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440 Fence, Inc.
440 Farm Fence is the ONLY fence your property will need. Beautiful, never rusting, permanent and absolutely secure for both your horses and property.

About 440 Farm Fence

440 Farm Fence was spawned from the 440 Ranches which at one time were some of the largest quarter horse breeding and training facilities in the world. Under new, and innovative ownership, 440 Farm Fence has grown to become the ultimate farm fence throughout America. It offers unparalleled Strength, Durability, Beauty and requires NO welding!

How Is 440 Farm Fence Superior To Other Fencing?

Steel fence is the only truly permanent fencing option on the market. In the past, a custom welded fence was your only choice but with that strength and longevity comes a lifetime of maintenance. All steel fences prior to the 440 Farm Fence would rust and need to be painted every couple of years. 440 uses a 4-layer patented process that involves galvanizing and powder-coating the steel to prevent UV damage and rust. With this in mind, you will never have to paint or replace our 440 Farm Fence--  and you might also agree that it truly is a "FINAL fencing solution".

Why Should I Choose 440 Farm Fence?
Once you see our fence,  it's extreme quality, stregnth and beauty speak for itself. But here are why most of our clients choose to work with us...

~ Unmatched Security!
Our fencing solution guarantees safety and security for your animals, property and loved ones. With its high-quality materials and bracketing system, our fence reinforces the perimeter of your property, keeping trespassers and intruders at bay. Horses will NOT be able to kick down sections (like they can with boards) or "run through' areas of fence, like they can with electrical tape and wire! This is both added security for your horses and protection from legal troubles that can come with loose animals on the road!

~Durability! Our fences are designed for the long run! Made to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. You won’t have to worry about replacing your fence anytime soon, as it is sturdy and reliable.

~ Personalized and Customizable Services!
We offer client-focused services, ensuring that our customers’ unique needs and preferences are catered for. Our experienced technicians work closely with you to deliver the best possible solution that meets your specific requirements, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

What Is The UNIQUE
"Bracket System" Offered By 440 Fence?
Our innovative bracket system sets us apart from other fencing companies. It allows for easy access while providing enhanced security for your property. The brackets are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and resist corrosion.

What If I Don't Have Horses or Livestock?

440 Farm Fence is still the most durable, trouble free, beautiful solution! Whether you’re looking for a fence to enclose your livestock or just need a more aesthetically pleasing fence around your property, 440 Farm Fence is a great option. It is strong and durable, and it can be customized to meet any of your specific needs. Get the fencing you need with 440 Farm Fence.

Is It True That 440 Farm Fence Can Curve With The Land?
Yes and that is a very important feature!
440 Farm Fence  fencing is designed to curve with your land, allowing you to customize it to your needs. We understand that no two properties are the same, so we offer a unique design that can be tailored to any terrain. With our pipe fencing solutions, you can be sure that your property is safe and secure, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing environment for your property. We can accommodate different types of terrain, making sure that the fence curves with your land. We provide tailored solutions for each customer based on their specific needs.

440 Fence Can Be Customized to Meet YOUR Specific Needs!
This versatile and durable fencing system is absolutely perfect for both aesthetic and practical applications. It can be customized to meet your specific needs, with the thickness of the pipe adjusted to provide the desired level of strength and the number of rails increased to provide more security for livestock. The fence can also be built to any height, and it can be combined with wire mesh or other materials to create a custom solution.

What Do I Need To Install?
440 Fence is designed to be easy to install! Just watch the quick video below that will tell (and show) you what you need to get started with installation!

Is 440 Farm Fence Easy To Install?
Unlike traditional fencing systems that require welding, 440 Farm Fence can be easily installed using our videos without any special equipment or expertise. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective option for DIY homeowners and ranchers. See one of our sample, EASY videos below!

What About The Gates Offered by 440 Fence?
Perhaps one of the most revolutionary developments of the 440 fence are our gates.  Our gates are set on ball bearing hinges and have all the rust protection you would expect from 440. There is one hinge for every rail of fence. Not only are the gates extremely-sturdy, they are incredibly smooth as well. They will open with only the slightest touch for ease of use! Ask us about our Gate options!

Is It True That I Can
SAVE Money By Using 440 Fence?
YES! When you look at the costs of replacing wood, vinyl, electric fencing and the yearly costs of maintenance with cleaning, repairing and painting- the one time cost of 440 Fence can pail in comparison! If horses break through your fence and get onto the road causing accidents-- liability alone can be crushing! Get it ONCE and DONE with 440 Fence!

Can 440 Fence Add to My Propertie's Value?
YES! The BEAUTY, extreme durability and safety that this fence adds to your property is easy for all to see! It will add greatly to the value of any property-- everyone wants GREAT fencing!

What Do Horse Owners Say About Their 440 Fencing?

"Our fence has been up over a year here, it still looks as good as the day we put it up. My wife and two boys put the fence up in a day. The wife and kids did most of the work while I was still recovering from a broken ankle. I believe the fence design is one of the best idea's to come along. We are very happy customers!"
Ralph & Kim  from Texas

"My 440 fence is fantastic! It is beautiful, strong, and maintenance free; I only wish I had done my whole ranch with 440. I priced many different fencing systems and 440 fence provided what I really wanted: top of the line materials, a professional look, and something I would never have to worry about with horses or cows. I love my fence."
Tara Brocker from California

"I bought the 440 fence system, the fence went up so easy that the wife and I put it up ourselves. The gates with the ball bearing hinges open and close with no effort at all. When I need more fence I will definitely go with the 440 fence."
B. G. Winton from Arkansas

Call 440 Fence Today!
There are many choices in fencing. Most involve repairs, maintenance and security issues as horses are strong animals. We at the 440 Farm Fence have a PERMANENT solution that is "once and done"... and this can save you lots of money over time-- and give you peace of mind.  We are always here and willing to help you in any way we can. When it comes to the design and functionality of everything related to a ranch or farm, we've done it all so don't hesitate to ask us for help or advice in the planning of your next project. Just pick up the phone and give us the chance to introduce ourselves and our fence- we know you'll be glad you did!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
27 River Mist
Mount Ida, Arkansas 71957
Phone: 501-276-0235
Website: Click Here To Connect

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