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Overland Carts Electric Wheel Barrows by Granite Industries
Overland’s Battery Powered Carts, Wheelbarrows and Wagons are completely electric and come fully assembled- they will change your attitude on work at the stable!

About Overland Carts...
The standard wheelbarrow design has not changed in over 2000 years.  The Overland Electric Wheelbarrows were born out of a desire to improve on that design.  The all-electric Overland drivetrain provides instant, clean and efficient power capable of handling 750 lbs.  Engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA by local workers since 2009, Overland takes pride in quality workmanship. Now in the third generation, the carts have been continually improved and developed based on customer inputs. 

Is Pushing A Wheelbarrow Leaving You Tired, Sore and Dreading Work at the Barn?

Ok girls— and men too— are you tired of pushing those wheelbarrows full of manure, heavy bags of feed, sand, bedding, or soiled shavings up and down hills and pulling and pushing them inside and out of stalls? Do your arms ache and is your back stiff and sore? Overland Carts is the final solution to the exhaustion that old styled wheelbarrows can represent to both men and women. Self propelled and extremely “user friendly” for women and men alike, you’ll honestly wonder how you ever let yourself do barn chores without it before. Stall cleaning,  carrying bags of feed, adding shavings, and every chore you normally do with a wheelbarrow will become so much easier as your wheelbarrow practically “walks itself” to your new destination. All you need to do is to turn it on and guide it in the right direction. All of our Powered Carts, Wheelbarrows and Wagons use a twist style trottle. They're simple to operate and will cut down on your work time. We like to say, "Dump Your Old Wheelbarrow and Drive an Overland!” Talk about “lightening your load”, Overland Cart can make chores a breeze!
Are Overland Carts Easy For Women To Use?
You bet! Overland Wheelbarrows have very straightforward controls that make it easy for anyone to operate.  The electric wheelbarrow accelerates by twisting the throttle and the speed is variable based on user input.  Once moving, it requires minimal effort.   Simply walk behind the cart and steer it as necessary.  Even loads up to 750 lbs can be handled with ease.  Dumping the wheelbarrow is a simple process as well.  The natural load design of a wheelbarrow lets gravity do the brunt of the work.  Release the spring loaded G-pin and lift the cart bucket forward.  There is a power dump option for the cart that uses an electric lift.  Dump 750 lbs of gravel with precision and without breaking a sweat!
What Sizes and Selection Do I Have To Choose From?
Overland Carts has a size and model for every one and certainly every job. For smaller barns and jobs we have the 7 cubic foot model, but you can get sizes from 7-10 cubic feet and we even have a 10 cubic feet model with additional platform to carry bags of feed, mulch, tack or anything else you might need! For incredibly large loads we even have a 20 cubic foot model!
How Long Do They Need To Charge?
Overland Electric Wheelbarrows will run about 7-11 hours per day on a single charge.  That range is based on usage.  If used steadily it will be closer to 7 hours but if used intermittently the range can easily extend past 11 hours.  To charge the wheelbarrow, plug the cart into a standard 110V outlet and let it charge for 8 hours.  This ensures a complete charge.  The battery management system will shut the cart charger off once it reaches full charge.  There is an option for an extended range battery which improves the battery life to 13 hours of continuous use or up to 20 hours of intermittent use.
What Do People SAY About Overland Carts?

Customers honestly love our carts.  We have heard the phrase “Thank you for selling me this cart, we use it every day and love it!”.  Common responses from customers center around the great build quality, how they use it more than they thought they would, and how easy it is to operate.  The other huge advantage Overland Carts offer customers is time savings.  There have been numerous customers who have discussed how the electric wheelbarrows have cut the time to do a task in half with a fraction of the manual labor. 
Do Overland Carts Come Assembled? Are They Easy To Maintain?
Yes to both questions! Overland Carts come completely assembled.  Plug the battery into the drivetrain and drive the cart right off the pallet.  We want the best user experience on the market and there is nothing easier for the customer than "no assembly" and "instant use".   Electric power has numerous advantages over gasoline power.  This can be clearly seen in the maintenance comparison.  Electric power does not require scheduled maintenance.  Just make sure the battery has power and the cart is ready to go.  The differential is sealed for lifetime use.  There is no gas to fill, oil to change, spark plugs to clean, or air filters to replace.  This also means that Overland Electric powered wheelbarrows do not drip fluid allowing worry free use indoors or outdoors.
What Do Overland Carts Cost?
The better question is how much do they SAVE? When you can leave the barn without being exhausted from pushing and pulling your wheelbarrow from stall to stall and barn to barn, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your health and attitude. If you have a horse business, then your Overland Cart should qualify as a “ tax write off” as equipment. But, since you wanted to know, our carts are very affordable. Starting at only $2195 (shipping is FREE of charge within USA) you’ll be amazed at how your Overland Cart pays for itself in no time.
Call Overland Carts Today!
You deserve to keep your health, your back and your horse barn in top shape and condition. Overland Carts for most horse stables, is a tax write off and the difference between  suffering though chores and actually enjoying working in your stable or property. All shipping is INCLUDED! Call us today or shop direct on our online store and tell us about your barn or stable. we’ll help you get the right Overland Cart for you so you can start enjoying time spent cleaning the property you love! We are also on

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
595 E. Lugbill Road
Archbold, Ohio 43502
Phone: 877-447-2648 or 419-445-4733
Website: Click Here To Connect

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