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Experience incredible Mane and Tail Growth with BioMane!
BioMane Pellets provide the essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and nutrients required for exceptional mane and tail growth! At only $30 a month, you'll love the way your horses mane, tail (and even hooves) begin to blossom before your very eyes!

How Did BioMane Come To Be?

When BioMane Pellets creator Cole Clement saw one of his horses with a badly chewed tail, he scoured the market for a product to help the animal regrow her lost hair faster. Finding none, he enlisted the help of equine nutritionists and developed BioMane Equine Pellets. Designed with the assistance of leading equine nutritionists, BioMane Equine Pellets boosts hair growth in a healthy, natural way. BioMane includes essential amino acids and vitamins A, C, B12 and K. The ingredient ratio has been appropriately balanced such that the pellets will not upset digestion or otherwise cause problems for the horse.
Is It True That BioMane Can Affect Mane and Tail Growth Up to 4 Times Faster The Normal Rate?
Yes! Many of our clients report that BioMane has helped to accelerate mane and tail growth more than 4x the average growth rate! Literally inches can be added to a horses mane and tail every month. Just read our testimonials (further down on this page)
How Long Does It Usually Take To Notice A Difference?
Results can be expected within the first 30 days of using BioMane Pellets. Some owners simply want to grow their horse's mane or tail to a specific length and then discontinue feeding the product. This is the best product to accomplish that. The hair that is grown using BioMane Pellets is permanent. Discontinuing the use of the product will NOT cause the hair to recede or be lost. Your horse will continue to grow longer, thicker hair as long as it is fed BioMane Pellets.

Can BioMane Help Every Horse— Even Appaloosas?
BioMane Pellets is safe for all breeds, sizes and ages of horses. Yes, we have successfully grown manes and tails even on Appaloosas. One of the most frustrating things to see is your horse's mane or tail has been rubbed out or chewed off. Although these things can't always be prevented, if your horse does fall victim to one or the other you now have the product that will grow that hair back faster and thicker.

How Does BioMane Work?
BioMane Pellets bridges the gap between the nutrition your horse is getting and the nutrition your horse needs for optimal hair growth. Nutrition has a profound effect on both the hair's quality and quantity. Poor nutrition will result in dry, brittle, or thinning hair. Horses with such hair may be suffering from deficiencies of protein, vitamins A and E, and B-vitamins. BioMane Pellets provide the horse with the correct amount of nutrients in order to compensate for nutritional deficiencies which directly relate to poor mane and tail growth. BioMane Pellets makes up for the nutrition that that horse's feed is lacking, resulting in a longer, healthier, and thicker mane and tail.
Is It True That BioMane Can Help Improve My Horses' Coat And Hooves?
Although BioMane Pellets has been specifically formulated to accelerate the growth of the mane and tail, it does provide added benefits. One of such benefits is a healthier, shinier coat from the inside out. BioMane Pellets will not increase the length of the coat. It will however improve the quality and condition of the hair that makes up the coat. Unlike many sprays and conditioners, BioMane Pellets works from the inside-out. Continued use of BioMane Equine Pellets assists the horse's natural ability to shed off unneeded hair which results in a sleeker, healthier coat. Many of the ingredients found in BioMane Pellets also support healthy hoof growth. This feed will not increase the rate at which the hoof grows; rather it improves the quality of the hoof. Customers as well as professional farriers are thrilled with the improvement of horses' hooves while feeding BioMane Equine Pellets.
Does BioMane Conflict With Other Supplements I Might Be Feeding My Horse?
BioMane Pellets will not conflict with other supplements that you may be feeding. The daily serving size is actually very small at 4oz. This feed was formulated to be safe for all classes of horses regardless of their feed program because typically no two horses receive the same quality of feed as the other. The horse's body will utilize all that it needs out of BioMane Pellets, and the rest will simply pass through the horse's system with other waste material.
What Is In BioMane?
Guaranteed Analysis
  • Moisture (max)  12%
  • Crude Protein (min) 14%
  • Crude Fat (min) 5%
  • Crude Fiber (max) 6%
  • Selenium (min) .6 ppm
Other ingredients include: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Lysine Supplement, Methionine Supplement, Vitamin B₂, Vitamin B₁₂, Vitamin K

What Do People SAY About BioMane?

Kylar Terlip - Louisburg, KA
It is amazing!!! My horses tail has grown in just 15 days! By FAR the best hair product I've used! And my horses love it!
Teran Broberg - Wickenberg, AZ
Thank you so much for a great product! It does just what it says it will.  My AQHA gelding "Gun" had a thick mane 22 inches long and a tail to the ground until....... A yearling colt of mine got out into Gun's pen and much to my dismay had chewed off his mane to about 3 inches long and chewed his tail to his hocks.  Hearing about BioMane Pellets through a good friend of mine, encouraged I gave it a try.  In 2 months I had over 4 inches of new growth on Gun's mane and tail!  What a difference your product made and Gun is lookin' good again.  Thank you again for a product that REALLY works.

Enid Tait - Yukon
Enid Tait from way up north in the Yukon owns a white Arabian mare and a bay Canadian bred gelding. Both horses were fed a one month supply of BioMane Pellets. Enid's Arabian mare grew 1¾ inches of mane and 2¼ inches of tail within the 1st month. Enid's bay gelding grew 2½ inches of mane and nearly 3 inches of tail also in the 1st month. Of BioMane Pellets Enid said, "Their manes and tails were much thicker. Their coats were glossier and healthier looking. I am amazed and thrilled with the outcome and very much support the product.
Arabian Mare                                       

Day 1               
Mane:        16 1/8 in.
Forelock:    12 in.
Tail:            30 ½ in.

Day 30
Mane:        17 7/8 in.
Forelock:    13 in.
Tail:            32 5/8 in.

Canadian Gelding
Day 1       
Mane:        12 ¼ in.
Forelock:    16 ½ in.
Tail:            38 in.

Day 30
Mane:         14 ¾ in.
Forelock:    18 ¼ in.
Tail:            40 7/8 in.
Meredith McGarry, Riverton UT
I started using BioMane on Feb 1, 2011.  My bay mare had rubbed out about 6'' of her mane reaching threw the fence. I roached her entire mane in November of 2010.  As I waited for it to grow out I saw little to no noticeable change in length.  I got a 30 day supply of BioMane Pellets and saw amazing results.
Day 1           
Mane:           2 ½''
Tail:              35 1/4''
Forelock:      14''
Day 30
Mane:           5''
Tail:              36 ¼ ''
Forelock:      15''
Not only did her mane grow quickly and healthy, but her coat shed off evenly and shined up faster than any of my other 4 horses. It was amazing how well her mane grew, as well as how good her entire coat looks. I am a true believer with real results. I would recommend BioMane Pellets to anyone who has horses and cares about how they look.
-Meredith McGarry

At less than $1 a day, Doesn't YOUR Horse Deserve A Beautiful Mane and Tail With BioMane?

Horses love our supplement that is easily added daily to their feed. You can Buy BioMane in a 30 day supply for one horse at only $30, a 90 day Supply for only $85, and a full 120 day supply for only $110!  Call us today and we'll help with your order or you can order directly from us at! Also available on!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 911167
Saint George, Utah 84791
Phone: (855) 246-6263
Website: Click Here To Connect

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