classes.
For $47 I Get "LIFETIME ACCESS" To Larry Surrett’s "Ultimate Horse Training Masterclass"!
Yes! This is the FIRST TIME a Master Class of this kind has been made available to the public. Through these detailed and easy to understand videos, Larry has ensured that every horse owner is able to afford to become a safe and confident rider! Larry’s reputation in the horse world and students is second to none!
Note: This is a ONE TIME fee that will last you a lifetime! 

Larry’s Online Master Class Series Will Include:

* Correction and Praise— many well intentioned people, who love their horses, actually do not correct a horse properly. Either creating disrespect or outright resentment from their intelligent equine friend. Praise is something that everyone loves and your horse is no exception. Learn how to give the most effective praise to help your horse feel like a winner every time he or she does it right!

The Cherokee Training Bridle- Larry specifically designed this bridle/ halter to help horses understand through pressure/release just what is the behavior that will bring them the most comfort and reward from their owner. You won’t want to miss out on this amazing video.

How To Train A Safer Horse! - this is a MUST SEE for anyone riding horses! The most popular of all Larry’s Videos, you will want to watch it over and over so that you can take it step by step back to your horse to both gain in safety— which will help you gain in confidence!

Get The Buck OutFew things undermine confidence faster than having your horse try to buck you off. Sometimes it is ill-fitting tack, but many times a bucking horse is an untrained horse. Let Larry show you what you can do to ensure your horse doesn’t buck with you in the saddle. Having a horse under control will boost your enjoyment 100 times over!

The Top 10 Ways To Get Injured By A Horse: No one wants to be injured, this is something our minds just refuse to think about. But knowledge is power! You can’t train a safe horse if you don’t understand what you or your horse might be doing to put you both in danger. This video is worth its weight in gold to help keep you on the “safe road” to happy trails!

Larry’s 8 Training Techniques To Fix Problems: Well here it is in a nutshell, 8 of Larry’s most successful training secrets to help ensure that you are able to fix whatever troubles may come about. It is like the owner’s manual on your new car. If you apply these techniques, you will be able to overcome whatever behaviors you do not desire in your horse!

Trailer Loading: Would you like to help your horse to feel confident and willing to load into your trailer? Tired of having to use “force” to load. If you watch and implement the training techniques in this video, your horse will load better than ever before. This video is crucial to the health and well being of your horse. In case of fire, tornado, injury etc, your horse may need to load willingly and quickly. Make sure you have watch this all important video. 

What Do Horse People Say About Larry's Training Courses?

My CONFIDENCE Skyrocketed! It is like I got a piece of me back!
- Brenda

If horse psychology is ever classified as an academic science, Larry Surrett will be qualified to hang out his shingle.
- Karen

Not only did you teach trick and trail ability, but you also taught the horses manners and rider respect.

- Jacqueline

You have to believe it when you see it -- Equestrian Magazine

We have more training videos coming soon, and every month more videos will be loaded for your viewing!

* More Fun Tricks - such as Nodding “ Yes” And”No", Smiling, Giving Kisses, Bowing, Playing Dead, Sitting, Rope It Self, And More!

Techniques To Cure Specific Problems:  Such as Biting, Kicking, Rearing, Halter Pulling,Won't Stand For The Farrier, Head Tossing, Barn Sour, … and more!

What About Taking The 3 Weeks Training Course That Larry Is Famous For?
We are glad you asked! While Larry is now retired and no longer having people drive up with their horses for this amazing, 3 weeks course, we DO have the entire course (day by day) available ONLINE coming very soon! You will be able to watch each full day, from start to finish as new students work with their horses to learn these amazing training techniques and all from the comfort of your home!

Will There Be An Additional Fee For The 3 Weeks Training Course Online?
Yes, but it will be reasonable. Larry’s goal is that every horse owner will be able to take advantage of learning these safe and proven methods. Larry is working right now to put this course together and information on its purchase will be coming very soon. 

What If I Would LIke A Personal Zoom or FaceTime Conference With Larry?
That is entirely possible! Just contact us by email or click on the offer within the video library. Let us know what you would like to talk about, and we will set you up with a time, date and a reasonable price to work with Larry directly!

Is It Possible To Buy A Horse Trained By Larry?
Larry is constantly working training horses. Larry will post when one of his highly trained and very dependable horses becomes available and you will be able to have an opportunity purchase!

Don’t Forget Larry’s Facebook Group With A LIFETIME Membership of Only $17!
Our online FB group is amazing! Larry and students post problem solving videos all the time. It is more of a Master Class “family” and for a small ONE TIME ONLY fee of $17— it is worth every dime!!

Don’t Miss Out! Tell Your Friends! Only $47 For A MASTERCLASS!
This is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity! Larry Surrett is nationally known as a trainer that is loved by horses and students alike. Tell your friends— better yet BUY a “Master Class” for your equine friends today. Call us for your lifetime membership and look for information on our upcoming “3 weeks class online” and ride a safe horse— with confidence!

Contact: Larry Surrett
2601 Apple Tree Road
Princeton, Minnesota 55371
Phone: email preferred please
Website: Click Here To Connect

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