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Winners Bee Pollen
People wonder if WINNERS BEE POLLEN all natural supplement  provides a vast spectrum of botanical AntiOxidants to combat Oxidative Stress and support optimal health and performance!

How Did CC Pollen Co.- Makers of Winners Bee Pollen-- Come To Be?

It all started 25 years ago. Royden Brown,  the founder of CC Pollen, saw the benefits of the beehive in general, of bee pollen, in particular, and brought bee pollen into the hearts and minds of the American public! Roy believed that a natural approach meant better health, better well being and quality of life. He talked about marketing this marvelous wonder of nature to the HORSE WORLD— and then came a call to his office inquiring about Bee Pollen for horses!

That was more than 25 years ago. That call came from Buzz Kennedy, who got the idea of bee pollen for horses, from Hall of Fame thoroughbred trainer Charlie Whittingham. After that call— Winners Bee Pollen was formed— and the results have been truly amazing!

Is It True That Horse Trainers Of All Breeds Depend On Winners Bee Pollen For Their Horses?
Yes! More than 25 years ago, Winners Bee Pollen helped the horse world see the value of of “natural” as a trusted approach to equine health! Royden Brown, the founder of Winners Bee Pollen, designed his equine products to provide the horse the best possible chance to attain optimal health— naturally!

Is It True That Winner’s Bee Pollen Offers Is The Most Affordable Source For Quality Bee Pollen?
We believe we are. While most of our customers have been using Winners Bee Pollen for many years and would not want to go anywhere else, we get NEW customers all the time— who found us because they were tired of the extremely high prices competitors charge. Our Bee Pollen is of the highest possible quality, and our prices are the some of most reasonable in the industry today!

What Is Bee Pollen?
Bee Pollen is the dust of flowers and a true display of “nature” at it’s BEST! Bee Pollen is a plant based material that has a broad spectrum array of components and within that array there are likely wonderful elements that have yet to be recognized! With so many stripped down, over-processed feed supplements available to horse owners, Winners Bee Pollen gave horse owners a healthy, natural, product from nature. So which would YOU rather have for YOUR horse? Processed or Natural? We think the choice is clear!!

What Benefits Does Bee Pollen Offer?
* All Natural Plant Dust
* Botanical AntiOxidants To Combat Oxidative Stress
* Helps Maintain Proper Appetite
* Supports Optimal Health- and Performance

What Equine Products Are Available At Winners Bee Pollen?
Winners Bee Pollen has a full line up of Equine Pollen Products to help bring optimal health to hooves, digestion, performance and more!

WINNERS DYNAMIC TRIO (Joint Support)… starting at just $145 for 11 pounds (4 sizes available)
Joint Support: Dynamic Trio provides 1000 mg of high quality Glucosamine HCL combined with Protease Enzymes to promote normal joint health.

AntiOxidants: Dynamic Trio’s antioxidant profile provides both water soluble  and fat soluble antioxidants that are extremely important for performance horses in intense training and competition. Contains natural Vitamin E, purified Propolis resin, Vitamin A (from fish oil) Bee Pollen and Antioxidant Enzymes.

Herbal Adaptogens: Dynamic Trio offers a unique blend of herbal adaptogens for the mental and physical stress caused by intense training and competition.

WINNERS DYNAMIC TRIO 50/50 (Healthy Appetite and Mental Attitude)
Winners Dynamic Trio 50/50 helps horses maintain healthy appetites during intensive training during long competitive seasons. It features Glucosamin HCL combined with an enzyme blend which provides comprehensive joint support. It's water soluble and fat soluble antioxidants are also extremely important during athletic training to combat oxidative stress. It’s a multi-functional performance supplement designed to maintain the mental and physical soundness of the athletic competitive horse.


Hema Flex is a natural product containing bee pollen and rutin, a bioflavonoid that supports healthy blood vessels. The proprietary blend of herbs, rich in plant based compounds, provides a natural, pathway for your horse’s success. This product does contain CAYENNE which is banned in certain equine sports…so check with the rules of your organization before competition.


Dyna Flex joint support system helps promote healthy and normal joint function through a combination of specialized support enzymes. When combined with Glucosamine HCL, the enzyme system helps maintain and support normal, healthy joints. Dyna Flex can be used with other WINNERS joint support products.


Winners Muscle Glide is a special all-natural formula with bio-active botanical compounds-such as curcumin— which is derived from turmeric— that help promote normal muscle function. Additionally the amino acid DL-phenlalanine and the herbs Mullein, Feverfew, and wild Yam Root, help promote normal muscle function. Winners Muscle Glide helps horses with slight to moderate muscle soreness associated with standard exercise.


Winners Immuno Glo is a multi-ingredient formula that contains Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Flax Seed, and Rice Bran. It helps maintain normal immune function in response to immune system challenges and fosters the glow of good health!

Winners Fresh Hoof is an all-natural formulation containing Winners Bee Pollen, Biotin, Methionine, colloidal gelatin proteins, whole herbs and powdered wheat germ. It provides a maintenance program for healthy hooves.

Winners Electrolytes (Grass) are designed to fill the gap caused by loss of electrolytes during workouts. Formulas A and G are designed to help absorption through the use of amino-acid chelated minerals. FORMULA G provides extra calcium for horses on a “grass” diet. Both formulas contain Sea Salt for trace minerals and Bee Pollen

(performance horse aid)
Winnders Bee XPL combines Ginseng, Bee Pollen, Wild Yam, Royal Jelly and Evaporated Juice Cane Juice Crystals to provide horses with finishing power… a little something extra for your horse on performance day!


Winners Bee Clean Inside can help rid horses or extraneous foreign matter. Bee  Clean Inside should always be used as an initial step in a comprehensive program using Winners nutraceutical products.

National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) CERTIFIED!
WINNERS BEE POLLEN products carry the National Animal Supplement Council’s seal of approval. This recognition is given to companies that pass an audit process and manufacturing quality protocols. This independent organization evaluates the ingredient, label and health claims so you can make informed decisions about your horse’s health.

Is Your Horse Ready To Bee a “Winner”? Order Today!
WINNERS Bee Pollen Company has been making a real difference in the health and performance of horses throughout the world for over 25 years. Just give us a try and you’ll see the “Winner” in your horse! Call us today and tell us about YOUR horses and we’ll help you get the right product at the very best price— to make your horse a “Winner” for life!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
3627 Indian School Road, Ste 209
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
Phone: 800-875-0096
Website: Click Here To Connect

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