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AAH Light
The AAH Light uses Light Therapy as a highly effective, non-invasive and natural way to promote healing, kill bacteria and control pain for horses, dogs, cats and people.

Introducing the AAH Light, an Innovative, Affordable Twist in Light Therapy!
“Every day, millions of people rely on medications to manage their pain,” says Sharon Katzke, founder of the AAH Light (Accelerated Alternative Healing). “We offer light therapy devices that naturally and safely relieve discomfort to help you live pain free.”

Let’s face it. Life has changed.
Most of us, especially if we’re working from home, sit for 8 to 10 hours a day in chairs that are uncomfortable.

You’re stressed. Your muscles ache.
You haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while. Our pets are faring no better.
According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), around 20 percent of U.S. adults suffer from chronic pain.1 Research shows that chronic pain increases cortisol stress levels, weakens your immune system, and can hasten the effects of aging.

Chronic pain affects mood.
And pain can trigger flare-ups in existing conditions like diabetes or arthritis. In horses, dogs, and cats, chronic or acute pain leads to slower recovery times and a worsening of symptoms.

You know that pain medication isn’t safe for long-term use.

    •    It’s not safe for you.
    •    It’s not safe for your animals.
Those little white pills and powders can have serious side effects. In humans and animals, extended use of pain medication can lead to stomach and kidney problems, liver failure, and a host of allergic reactions.

You need a safe, proven, and effective way to manage pain and achieve wellness.
The AAH Light offers the science of light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM). It’s a natural, non-invasive, and proven way to relieve pain and speed recovery in humans and animals.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Light Therapy…
    ▪    At the correct wavelength, light at a cellular level kills harmful bacteria, promotes wound healing, improves circulation, reduces pain, and positively affects your mood.

    ▪    Physicians, veterinarians, equine body workers, and researchers have been using photonic light therapy for more than 40 years to relieve chronic pain and speed surgical recovery times in their patients. 

    ▪    Most medical-grade devices are out of financial reach for the average person. 
AAH Light has taken the science and therapy of light and packaged it into a small, hand- held device with incredible flexibility. Although the AAH Light is durable and strong enough for the professional, it’s priced for the average person and animal lover. 

    ▪    “The challenge for us at AAH Light,” says Sharon Katzke,” was to put this amazing healing into the hands of the consumer.” As Katzke points out, commercially available units with the versatility of the AAH Light are cost prohibitive for the average consumer.

Why The AAH Light is the Leader in Light Therapy:

The AAH Light offers interchangeable heads in near infra-red (NIR), red, blue, or green depending on your wellness needs.

NIR 810nm wavelength penetrates deep and is used for joints and deep tissue. 

RED 660nm wavelength is used in medical settings for burn treatment, would healing, joint and muscle pain, and sports injuries. 

BLUE 410nm wavelength fights bacterial and fungal issues and is an excellent light to remove heat. We call it “ice in a light.” This is a great choice for a portable first aid kit and can even be tucked into a saddle or cantle bag. Great for emergencies on the trail. 

GREEN 535nm wavelength brings balance and harmony to the body both emotionally and physically. 

The AAH Light Has 3 Power Settings in ONE Light!

    ▪    The measured output for each light on every setting is listed in our dosing table. You’ll change the power setting with a push of the button without having to reach for multiple lights. The AAH Light is used by medical professionals in both human and animal medicine.

    ▪    The AAH Light includes an environmentally friendly 18650 rechargeable lithium battery for up to 20 hours of uninterrupted use and 500 charges. 

    ▪    The AAH Light offers superior durability with a heavy duty Type II Aircraft Aluminum case for use in even the roughest of settings. 

    ▪    The AAH Light comes with a convenient belt clip for easy carrying. The unique design means you can set it down on a flat surface and it won’t roll away. 

    ▪    The AAH Light’s sleek design is easy on the hands. No pressure is needed. 

    ▪    AAH Light’s educational videos, virtual coaching, guidebooks, and laminated acupressure charts offer a wealth of information on how to use your light. Begin your wellness journey on the day your AAH Light arrives. 

    ▪    The AAH Light comes as a stand-alone light or in packages for People, Horses, and Dogs and Cats. 

    ▪    Packages for those who want to start a business module are also available.

Is It True That Equine Saddle Fitters, Farriers and Acupuncturists Use The AAH Light?

YES! Professional saddle fitters, equine practitioners, farriers, and acupuncturists use theAAH Light both on themselves and their clients. “I didn’t take your advice to slow down,” admits Trevor H., a certified farrier, “and I’ve been working hard, but your wonderful AAH Light is saving my life. My hands are especially grateful.” 

Can I Still Work With My Veterinarian or Recommended Medical Treatment?
The AAH Light doesn’t replace medical or veterinarian treatment. Instead, it fills a vital role in relieving symptoms and speeding recovery. Horse owners know that colic is the number one reason for an emergency veterinarian visit. Reducing your horse’s pain while you wait for your vet to arrive can improve your horse’s outcome. 

Dog and cat owners use the AAH Light to heal skin infections, ease muscle aches, and to help reduce the anxiety in dogs that suffer separation anxiety.  Horse owners love its portability. It’s small enough to slip into your saddle or cantle bag. 

But, perhaps the most important benefit is its versatility. 
“I am a Jin Shin Juytsu practitioner,’ says Linda H. of Fairfield, Iowa. “and I have been having fabulous results with the AAH Lights, both the blue and the red, on myself and on my clients. The lights speed healing. It’s really wonderful. It’s also a beautifully designed system. Every day, I appreciate the thought that must have gone into making such a functional and pleasant tool to use. Thank you!”

How Often Should You Use Your AAH Light? 

For an acute injury or condition, apply the AAH Light a couple of times each day for the first several days. This jump starts the healing process and may prevent 
 cellular death. Then apply the AAH Light once a day for several days until healing is complete. For surgery, the AAH Light accelerates your pre and post- surgical recovery time if applied directly to the surgical site.

What About Chronic Injury or Conditions?
For a chronic injury or condition, apply the AAH Light every other day for several weeks. As the condition improves, reduce the number of times you use the light to twice per week until pain is greatly reduced or eliminated.

What Do People, Just Like You, Say About Their AAH Lights?
“I am a nurse and I am a firm believer in the benefits of the red light! Harley, my dog, had a CCL repair 2 years ago. I ordered the AAH Light and started using the red light on his knee. When I took Harley to the doctor for her 7-week checkup, the x-rays showed the knee was healed. Harley is a testament to this great product!”
-Deloris Merritt

“Soon after receiving the lights, I started treating Manni, my Friesian, with the red light. I had hardly begun before Manni started licking and chewing. Afterwards, he yawned deeply. Manni is hooked and so am I! My 27-year old horses are playing like yearlings!” Edna, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ready to Begin The Path To Wellness?
Everyone deserves a pain free and active life. The AAH Light‘s interchangeable light design puts a comprehensive, all-in-one light therapy device in the palm of your hand.

Order your AAH Light and Take Advantage of Our Limited Special Offer!

Once you experience the benefits that the AAH Light can offer your animals and family members, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. No one beats the quality and price of the AAH Light. Our results speak for themselves and continue to be Aahmazing® to us.  Order today and ASK SHARON about our LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Contact: Sharon Lorri 
P.O. Box 831
Kuna, Idaho 83634
Phone: 1-855-224-5481
Website: Click Here To Connect

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