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HaySaver By Klene Pipe Structures
Klene Pipe Structures is a hay feeder manufacturer that is SERIOUS about providing an absolutely superior quality selection of hay feeders!

Make Sure You Say It Right!
Klene is actually pronounced "Klenny"
think of Kenny Chesney the country music star, and just put an "L" after the "K" in Kenny-- and you will get Klenny- that is the right way to say our name!

About Klene Pipe Structures
Klene Pipe Structures is a family owned business that led the field with their patented livestock shade in 1957, the HF-216 cattle feeder in 1964, and now the patented folding grill feeders in 2004.  Founded by the late Ralph Klene in 1949, he transferred ownership to his youngest son Robin Klene in 1986. Both made it a personal priority to make top of the line products with above and beyond customer service. Klene Pipe Structures specializes in portable buildings, stall buildings and livestock feeders Klene Pipe delivers products in 48 states and has many models to choose from to accommodate your needs.

Do Hay Prices Have You Pacing The Floor?

One of the greatest laments of horse ownership is...wasted hay! Horse owners often joke that they should just feed their horses $20 bills— and hay does not look like prices are going down any time soon! We have all seen our equine pals out there stomping on their hay— grinding it into the dirt or sand— even finding hay that is wet from urine or manure is not uncommon. Makes a horse owner want to scream in frustration…but what can you do?

Klene Pipe’s HAY SAVER To The Rescue!
Klene Pipe’s “Hay Saver” Hay Feeders for horses are specially designed to save hay so you save Money and Time! Our square or round bale feeders for horses are made from high quality materials, our hay saver feeders will withstand the elements for years to come. Though designed with horses in mind, the Klene Pipe horse hay feeder can be used with other livestock as well including llamas, alpacas, and more.

The "H-8" ROUND BALE Hay Saver by Klene Pipe

The H-8  Hay Saver is our most popular hay feeder for horses! Made with folding grills to keep hay inside. Holds 1 large round hay bale. We have an optional ROOF that can protect your hay further from sun damage, or rain! The H-8 “hay-saver” horse hay feeder is designed for Horses, but is also great for Donkey’s, Llamas, Alpacas, and more!

Here are the details….

    •    The patented fold down grills of this horse hay feeder are designed to make it impossible for your horse and animals to bury his head into the bale, thus eliminating breathing problems from inhaling hay dust. This feature also helps reduce eye irritation from being poked by hay stems.
    •    The grill can be locked into the upright position to make it safe for the horse and animals when you are loading a new hay bale. This feature also allows you to discontinue feeding at any time and it makes this hay feeder a breeze to clean out.
    •    Has brackets to attach a roof which will help keep your bale dry. This is also a great way to make a shelter or shade for your animals. This feeder also has a floor in it, which keeps your bale off of the ground and fresh.
    •    This horse hay feeder is practically waste free. It’s amazing how much hay this feeder really saves! Some assembly may be required and the floor lumber is included.
    •    Available in 7′, 10′ and 12′ Lengths
    •    Draft Horse Models Also Available
    •    The 7′ horse hay feeder model can be used with a large round bale or several small square bales. The 10′ model can be used for a large square, 2 smaller round bales, or several small squares. The 12′ model can hold 2 large round bales, 1 big square bale, or several small square bales.

Need A SQUARE BALE Hay Saver? The "H-10" Is The Answer!

    •    10 foot long “H-10 Hay Saver” horse hay feeder
    •    Fits multiple small round or square hay bales or one large square hay bale
    •    All hay feeders shown with optional roof
    •    Same design and quality and “details” of the H-8—  just larger.

See The Savings If You’re Using A Typical Ring Bale Feeder!
    •    If you are already using a “ring” hay bale feeder.
    •    If you are paying $60.00 per 1,500 lb. bale.
    •    If your bale is of decent quality.
    •    If your “ring” hay bale feeder is only wasting 35%.
    •    If you feed 100 bales per year, weighing 1,500 lbs. each.
    •    Ring bale feeders average life span ?
    •    $1,680.00 Savings Per Year estimated!
(These figures are based on our local veterinarian and will be subject to variables such as quality of hay, size of bale and correct use of feeder.)
Note: Klene Pipe Feeders have an average life span of 15 years +

How Much Does It Cost?
The real question is “How much does this structure SAVE?” Our structures are built to last for decades to come— often a lifetime! These galvanized steel structures and can save you thousands in lost, damaged or wasted hay. Call us for pricing that includes shipping direct to your door or stable!

What Do Horse Owners SAY About Their Hay Savers by Klene?

"We were feeding a round bale about every 6 to 7 days with our old big bale rack. When we started using the Klene hay rack, the first bale lasted a month. Today we fed the second bale. I think it’s going to pay for itself sooner rather than later!Thanks for a great product!" Ward

“Great concept, quality materials, we are thrilled with the last feeder we will ever have to invest in! The hay stays off the ground, and with the larger roof, I can see them using this as summer shade also.”

"I have two H-8 feeders I built roofs onto. They are as close to a zero-waste feeder you’re ever going to find. These feeders are not cheap, but I can already see that we will make the expense back in waste reduction in under two years. Moreover, they give the horse owner a very effective, clean way to feed horses in a controlled manner to keep their weights healthy. Highly recommended. Contact me with questions if you like."
William Slusher

We bought this feeder a week ago. And I’ve got to say this is the best feeder you could buy. Some might think it’s a little pricey but “you get what you pay for”. The quality in construction is next to none. We bought a number of different kind of round feeders and wasted a lot of money because they were made for cows and modified for horses. This is made for horses. It only took 4 hours to assemble the feeder with two people. If you’re looking for a feeder for horses, this is the one. They were eating out of it as soon as we put it in the field. Five out of Five stars!!!

C. Kasowski

Does Klene Pipe Structures Ship Nationwide?

Klene Pipe Structures ships to 48 states (all except Alaska and Hawaii). We get our customers the best shipping rates possible and work hard to get you your structures in a quick, safe and responsible manner.

How Do I Get Started?
Just call Kevin Dockery at the number in the contact information below—  and you can discuss what building frame and size would best suit your needs. He is friendly, knowledgeable and will make sure you get the right feeder or building, at the very best possible price,  that you can enjoy for decades to come!

Contact: Kevin Dockery 
529 N Anderson St
Greensburg, Indiana 47240
Phone: 812-614-4364
Website: Click Here To Connect

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