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Banixx™ Equine Products by Sherborne Corporation
Banixx™ is an effective wound, skin and hoof care product for treating all manner of equine ailments.

Banixx is for horse, dog and animals loves who want a highly effective, affordable and reliable solution to skin, coat and fungal problems.
Banixx is both effective and extremely safe - it can be used without worry on wounds or fungus infections around the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, and has proven to be particularly effective at eliminating dog ear infections, dog hot spots, and dog or cat ringworm. Use it with confidence to successfully treat wounds, fungus, horse scratches, rain rot, ringworm, abscesses, thrush, white line disease, bacterial infections, fungal infections, fly bites or just some itchy skin on your animals.
Note: Banixx® is environmentally friendly and proudly made in the USA.

Introducing NEW Banixx® Medicated Shampoo Has No Equal!
Banixx® Medicated Shampoo ultra-enriched with Marine Collagen contains NO detergents! Detergents are the culprit that leave your dog’s or horses’s skin completely denatured (dried out and stripped of all essential, natural skin oils). Instead, our medicated shampoo contains surfactants that “grab” the dirt, grime and foreign debris from your dog’s/horse’s skin and washes them away with the rinse water. The icing on the cake is the sea-sourced amino acids that fortify hair fibers and repair damage while providing a deep-skin gentle cleansing for both skin and coat.

How Does
Banixx® Medicated Shampoo Work?
This unique shampoo fights common equine/canine skin infections while rebuilding, moisturizing and strengthening the coat, leaving your horse glossy and vibrant from mane to tail. Banixx® Medicated Shampoo is paraben, sulfate, and, importantly, soap free. It contains no alcohol or steroids. In addition, its deep-moisturizing, soothing shampoo is non-toxic, it has no added color or fragrance, and can be used daily for spot treatments or as an all-over body cleanser.

Is It True That
Banixx® Medicated Shampoo Will NOT "Bleach" or "Discolor"?
Banixx® Medicated Shampoo will not bleach, stain, or affect coat color, and, our soap-free formula is key to maintaining a healthy coat (unlike detergent-based soaps that dry out the skin by robbing it of its natural oils and elasticity)

Banixx® Medicated Shampoo  Banixx® Medicated Shampoo  Help My Horses or Dogs With?
Banixx® Medicated Shampoo offers a safe, effective skin treatment for all horses (and dogs!) in the recovery of multiple fungal & bacterial skin conditions such as:

  • Rain Rot (Rain Scald)
  • Scratches
  • Girth, Mane, Tail Itch (Sweet Itch)
  • Cannon Keratosis (Cannon Bone Crud)
  • Dermatitis (including skin fungal infections)
  • Dog Ringworm
  • Dog Skin Yeast Infections/Itchy Skin
How DO I Use Banixx® Medicated Shampoo?
Gently hose the affected area with plain water, then, apply a shampoo mix with a sponge. The mix should be 3-4 ounces of shampoo, diluted in a small water bucket (2 gallons). Leave the shampoo mix on your horse for at least 10 minutes so that it has time to work on the infection. Hose off and towel dry.

Note:For particularly tough areas, such as the front of the cannon bones shown on this page, apply shampoo directly onto a wet sponge and massage it into the legs. Legs must be wet first. Leave sudsy shampoo in place for at least 10 minutes. Repeat daily until required result is achieved. For Scratches and Rain Rot infections, the regular Banixx spray may be used to “finish” the process since it is a “leave-on’ application.

What About Cannon Bone "Crud"?
Equine Cannon Keratosis (also known as Stud Crud, Leg Funk, Cannon bone crud) is a skin condition caused by the horse’s own skin glands. It manifests itself in a waxy paste that glues the hair to it. It is not fungus, bacteria, scratches, or caused by urine. It is actually a case of seborrhea (think flaky and scaly skin), and it can be primary or secondary.  Thankfully, Banixx® Medicated Shampoo has already shown amazing results on Equine Cannon Keratosis. However, since keratosis is a systemic problem (not merely a case of simple surface leg fungus), it will require regular routine attention to resolve fully.

