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Affordable Worm Infestation Testing by Horsemen's Lab
Horsemen's Lab offers convenient, affordable parasite testing for $20 or less!

About Dr. John Byrd, Lifelong Horseman, Owner and Director of Horsemen’s Laboratory...

Dr. John Byrd attended the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.  He received the Illinois Standardbred Breeders award as the student most interested in Equine Medicine as a junior.  Dr. Byrd was selected in 1977 as the first large animal medical resident at the University of Florida.  Dr. Byrd began training, and showing horses in pleasure and reining for his father while in grade school.  Following graduation he continued to train and show horses for 2 years until entering college.  During college Dr. Byrd became interested in Running Quarter Horses and for 22 years has bred, owned, and raced horses in IL, FL, CA, ID, NM, OK, OH, and IN.  During the 13 years he practiced equine medicine in California he was ex-officio member of the board of directors of the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association as well as that organization’s official sales veterinarian.  He also served frequently as the official veterinarian for horse shows sponsored by the management of Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California.

About Becky Byrd, Office Manager of Horsemen’s Laboratory

Becky is the person you are most likely to speak with when you call Horsemen's Laboratory.  Becky and Dr. Byrd were married while he was attending pre-veterinary medical school.  She was his assistant and ran the office for him during his days as a general equine practitioner and understood the needs of horse owners.  She manages the office of Horsemen's Laboratory as well as Westbrook Stable.  Becky and Dr. Byrd met on a trail ride and have owned horses for over 40 years.
Why Is It Important To Check My Horse’s Manure For Worms?

Very simply, monitoring egg counts is the best test to assess the adequacy of a worm control program in live horses.  Knowing the parasitic health of your horse can make all the difference in designing and maintaining an effective worm control program!
Do ALL Horses Have Worms?
No.  Horses kept in a clean environment, such as clean well bedded box stalls, will often remain free of worms once effectively de-wormed until exposed to infective larva or eggs.  Horses kept in pastures in herds are the most likely to suffer from worm infections, especially the young animals less than 2 years of age.
Is A 90% Reduction Significant?
Yes.  If there is not a 90% reduction in the number of eggs it would indicate one of two things has occurred.  The worms were not sensitive to the de-wormer or the horse did not receive an adequate dose of the de-wormer.  This means that the horse is infected with a strain of worms that are drug resistant, or the horse did not swallow the full dose of de-wormer.  Either way one would not be aware of the situation had they not done the stool examination following the de-worming.
How Long Has Horsemen’s Laboratory Been In Business?

Horsemen’s Laboratory was established in January of 1993; however, Dr. Byrd started checking most horses he was de-worming in 1991.
How Much Does Testing Cost In Comparison To Paste De-Wormers?
The cost is very similar, the cost of testing a stool sample at Horsemen’s Laboratory ranges from $15 to $20 depending on the number of kits you purchase.  (The cost of the kit is all inclusive and includes all the supplies needed to gather and ship your sample, plus a pre-paid envelope for shipping back to Horsemen’s Laboratory!)
However, there is really no comparison in the value received for the money invested.  A stool sample evaluation gives the owner information on how well their worm control program is working.  This information is a valuable aid in assisting owners in making adjustment in their programs to make them more effective in the prevention of parasitic disease.  Giving de-worming medication does not give owners any evidence that their horses are being protected.
My Horse Is In A Clean Box Stall, How Do I Know He Doesn’t Have Worms?

Testing is the only way to know.  If a horse is in a very clean, “box stall” environment, worm eggs are rarely found in their stool samples.  Secondly very little or no damage, due to parasites is observed in the digestive tract of these horses when they die and an examination or necropsy is performed.  Thus keeping your horse in a clean environment and checking regularly for worm infestations, is very important.
Will A Manure Sample Detect ALL Species of Worms?
No, however the procedure is the most accurate test available for detecting the presence of adult round worms and strongyles in the digestive tract.  These 2 species of worms are the most common cause of problems.  Strongyles may be the most common cause of colic.  Strongyles are also the worms that most deworming schedules are based upon.
What Worms Are Not Detected?
The most common 2 worms not detected in the stool sample examination are Bots and Pinworms.  Bots are the larval form of the bot fly that lays its eggs on the hair of the horse.  These eggs are easily seen and if present the horse should be dewormed at least twice a year with a boticide.  Pinworms lay their eggs around the rectal opening and cause the horse to rub its tail.
How Often Should I Test My Horse’s Manure For Worms?

Horsemen’s Laboratory sends our clients kits to recheck their horses every 3 months unless there is a change in the horse's environment.  Such as when a horse goes from a box stall to a pasture situation, especially if there are other horses in the pasture or there have been other horses in the pasture recently.  When a horse tests positive we recommend that the horse be de-wormed and rechecked in 2-3 weeks.  There should be a 90% drop in the number of eggs seen in the stool.
Is the Cost Really All-Inclusive?
Yes!  That is one thing that really makes this service remarkable!  Frankly, you need to tell your horse friends, because every horse owner can benefit from a service like this.  Horsemen’s Laboratory ships you a kit with everything you need, you collect the manure sample and send it back to Horsemen’s Laboratory using the pre-paid package and wait for your results.  You pay nothing beyond the single price!
What Do People SAY About Their Experience at Horsemen’s Laboratory?
Great service.  I had a question when I first ordered the kit and I had an answer via email within an hour.  I got the kit quickly and the test results were prompt.  I love getting them via email.  I am really happy with the entire process from start to finish. -Keri
Price, service, and turnaround time are excellent!  I appreciated getting the results via email and it arrived less than a week after shipping my sample out.  Very affordable and much better than just continually dosing with unnecessary dewormers. - Kristie
I would highly recommend this service.  It is fast, inexpensive peace of mind!  I submitted a question along with my order and received a prompt, thorough explanation as well as the reasoning for doing it the preferred way.  I cannot thank them enough!!  Will definitely use them again and highly recommend to all my fellow horse owners. Quality product, great customer service at a reasonable price! - Maureen
I will continue to use this service.  Results within 4-5 days.  I also called the phone number and able to personally speak with someone, as well as when I left a message I was emailed promptly. - Nancy
I loved how easy, fast, and painless this whole process was.  Turnaround time was great!  My vet charges $68 + the farm call fee to do this.  This cost me $15! Can't beat the price AND the excellent service! - Ann
Don’t Play The Guessing Game Anymore, Call Horsemen’s Laboratory Today!
Join the thousands of horse owners across America who depend upon Horsemen’s Laboratory to do individual testing on their horses.  Knowledge is power.  We give you the knowledge and you have the power to individually affect the health of each horse in your care.  For $24-- or less--why wouldn’t you?  Call today and tell him about your horses!

Contact: Dr. John Byrd 
907 Westbrook Drive
Mahomet, Illinois 61853
Phone: (800) 544-0599 or (217) 586-2004
Website: Click Here To Connect

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