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JUG Waterers by Bakko Industries, Inc.
For almost 3 decades, JUG Waterers have been providing horses with the freshest, cleanest water available to them.

About Our Company

The JUG was developed in central Iowa in the early 1980s, and came on the market in 1984. Bakko Industries (a family owned company at Glenwood Minnesota) purchased the JUG product line in 2005. The JUG is marketed throughout the US, and Canada, mostly through Bakko's Territory Rep / Dealer Network. Open territory, and overseas sales are handled directly out of the Glenwood office. Bakko Industries continually strives to produce the highest quality products possible, and follows the sale with excellent, friendly, and informed customer service.

The JUG Horse Stall Waterer

The JUG Horse Stall Waterers unique design allows horses to see and smell clean water.  They don’t have to learn to lift flaps or push balls and floats out of the way; they just use their natural sucking method to drink from the open hole.  To show the animals where the water is located, an external adjusting screw is used to raise the level of the water in the drinking bowl.  After they locate the water source the level is re-adjusted to the normal drinking level.  Easy for you and your animals.

The JUG is the first waterer to be three-sided.  This 90 degree corner mounting design gives a snug fit into the stall and leaves only a smooth, rounded surface exposed to the pen keeping animals safer.

The wall mounted 303 JUG is perfect for existing barns or new installations.  The water line is typically run underground and up through the 303 Riser Tube.  Custom mounting options for special situations are also available.  In years of field testing, the JUG continuously supplied clean water.  Like all models of the JUG, the 303 has the unique, patented Draw Tube Feed Trap which keeps debris from falling into the reservoir.  This means clean water without continual maintenance.  For seasonal maintenance, an external expansion drain plug makes cleaning simple.

Is It True The JUG Waterer Is The Cleanest Waterer On The Market?
Yes, the JUG is the CLEANEST Horse Waterer on the market, all because of its Draw Tube / Feed Trap design, that allows the horse to basically self clean the waterer as it drinks. The feet trap stops the feed that falls from the horses face before it gets into the water reservoir, as opposed to other styles of waterers with open troughs, lids, balls, flaps, or floating discs.

Can I Use The JUG For My Stalls Too?
JUG 303 Stall Fountains are available in Corner Mount, or Flat Back Mount in either Energy Free, or With Heat (Energy Efficient with 30 Watt (low wattage) Heater). Jug 101, 202, 404 units are typically mounted on a cement pad outside. These units are also available in energy free (for warmer climates), and Energy Efficient (with 65 watt heater) for cold climates.

What Makes The JUG Perfect For My Pasture Horses?

The 101, 202, or 404 JUG is perfect for pasture horses. Large capacity, minimal maintenance, energy efficiency in cold climates, and clean water, are features that horse lovers appreciate about the JUG. Plus, there are no sharp corners or edges anywhere on the JUG. Any dangers associated with a large open top watering system, such as a water tank are eliminated.

What If The Weather Is Really Hot.. Or Cold?
A 303 JUG has a 2 gallon water reservoir -- 101 JUG = 7 gallon water reservoir, 202 JUG = 16 gallon water reservoir. 404 JUG = 45 gallon water reservoir. The water in these reservoirs is "Super Insulated", (Like a Thermos Jug), with only a very small pool of water out in the drinking bowl exposed to the outside weather. Thus JUG water is cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. Because the water "turns over" every time the horsel drinks, new clean fresh water is continually entering the drinking bowl. Also, no algae will ever grow in a JUG, because it is a light/tight waterer.

Is The Jug Easy To Install?
The JUG is relatively easy to install. Many horse owners do it themselves. Often times a local excavator, or plumber will be involved with the installation process. The easy to read owner / operators manual that comes with each unit offers good basic instructions, as well as helpful hints that will insure a good installation.

What Do Customers Say About JUG Waterers?
We water beef cattle and horses with JUG fountains.  We have never had any freeze ups with these fountains.  We feel that the JUG would be great for any kind of livestock."
Steve & Karen Stulen
New London, Minnesota

We raise buffalo in Maine and the winters can get pretty tough sometimes, that's why we chose the JUG.  The JUG has made watering our buffalo a whole lot easier.  We would recommend the JUG to anyone in a cold climate.
Paul & Marcia Hersey
Waterford, Maine

When it comes to quality JUG is number one.  I am very pleased with my trouble free JUG fountain.  I water beef cattle with the JUG fountain and have recommended the JUG to my neighbors and friends.
Mike Lubich
River Falls, Wisconsin

Order Your JUG Waterer Today!
Your horse deserves the cool, clean, fresh water he or she can enjoy daily from The JUG! Once you use The JUG- you'll never go back. Whether it is indoors or out The JUG Waterer has the right waterer for you. Just call us today and we'll get your JUG on it's way!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
28958 198th Ave
Glenwood, Minnesota 56334
Phone: 800-JUG-6675
Website: Click Here To Connect

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