What Does Banixx® Offer For Wound and Hoof Care?
Banixx™ Wound and Hoof Care is an affordable multi-use spray that facilitates quick and effective recovery from both wounds and infections. This specially formulated, antibacterial, antifungal wound spray is ideal for treating all manner of ailments from cuts, abrasions, punctures and scratches to rain rot, ring worm, white line disease, greasy heel, rain scald, mud fever, pigeon fever, thrush and more. Test results show that Banixx™ eliminates the big three bacteria — staphylococcus aureus, salmonella choleraesuis and pseudomonas aeruginosa — with a 99.9999% kill rate, and knocks out fungal infections within minutes with a 98% kill rate. Banixx® helps horses heal bacterial and fungal infections on their own naturally while promoting deep tissue healing. It contains 2.5% hydronium solution but does not contain steroids or antibiotics. Banixx® will not burn infected tissue, stain, or irritate skin. It has no offensive odor and may be used with a medicine boot. For all these reasons and more, Banixx®is one product that is suitable for use on any and every type of pet.

What About
Banixx® Sprays?
Banixx™ can be used in any situation where bacteria or fungus is indicated! In addition to cuts, scrapes, and puncture wounds, Banixx™ is effective on a whole list of common equine ailments including:
  • Rain rot (also called rain sores or rain scald)
  • Greasy heel (also called scratches, mud fever, and cracked heels)
  • Ring-worm
  • Pigeon fever
  • Mysterious bumps and lumps
  • After a fire ant attack
  • Any fungal infection on the skin
In some cases it may take several applications—morning and evening for 2-4 days—to complete the healing process.

What Do Customers Say About Banixx?
I have used Banixx™ and so have several of my friends in the sport. We are extremely pleased with the results in treating wounds and thrush. I highly recommend Banixx™ to anyone in the equine industry, in every discipline.
Bill Long, six-time National Four-In-Hand Champion

My husband, Dr. Richard Porter DVM, and I own a veterinary clinic. We have used Banixx™ on our surgery sites with tremendous results!  We had one gelding who had cut his leg — it was a severe injury. We used Banixx™ on the injury. There was less irritation afterwards and it healed quickly with little or no swelling. Banixx™ was a part of his complete recovery.  Gwen Porter, Porter Ridge Veterinary Clinic

Al Skywalker is currently the #10 all-time leading money winner in Steeplechase history. Jennifer Majette, trainer and owner of Al Skywalker, enthusiastically reports:

Banixx™ is one of the most incredible products I have ever used for thrush and wounds. Al had chronic thrush his entire career and we tried everything on the shelf, but nothing really worked until we used Banixx™. Jennifer also used it on a throughbred race horse that had a severe laceration on his neck that was about eight inches long and about 3/4” deep. She followed the instructions on the Banixx bottle, spraying the wound twice daily. Within 24 hours it was starting to heal and within 7 days it was completely healed with no stitches applied.  I gladly recommend Banixx™ to anyone who owns a horse.   Jennifer Majette, Trainer and Owner of Al Skywalker

I import a number of high quality dressage horses from Europe for sale. A common problem that I encounter is thrush. I’ve had some cases that were really stubborn and just would not go away with all of the other products that I’ve used. Banixx™ showed an incredible improvement in a very short period of time and now all of our horses have wonderful, healthy feet. This product will always be on my shelf!
Vicki Kelley, USDF Silver & Bronze Medalist

I have used Banixx for years and recently tried their new Shampoo on our horse Dream that is prone to skin fungus, the result was that the fungus was "killed" immediately and soon after the hair began to grow back. Truly an amazing product that needs to be in every horse barn.
Ann Pruitt- Director of

Banixx® Medicated Shampoo or Sprays For Your Horse Today!
Treat fungal and bacterial infections in your horse safely and effectively with Banixx™ Wound and Hoof Care. Banixx™ is available through numerous online and print catalogs such as SmartPak, HorseHealth, KV Vet, Valley Vet, Stateline Tack and JeffersEquine. You can also visit us online to find a local retailer, or purchase it directly from

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