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Bar~Bar~A Non-Electric Horse Waterer!
Cool water in the hot summer and warm water in the cold winter…all this AND Self- Cleaning! If your horse could talk, he would order one right now!

How Did the "Bar-Bar-A Drinker" Come About?

Frank Frodsham, the inventor of the " Bar-Bar-A Drinker", had boarded horses for years. Back in the winter of 1982 he had 3 animals that just wouldn't eat or drink. He had installed the latest electrically heated drinkers to prevent freezing.

He had the veterinarian over and nether of them could figure out a solution. While they were talking, the veterinarian's assistant stuck his finger into the drinker water-and he got SHOCKED! We felt awful. Our electric drinker had been shocking the horses every time they tried to take a drink.

We immediately pulled the plug and went to the workshop to build a better drinker. That first drinker is still in use today in one of our stalls. Sine then, we have changed to a newer and tougher material but the design concept is exactly the same. It's a proven design with over 15 years of experience.

Bar-Bar-A Fully Automatic Non-Electric Horse Drinker

The water bowl fills with fresh clean water each time your horse or cow puts its nose into the drinker. After the drink, the excess water drains away, leaving an empty bowl. It works  dependably every time!

*No Electricity
*Fully Automatic
*Maintenance Free

Note: There's no water to freeze, accumulate debris, or grow algae. Since the water supply and valve are below frost line, your animals enjoy the natural cool water in the summer and warm water in the winter.

How the Bar-Bar-A Horse Drinker Works
Teaching horses to use their "Bar-Bar-A Drinker" is really very simple. Most animals learn how the drinker works on their own. Natural curiosity and nuzzling the drinker paddle turns on the water. Once they taste the water, they know where to go.

What Do Bar Bar A Horse Drinker Customers Have To Say?

Horse owners across America call or write with their testimonials about the Bar-Bar-A Horse Drinker. Wouldn't you like to be one of them?

I wanted to give a testimonial.  We had the Bar Bar A drinkers for our horses in Colorado for the last 8 years.  We just moved to northern Arizona and decided right away to order more of these fantastic waterers before we even have the barn up or the fencing in.  Our horses like the always-fresh water, and no electricity is a big deal.  Back when we only had stock tanks with heaters, unbeknownst to us, one of the heaters was shorting and shocking the horses that tried to drink out of that tank. They didn’t have access to any other water source for at least a full day.  One of our horses was pantomiming drinking above the water with a very worried look on her face, and that’s when we realized that the water level had not dropped and she wouldn’t put her mouth to the water.  We want to start our little herd out in their new home right, with a fresh and safe water supply.  And no shocking surprises!
Rene- Colorado

I bought my Bar-Bar-A in the Fall and installed it shortly thereafter.  By December it got nasty cold.  I show Percherons and one day I was looking at their hair.  I could not believe how thick and healthy their hair became with 6 weeks of using the unit.  I believe the reason for this was that the water they were drinking was a comfortable temperature for them and they drank much more.  The year before they had a stock tank with ice cold water in it. They were definitely drinking more than last year and it showed in their winter coats.  I have also tried the electric heaters that you throw in the tanks and they are not only dangerous but many times heat the water too much and make the water to warm to enjoy.  Thanks so much Bar-Bar-A!
Ken – Utah

After using our Bar-Bar-A Drinkers the last two years, we are convinced it is the best product we have found. We have been using four drinkers for both cattle and horses. The wear is always fresh, warm in the winter and cool in the summer: More importantly, no electricity is needed to keep the drinkers from freezing.
-Kent & Donna (Rupert, Idaho)

We love it!! Our Bar-Bar-A Drinker has been in one year with no trouble. My wife says its the best investment we've made. We'd do it again. It's in a pasture connected to well water. We have Hunter-Jumpers and they have no trouble with it. It's 20 degrees today.
-Chris (Danville, Virginia)

What More Do You Need to Convince You?

Few things are worse than looking at those dirty tubs of water filled with mosquito larvae, warm with algae or crusted over with ice. If it wouldn't appeal to you…it sure doesn't appeal to your horse. The friendly people at Bar-Bar-A are happy to answer your questions. Just pick up the phone and give us a call today!

Contact: Dave 
4010 West 3600 North
Plain City, Utah 84404
Phone: 1-800-451-2230
Website: Click Here To Connect

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