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Keep Your Barn and Horses Cool With Big Ass Fans!
From cooling to heat recirculation, as well as dust, bird and fly control, Big Ass Fans® are your one-stop solution to barn and arena comfort problems.
How Did "Big Ass Fans" Get Their Name?
Our name reflects both our affinity for equines and our dedication to customer satisfaction. We started in 1999 as the HVLS Fan Company, but after three years in business, we bowed to the sentiments of our customers and conceded that we do, in fact, design and manufacture some really Big Ass Fans. It was therefore a natural step to change our name to Big Ass Fan Company, and adopt our mascot, Fanny the Donkey. Proceeds from the sale of company swag help to support Longhopes Donkey Shelter of Bennet, Colo.

Are You Tired Of Box Fans?

Ah, the ubiquitous box fan. Who hasn’t walked down the aisle of a barn with a box fan on every stall, electrical cords taped, strapped and tied in every direction? Besides the obvious issues of noise and inadequate airflow, box fans designed for indoor use also present a serious fire hazard. One Big Ass Fan can safely replace numerous box fans, silently and efficiently moving a huge amount of air to keep you and your horses cool, reduce flies and sweep ammonia out of your barn.

Which Big Ass Fan is Right for Me?
Just like no single horse is right for everyone, each of our fans excels in different areas. Large diameter, low speed overhead fans use their immense size, not speed, to gently and efficiently circulate a huge amount of air throughout a space. The 8- to 24-ft. diameter Powerfoil®X2.0 is the most durable, versatile overhead fan ever built—and we guarantee it with a 15-year nonprorated warranty. Powerfoil X2.0 and our other industrial overhead fans work all year long, cooling in the summer, recirculating heat in the winter, and reducing condensation in between.

If you’re limited on ceiling space, the 6-ft. Pivot® or the mountable or portable Yellow Jacket® both come with optional oscillators. Need to move your airflow around the farm? The 8-ft. vertical AirGo® takes large diameter, low speed efficiency on the move. Add the optional misting package, and you’ve got the same cooling effect as 22 tons of air conditioning, right at ringside. These are just a few of the options available; call our Equine Specialists for a custom recommendation for your equine facility.

Does Your Indoor Arena Feel Like A Rain Forest?
You built an indoor to get out of the rain—so why are you still getting dripped on indoors? The air movement created by Big Ass Fans can alleviate condensation concerns in indoor riding arenas.

Air movement can also make riders and horses feel up to 10 F cooler, so you can extend the use of your facility by increasing training and riding time even on hot days.

How Do Big Ass Fans Help with Footing?
Quality footing can make the difference between an equine athlete at the top of its game or a lame horse. Many arena managers use Big Ass Fans as part of their footing management strategy. By precisely controlling airflow in the arena, managers can perfect the balance between watered footing and dry, dusty conditions.

Can My Big Ass Fan Do Something About the Birds or Flies?
Absolutely! We’ve found that birds avoid Big Ass Fans, and pesky insects can’t fly in the powerful airflow. Stop spraying chemicals all over your barn and horses—the bug-banishing power of airflow is completely natural and highly effective!

How Do Big Ass Fans Improve Air Quality in Horse Barns?
Stalled horses often develop airway inflammation in response to the particulates present in stable air, including the dust and mold present in feed and bedding. The air movement created by Big Ass Fans also dilutes inflammatory ammonia in the air, reducing odors common in stables.

What Do People Say About Their Big Ass Fans?
“Happy, healthy horses perform better. The happier they are and the better they feel, the better they’re going to perform for me. There just isn’t another fan on the market that puts out the kind of air that Big Ass Fans do.”—Latricia Duke, futurity trainer, Schiller Ranch

“All the heat would just go up to the ceiling and I couldn’t get it to move around, so I put the fans in the arena to move it down. It worked out really well to have the fans in the wintertime, and they also help keep the arena comfortable in the summertime.”— Gary Holman, manager, Eagle Creek Farm

“I would recommend Big Ass Fans to anyone with a facility like ours. It’s embarrassing to think about the money we wasted trying to solve our air movement problems before installing Big Ass Fans. The comfortable atmosphere now helps us attract more exhibitors.”- Dale Barnett, manager, Hunt Horse Complex

“I can honestly say the Big Ass Fans helped us capture revenue during the hottest time of the year, which we could not successfully capture before. That is the bottom line.”— Rob Seal, director, Lauderdale County Agri-Center

"Box fans create a lot of air movement, but they move it more locally. With the Big Ass Fan system, when you turn on the fan you can feel a slight breeze at the far end of the building, indicating we're getting better air exchange throughout." – Dr Bill Bernard, owner, Lexington Equine Surgery and Sports Medicine

Call Big Ass Fans Today!
Our equine specialists know what’s important to horse owners and managers. Call them today for a custom quote.

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
2425 Merchant Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40511
Phone: (877) BIG FANS (877-244-3267)
Website: Click Here To Connect

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