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Quality Aluminum Horse Stalls By ARC Stall
ARC STALLS offers EXCEPTIONAL horse stalls that are good-looking, economical, strong, long-lasting, and safe!

About ARC Stalls

Jeff  Covel, CEO, explains how they came up with the idea for his superior horse stalls, the ARC Stalls:

“In 2002 one of my colleagues came to me with a proposal.  He had been looking all over the country for new aluminum stalls for his quarter horses, and his conclusion was that the choices he had were too expensive and not the best quality.  Jim’s conclusion:  “With all our years of experience manufacturing other aluminum products, we can make stalls that are better and less expensive than what’s out there.”
Thus the idea for ARC Stalls was born -heavier aluminum, a stronger alloy, safety for your horses, reasonable price, quick shipping, high levels of customer service.  Jeff Covel says, "We are not trying to be all things to all horse owners.  We think we're absolutely the best at our style of stall.  We'll continue to manufacture our one part of the stall world the best it can be and we'll leave other styles and types of stalls to other folks.  This specialization is the secret to high quality at modest prices."  You supply the lumber and labor and you'll will see how quickly and easily a top-quality, reasonably-priced stall system goes together.

What Sets ARC Stalls Apart From the Competition?
ARC Stalls are quite simply stronger than other aluminum stalls anywhere near our price range.  The aluminum is considerably heavier, and the special aluminum alloy we use is harder than the common aluminum used by other brands.  The combination of heavier (thicker) metal and our unique alloy yields a stall that’s 35% to 80% stronger than competitors.
ARC stalls are engineered for safety.  We’ve been told by vets that the maximum, safe gap between stall bars is 2.75” to prevent an adult hoof from slipping between the bars, so we designed our system with 2.65” bar gaps.  This gives maximum visibility & airflow while maintaining vet-approved bar spacing.
The ARC latch is spring-loaded.  When you raise the tab to open the latch, it automatically springs back to retract the latch tongue.  No chance of a protruding latch tongue ripping into your horse.
ARC Stalls use a unique method to retain our no-weld stall bars.  Others use foam pads, which break down over time and hold moisture causing odors.  We use a tough, polymer insert, which can’t break down, can’t rot, doesn’t hold moisture.

What Benefits Does Aluminum Have To Offer?
Aluminum doesn’t rust.  Aluminum has no coatings to breakdown.  Anodizing is not a coating; it’s a chemical process that changes the actual nature of the aluminum.  By contrast, coatings used on steel - paint, powder coat, galvanize, galvalum - are easily separated from the base steel when horses chew and lick, and equipment scratches the surface. Coatings also often break down over welds. See our amazing PHOTOS!
In This Economy, Why Should I Choose ARC?

We understand that as a customer you are looking to not only receive an exceptional product, but an economical one as well. ARC Stalls are priced in the economy range yet the quality significantly exceeds anything similarly priced.  Since ARC Stalls are heavier and safer too, we make the decision an easy one for our customers.

Are ARC Stalls Available Nationwide?
ARC Stalls are shipped all over North America from our facility in Columbus Ohio.
What Do Customers Say About ARC Stalls?
Everyone loves their ARC STALLS! We get new testimonials every month. Here are a few!

As you know, I did a lot of research before deciding on your stall products. I have seen many horse injuries over the years caused by unsafe environmental conditions. I even had one of my own horses get a back leg hung up between the bars of a stall we had constructed from another company. I did not think there was any way a horse could get a hoof between those bars, but that mare did, and it ended her career. The spacing of the bars in your stall grills was a major deciding factor in my decision to buy ARC stalls. The stalls we constructed 3 years ago still look new today. The finish does not rust or dull or start to look old. We are building more stalls in a new barn and would never consider using anything but ARC stalls! Thank you for making a product that is safe, functional and beautiful.

Dr. Rhonda L Herr, DVM, Harrisonburg VA

The stalls are wonderful. They're 3 years old now, and they're wearing like the day we put them in. These are much better than the similar (aluminum) ones we saw in Pennsylvania. (as she was ordering additional parts to complete her barn)
Barbara in South Carolina
They're absolutely gorgeous. I get compliments on them every day. (as he was ordering additional stall fronts with feed doors for his newly remodeled equine facility) 
Dr Sean Strain, DVM, Strain Equine Services, Bonner Springs Kansas
I built the stalls by myself and I am a 44 year old female so don't think it can't be done. My friends tell me it looks like a professional job and that I need to quit my job and start building stalls for a living. 
Sharon in Texas
I've had them for a year, and they've worked out great.  They come super clean when I wash them. (after placing her 3rd order for the ARC aluminum stall system.) 
Leah in Canada
Everyone who has seen our barn has complimentary remarks about the quality look of the ARC stalls. .... Jeff has been very accommodating ...and the materials arrive at our door within 2 days of the order. My wife and I, working together have a system where we can easily put together one of these stall kits in less than 2 hours. This includes building and hanging the door and installing both front and side wall bars. 
Chris & Julie in Michigan

Call Jeff at ARC Stalls Today!
You simply won't find better made stalls! We are available for email or toll-free telephone consultation before and after the sale with help, tips, and tricks to make your assembly job smoother & easier.  It’s not uncommon for us to be on the phone with a client evenings or weekends.  We work when you work! ARC Stalls are of the highest quality, easy to install and affordable. Call and talk to Jeff at ARC Stalls today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
1646 US Highway 42 North
Delaware, Ohio 43015-9013
Phone: 800-500-5804
Website: Click Here To Connect

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