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The Automated Safety Hitch™
The Automated Safety Hitch™, The Better Way To Transport Your Horses!

About Safety Towing Systems, Inc.

The Automated Safety Hitch™ is manufactured by Safety Towing Systems, Inc., a multinational corporation dedicated to enhancing the safety of transportation systems.  With over 5 years of research and development, and extensive product testing, The Automated Safety Hitch™ makes the trouble, inconvenience and hazards of hitching up and driving with traditional gooseneck trailers and 5th wheel RV’s a thing of the past.  
President and CEO, Joseph P. Jamieson, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics from Parks College of Aeronautical Technology of St. Louis University.  He is a Federal Aviation Agency certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, a former Air Force Pilot, and a Federal Aviation Agency certified Air Transport Pilot.  He is the designer of autopilot control systems for jet-powered helicopters in use worldwide.
The Automated Safety Hitch™
The Automated Safety Hitch™ system becomes an integral part of the gooseneck trailer or 5th wheel without adding length to the trailer.  It is very important for owners to understand that once our assembly attaches itself to the tow vehicle, it literally becomes a part of the vehicle and an extension of the vehicle’s wheelbase.  The beauty of this design is that it extends the length of the wheelbase of your vehicle when towing the trailer, which provides greater stability and allows you to leave the extra wheelbase when detached and parked.

The Automated Safety Hitch™ system has the handling effect of shortening the length of the trailer by pulling the trailer to the outside of the turn.   (For most installations this has the effect of shortening the trailer approximately 25 feet when turning.)   Its steerable axle prevents tire scuffing and enables effortless turns by automatically sensing the turning rates and forces generated by the driver’s steering and automatically steers the Automated Safety Hitch’s wheels proportionately in the proper direction.

What Are The Features Of The Automated Safety Hitch™?

The Automated Safety Hitch has its own electrical system. Easy hook-up with “Auto Alignment”, “Auto Elevation”, “Auto Attachment” and “Auto Retraction” means hooking up by yourself without aggravation, frustration and present hazards. The deluxe model of the Automated Safety Hitch™ system comes with a three-year limited warranty.
Here are some additional features:

·     Hitch Can Handle Up To A 30,000 LB Trailer
·     Pulls Your Trailer Easier And Safer
·     Auto Alignment
·     Auto Connecting And Disconnecting
·     Increases The Braking Capacity Of Your Truck By 50-60 Percent
·     Increases Stability Of Your Trailer Rig
·     Pulls Your Trailer To The Outside Of The Turn
·     Auto Recovery

Is Safety Hitch Easy To Connect and Disconnect?
Absolutely! You will love how easy Safety Hitch is to both connect and disconnect. Hitching was never easier:

How Does The Automated Safety Hitch™ Work?

Its simple, just back up to the trailer, attach the two safety chains, pull forward a few feet, press a switch and the trailer automatically attaches to the tow vehicle. During the last phase of the attachment sequence, the tandem full caster support gear automatically centers and retracts like the nose gear of an airplane. Nothing to turn, pull, bang or twist. Insert two locking pins, plug in the trailer’s power cord and drive away.

The Automated Safety Hitch axle steers automatically below 25 mph and true tracks straight ahead above 25 mph. This axle automatically senses the vehicle’s direction of turn, amount of turn and rate of turn, and then causes the Automated Safety Hitch’s tires to steer proportionately in the proper direction. There are no electrical and no mechanical connections between the truck’s front axle and our axle. The steering control and sensing system does not require electrical power to operate. This sensing system is so reliable that it is warranted for 10 years.

To detach, simply unplug the power cord, press a switch momentarily, place the safety pins in the unlatched position, turn one lever to the release position allowing the whole hitch to disconnect and the support gear comes down when you pull forward. Unhook the two chains and drive away. At night, all lights that came on automatically will turn off automatically.

What About Braking?
Everyone who hauls horses understands the need for superior braking ability to ensure the health and well being of the horses you are hauling. Getting stopped in time is paramount to safety! Our hydraulic braking system is an additional braking system to ensure ultimate safety for your horses....

Why Do I Need An Automated Safety Hitch™?

You need it because it will save you money! By utilizing the Automated Safety Hitch, a three quarter ton vehicle with a regular axle does the same towing job as a one-ton dually. Approximately $5,000+ saved. Since you no longer need a dually to pull your trailer, you can drive in town without damaging the dually fenders and wearing out dually tires.  

Approximately $1,800 saved per occurrence. Over the years, truck manufacturers have increased the height of pick-up trucks. Trailer manufacturers compensate by “blocking up” the trailer because it is important for the trailer be level when being towed.  

By using the Automated Safety Hitch™ system, your trailer does not have to be “blocked up”. Approximately $500 to $1,500 saved.With the gooseneck or 5th wheel not in the vehicle’s bed, your tow vehicle is now free to carry cargo. No need for hayracks or mounted in-bed hitches. Approximately $2,000 to $6,000 saved. No more replacing damaged tailgates, which happen while backing up to or pulling away from your trailer. Approximate savings $1,600 saved per occurrence.

Order Your Automated Safety Hitch™ Today!
Turn an ordinary truck into a dually with The Automated Safety Hitch™. This hitch blows past the competition because of its strength and durability. With this hitch you don’t need a big truck to haul a big load, this hitch does the work for you. So what are you waiting for? Call and talk to Joe today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
1311 North Grand Ave
Gainesville, Texas 76240
Phone: 940-231-7604
Website: Click Here To Connect

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