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Stall DRY™ and Stall DRY™ Plus Deodorizer with Antimicrobial by Progressive Planet Products

Stall DRY™ and Stall DRY™ Plus Deodorizer with Antimicrobial are powerful, effective solutions to odor in your barn, horse trailer or stalls!

Stall DRY® – Offers A Safe and Healthier Environment

Stall DRY®  Absorbent and Deodorizer is an effective stall management tool made from a naturally occurring blend of food-grade diatomaceous earth and montmorillonite clay. It has the ability to neutralize ammonia and absorb odors and moisture. Stall DRY® is a trusted name brand used by all animal lovers. It is safe to use and is OMRI® listed to use in organic production. Stall DRY® keeps animals safe from the harmful effects of ammonia and absorbs wetness while inhibiting bacteria and mold growth providing a cleaner, healthier, and fresher environment.

Keep your Pens, Calving and Foaling Stalls Clean, Dry and Ammonia Free with Stall DRY®

Stall DRY® absorbs up to 125% of its own weight in liquid and its microscopic porous structure helps to lock in ammonia causing compounds. Stall DRY® when used daily can improve the environment your animals live in, by reducing ammonia, odors, and moisture. Stall DRY® can reduce your bedding costs and reduce the labor required to clean out your stalls.

Ammonia From Urine and Manure is a HEALTH RISK to Animals!
Safe, non-toxic Stall DRY® has been providing the best in equine bedding management for over twenty-five years.  Chemical free Stall DRY® helps keep stalls and pens fresh and extends the life of bedding. Stall DRY® works in two different ways, making it a highly effective management tool.  Stall DRY’s high absorbency works quickly on moisture and wetness.  In addition, Stall DRY’s slightly acidic pH helps to neutralize ammonia.  Less airborne ammonia means a healthier, fresher barn environment. Experts agree that ammonia exposure is detrimental to a horse’s respiratory function and overall performance. Minimizing ammonia helps safeguard the health of your horse. Ammonia levels are significantly higher near the source – the urine and feces that accumulate on the stall floor. Ammonia is the most heavily concentrated in the bottom 24” of the stall. Horses lying down, or foraging dropped food bits off the floor, are exposed to higher ammonia levels. Not only can ammonia cause direct damage to the respiratory system, compromised airways are more vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections.

What Is The STALL DRY® Advantage?
• OMRI® Listed for use in organic production
• Clinical testing has shown Stall DRY® immediately reduces ammonia levels.
• Stall DRY® absorbs up to 125% of its own weight in liquid and its microscopic porous structure helps to lock in
   ammonia causing compounds.
• Stall DRY® helps to neutralize the pH of the litter which inhibits the bacterial growth that causes ammonia formation.
• Lowering moisture levels in stalls and stables discourages fly production.
• Non-toxic, non-corrosive, low dust, chemical-free Stall DRY® can be used on any surface.

Ideal for Stalls, Barns, Trailers, Kennels, Paddocks, Pens & so much more!

• Apply approximately 4-5 lbs of Stall DRY® over a 10’ x 10’ stall (area).
• Place your usual bedding over the Stall DRY®.
• For daily maintenance apply ½-1 lbs of Stall DRY® over the wet bedding only, then go pick out the manure.
• With your muck fork toss the bedding where you applied Stall DRY®.

Every 2-3 days sprinkle 1-2 lbs of Stall DRY® over the manure pile (either in the spreader or the pile). This will control the odors, speed up composting, bind nutrients in the manure and allow you to use your manure in your fields, gardens or wherever you use it in an environmentally safe manner.

How Can I Apply For Pet Bedding?
•  Cages: Apply 2-3 inches of Stall DRY® evenly to a clean surface area. To refresh area, remove solid waste, stir up litter and
    sprinkle a layer of Stall DRY® over area.
• To refresh bedding, thoroughly sprinkle over bedding surface.  
• Sprinkle over surface area after changing or topping off your favorite pet litter.

• Fill a clean, dry litter box with 2 - 3 inches of Stall DRY®.
• Remove waste daily with a slotted scoop.
• Add fresh Stall DRY® to litter box as required to keep litter box full.
• Completely empty and wash litter box once a month.

Stall DRY® can be used to remove oil spills or other liquid spills. Cover spill with a generous amount of Stall DRY®. Sweep up when dry. Use on oils, fuels, paints, coolants, grease, water, and other spills.

STALL DRY® IS ESSENTIAL! Progressive Planet is dedicated to the best in all-natural solutions for you, your animals, and our environment.  Our commitment. Find Progressive Planet Products at Tractor Supply  and AMAZON... or, of course at our website! Stall Dry® and Fresh Coop® can make your chicken coop or horse's stall and barn a truly refreshing place to be! Be sure to order your products today!

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Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada V2H 1E7
Phone: 1-800-667-0336 or 250-372-1600
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