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Knight Livestock Protection Services
Prevent Fires In Your Trailer, Barns or Stalls with Knight Livestock Protection! Designed by the men who put out OIL FIRES, this system works!

FIRE!- The Most Dreaded Word Any Horse Owner Can Hear!
If there is one universal 'fear' that keeps horse owners up at night, it would have to be FIRE! Few things are more powerful, quick in their destruction of both life and property, than FIRE! This dreaded monster seems to have a life of it's own as it moves through horse trailers, barns, homes, trees and devastates and destroys all in it's path. Once fire hits, there is RARELY time to get everyone to safety. If you can STOP FIRE in it's TRACKS--- you are infinitely better off! Anything that can stop the devastation and destruction of FIRE-- should get top priority!

Meet Knight Livestock Services-- We Extinquish Fires For A Living!
Drue Knight, owner of Knights Livestock Protection Services, has been working putting out OIL FIRES in Iraq and other areas of the world. If there was a catastrophic failure in the oilfield, he would be called to investigate and engineer the issue out or design a process to mitigate the risk.
If we can assist and prevent one catastrophic failure we have successfully achieved our mission...stopping fire in it's tracks, is Drue's passion!

Is It True That Drue Knight & Family Are Active In The Horse World?

Yes! Drue knows horses and understands the needs of both horses and their owners! Drue
has roped throughout his life as he pursued an extensive career in the oil and gas industry. Putting out fires as a career, helped Drue to see the need of bringing this skill to the horse world!  Drue had heard of terrible trailer fires and barn fires-- and he committed to using his knowledge and skill to bringing an affordable solution to the horse world! His family, Kelsey, River and Rainy are also actively involved in the horse world.

All were  brought up in rodeo, farming and ranching, and currently have a successful performance horse breeding operation, where we have also bred for the future endeavors for their little girls.  Kelsey has had a successful career as a futurity barrel horse trainer and has taken a partial hiatus to start a family... all are actively involved in helping Drue bring fire extinsion to the Horse world!

How Is The DEFENDER SYSTEM Superior To A Fire Extinquisher?

NOT require a "Human" to come and turn it on! It works itself when it senses the heat of a FIRE! If no one is around to see the fire, or if people are sleeping, what good is a fire extinguisher in the corner

* The DEFENDER SYSTEM is COOL and WET-- not 'dry and cakey powder-- which offers no cooling

* It adheres to the surface on fire-- cools.

* No "expiration date", lasts until you need it!

* Just hang it where you want the protection to be!

Does The DEFENDER Fire System Require "Power" or "Water" To Work?

NO! That is something that actually sets us apart. No power, or water source is needed. The DEFENDER SYSTEM is all inclusive in it's own container. So many extinguishers DO require water (which can be a huge problem in freezing temperatures)... but NOT the DEFENDER SYSTEM!

Do I Need This In My Horse Trailer?
YES! There are numerous reasons and ways to have a trailer fire. By the time you are aware your trailer is on fire, it is often too late. One unit can handle 2 stalls in the trailer. So a 3 horse trailer would need 2 units and a 4 horse trailer would need 2 units-- while a 2 horse trailer would just need 1 unit.

YES! We had designed a "Stall Hanger"--- you can take it to shows or just hang it over your stall in your barn! You can hang a bottle of Defender right over your stall.


You can set it up for your axel system for your trailer, put them in your living quarters, tack rooms, hay rooms (for sure!) or wherever you would need protection from the hazard of fire!

How Are These Units Installed?
Drue and staff have mobil units and will drive to your location. They also visit many trade shows and you can bring your trailers right to the show and they will install them for you.

What Is the Coolant Made From?
It's PATENTED technology, is non-corrosive, (non-Flourine-- so NON cancer causing!), completely safe to kids, adults, and animals. It is mainly water... we protect Designed to be cooling and highly effective in putting out fires!

What Is The Shelf Life?
Indefinite! Unlike fire extinquishers that have an 'expiration date'... the DEFENDER is active until the moment you need it! The liquid in the container system should last forever until you need it and yes, you can contact Knight Livestock Protection Services to refil or swap out your containers!

How Do I Get Started?
Simply call us today for a quote and we will start the process. We'll find out where you need it, how many horses your trailer or barn has and what you are looking to use it for. We'll help you every step of the way! Call and ORDER today and be SAFE from the fear of fire!!!

Contact: Drue, Kelsey, River and Rainy KNIGHT 
31665 East CR 1350
Willow, Oklahoma 
Phone: 806-570-7872
Website: Click Here To Connect

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