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Hockshield and Fetlock Shield by Click Horse Products
Hockshield and Fetlock Shield by Click Horse Products

About Us...
Hock Shield and Fetlock Shield were designed by horsewoman Shari Click. 
Says Shari...
Throughout my many years as a horse owner, I’ve observed an overwhelming number of horses who suffer from a variety of sores on their hocks. Frustrated in their attempts to solve these problems, caring horse owners are continuously in search of a remedy. Several years of dedicated research and development led to the Hock Shield, a device that accommodates the expansion of the horse’s hock joint. Extremely flexible, the Hock Shield comfortably allows a wide range of motion, including laying down to standing back up and walking around. I have tested my product in many different situations and am confident you will receive positive results. Thank you for your consideration of the Hock Shield and Fetlock Shield. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments and I would love to hear about your horses!

Hock Shield
The low profile design offers full coverage in the area where horses develop sores. The soft, flexible pocket in the center back of the Hock Shield provides comfort in the delicate area where the tendons pass just under the skin. This is the perfect solution for the majority of horses with hock sores.

Hock Shield Ultra 
The Ultra is a full wrap to ensure coverage even if they have an extra hard way of twisting while pushing off the ground. It can also be used for horses with arthritic hocks to prevent chill. The thin neoprene and double layer of fleece make a very comfortable but tough boot that can be worn full-time for those horses with deep chronic sores.

What If My Horse Has Arthritis?
The Hock Shield Ultra is the best answer as it offers 360 degree support and extra warmth to keep joints warm and as comfortable as possible. Keeping joints warm helps both with circulation and with comfort. 

What Are The Shields Made From?
Outer Shell is tear-resistant soft neoprene
The Inner Lining is soft fleece

Can I Use Medications Under The Shields?
Yes... but...because some products can burn skin when wrapped, please consult veterinarian when using medications under our Shields to be on the safe side. Sometimes the medications that keep the skin soft can make the sore more vulnerable.
How Long Do The Shields Tend To Last? 
If you have a horse with chronic problems that needs the Hock Shield or Fetlock Shield on a daily basis-- plan on replacing your Shields after about 3 months of full-time wear. However, some horses have been known to wear their Hock Shields for 6-12 months.

Can I Wash My Hock Shield or Fetlock Shield?
Yes. Many throw them in the washing machine and then just set out in the sun to air dry. Be sure to close the Velcro so they don't come out filled with lint. You can toss them in the dryer for a short period if there is no sun. Usually a dip in the bucket at the barn with a squirt of horse shampoo will do the trick. If your horse needs 24/7 protection, it is advisable to have two pair.

What Do Horse Owners SAY About Hock Shields and Fetlock Shields?

"Several horse owners complain to me about non-healing wounds on the point of the hock. These common wounds are created by repeated trauma when horses stand after laying down. In the past, I have found these wounds very difficult to treat.  I have tried a variety of medications and bandages with little success. I began recommending Hock Shield boots to my clients and was blown away by the results. Horses that had chronic, bleeding sores healed completely within a couple weeks. Owners found them easy to use and durable. I highly recommend Hock Shield for any horse dealing with this issue."  
- Kacie Wells DVM


 “I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for making such a wonderful product. I tried different hock boots but because they wrapped around the entire leg he thought they were torture devices and refused to walk in them. A friend sent me the link to your product which I promptly ordered. I was pleased the first day I put them on because my horse didn't mind them at all. The product stays in place and within the first week things are looking better…for the first time I have hope that they will actually get better.” - Andrea

“I recently ordered a pair of Hock Shields for my 20-year-old Percheron.  He has only been using them for a week, but what a difference!!  His hocks are already healing and not being re-injured when he rises after rolling or lying down.” - Deb

“I was desperate for a solution to my problem – protection for my horse Taboo’s hock. Having an arthritic left front knee, Taboo needed to use his back left hock aggressively to lift himself from a prone position, resulting in a nasty, nearly bone-deep hock sore. Consultation with my vet left me in despair. I was told there was no hock boot that was worth buying. However, I chose to buy every hock boot I could find online, in catalogues, and at the local feed stores. Nothing worked…they all ended up around his ankles within a few hours. I started using Hock Shields and Taboo wears them 24/7 (except for trail rides and play time in hand). He is now living happily ever after with healthy hocks!”  - Joyce

“Awesome product! I've used about everything imaginable on my paint horse and this is the first thing to work. Got my Hock Shields at the end of last month. I use them only at night. One hock is nearly healed and the other has a little bit to go yet but I'm extremely happy with this progress.” Julie

“Man if I only knew of these 6 months ago. I'm so happy with them it makes me want to put up a brochure at all of the local feed store bulletin boards. So many horse owners have the problem and here we have vets saying ' oh there's nothing you can really do'. I've tried everything. Since I got them Saturday, my mares sores went from gross puss oozing sores to half the sized and dried up. And I cleaned them daily. But I can't keep her from laying down at night. I am going to show them off proudly!” – Kelly

I ordered some hock shields from you about two months ago. You may remember because I had you overnight them I was in such a state of distress. I've loved mine. They do rotate sometimes, and I've had to get very precise about how snug to put them on....... but they have healed my horse's hocks. I wish I'd taken before and after pictures because it was UGLY!! – Emily
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new fetlock boots AND hock shields you sent me- Both pairs fit PERFECTLY and are working to heal these tender areas on the horses. The fetlock boots provide optimum coverage and freedom of movement… Bravo for an awesome new design on an already awesome product! My horse and I thank you so much!!! Becca

After researching hock boots and discovering your hock shields online, I am so happy to say that they have been so completely AWESOME for my young horse. He was in a bad way with his hock sores, and these boots have been so wonderful, I cannot thank you enough! They even stayed put during a good gallop with exuberant bucking when he was turned out in one of the big arenas -Kat

Wanted to let you know that your Hock Shields have been a big help to my gray horse Raider.  Two years ago Raider came up lame.  He was diagnosed with a fisher fracture, stress fracture and a small chip from a birth defect that went undiagnosed all in this left hock.  We injected him along with acu-scope and laid him up for a year.  We were told that he might come back as a trail horse. Raider has fully recovered and has come back as a heel horse, which is what he was before he went lame.   What I also did when he started his recovery was to use your Hock Shields.  He no longer had sores on his hocks, which in turn helped speed up his recovery time. - Kelly

How Much Do Hock Shields and Fetlock Shields Cost?
The real question is how much do they SAVE! Hock Shields are only $46.95, Hock Shield Ultra is only $64.95 and Fetlock Shield is only $19.95 (plus shipping for all) . When you think of  how much better your horse will feel and the ability that your horse will have to protect the wound or bedsores so that they can heal-- these products are worth their weight in gold! You will also save time if you have been trying to bandage your horse every day.

Buy Hock Shields, Hock Shield Ultra or Fetlock Shields Today!
While you can order directly from us, you can also find us at Jeffers Equine, Valley Vet, State Line Tack, Dover Saddlery, Country Supply-- and SmartPakEquine! Every horse owner knows someone who needs them. You are welcome to contact us today if you have questions or to order! Your horse will be glad you did. 

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 350
Santa Cruz, California 95061
Phone: 831-426-1206
Website: Click Here To Connect

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