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Handmade Stirrups by Don Orrell Stirrups
Avoid ankle pain and have greater security in the saddle! You'll love the beauty of the handmade Don Orrell Stirrups-- but the greater balance, security in the saddle- and freedom from ankle and knee pain truly set these stirrups apart!

About Don Orrell
Don Orrell began his business by repairing a pair of stirrups for a friend.  Don had a woodworking shop located inside his cutting horse training arena.  One of his friends asked if he could fix a busted oxbow stirrup.  Don said he had never done anything like that, but would like to give it a try.  When he finally got around to repairing the stirrup, he met the customer and some other guys at the coffee shop.  One of the guys said, "Well, you're a woodworker.  Why don't you build stirrups?".  It was at that moment that the idea for Don Orrell Stirrups was born and Don became a student of bending wood and working with different types of wood to see what worked the best for stirrups.  He tried many techniques and had many trial and errors before perfecting his bending and finishing process.

So Are Don Orrells Stirrups Really “Different” ?

YES! Different- and better! As everyone knows, there are already  good established wooden stirrup makers out there.  Don decided that if he couldn't offer something new and different then there was no point in doing it just to duplicate someone else.  But Don couldn't get stirrups out of his mind.  He started creating and designing stirrups with their own distinctive look and feel.  One of the things that set Don Orrell Stirrups apart is the alternating wood types and colors in the laminate layers as he began making use of the abundance of beautiful hardwoods available in the Missouri Ozarks.

How Do Don Orrell Stirrups Help Reduce or Eliminate Knee, Back, Ankle and Leg Pain?

After a short time of building stirrups, Don started getting customers with special issues that they hoped to correct with the right stirrup.  Customer's brought their ideas and concerns about certain riding problems and Don designed stirrups to meet those needs.  The Offset Stirrups were initially designed for a friend that had aluminum Offsets he used in Cutting and liked how they helped him drop his heels in hard stops, but didn't like the lack of shock absorbency and discomfort  that the aluminum had in compared to wood.  As a result, Don designed an Offset stirrup that is now used by many in the Cutting, Reining, Cow horse type events, but also by trail riders and others that want to sit deep in the saddle. 

The Offsets help by allowing the heel to drop slightly, elongating the back of the leg behind the knee and for some people this does relieve pain while riding.  But not everyone experiences pain for the same reason that is why the Angled Stirrups are designed so that the tread of the stirrup is level with the ground.  This helps people with weak ankles that constantly want to turn in, as well as other knee or hip problems.  People who ride in our Angled stirrups find that keeping your feet flat, basically as if you were sitting in a chair really relieves pressure and pain while riding.
Is it True That Don Orrell Offset Stirrups Can Help Me With Better Security In The Saddle?

The Offsets will assist you with keeping your heels down and toes up.  This helps you to sit deeper in your saddle, tucking your bottom under.   They make it more difficult for you to point your toes down, which in turn causes you to lose your seat and can send you flying on to your horses neck. 

Can the Offset Stirrups Help Me Stay In The Saddle For Harder Stops? 

The Offsets are loved by Reiners and Cutters because of the hard stops that are required for this type of riding.  Keeping your heels down is hard to remember when you are watching a cow or focused on your pattern.  These stirrups can help take the worry of that away for you! 

What Other Stirrups Does Don Orrell Have?

Don Orrell has a full line up of Stirrups for every Western or Trail riding discipline! You will love the quality, beauty and design— most of all you will love the comfort these great stirrups give their riders. If you are looking for greater confidence in the saddle, our Offset Stirrups (mentioned above) are a great choice.

How Long Do Orders Usually Take?
If the stirrups are not in inventory, it takes 2 - 3 weeks.  However, you will find Don Orrell Stirrups in stock at many fine retailers and show vendors.  Engraving is also an option.   They can be personalized with your name, initials, ranch brand, clip art,  Association awards, etc. 

What Do People Say About Their Don Orrell Stirrups?
Once you ride in these stirrups you will never go back!!
~Parker M.   

 I finally had a chance to ride in my new stirrups. I LOVE THEM! They feel so much better than my old ones in every way. They are more stable because my foot seems to have more contact with the stirrup, they are definitely more comfortable and the angle makes my leg more relaxed. And I love the way they look. I've rec'd compliments on them already!
~Joanne M.
They turned out really nice and they're really nice to ride in too, I've rode this saddle pretty much every day for three weeks strait since I finished it and I still like the stirrups!  Everyone else around here that has seen them really like them also, everyone has to come up and look them over, most people tell me they're too pretty to use!  They look really sharp, don't get me wrong, but I got them to use and they have been getting used a lot and I'm really happy with them!  I will definitely do business with you folks again, thank you! 

~Sam O.

I couldn't believe how beautiful my Offset Stirrups were-- but riding in them is a dream! My heel naturally sits down and my saddle security is greatly increased. I can't imagine riding in any other stirrups... these are amazing! My husband loves their 'looks'... I love the way D.O. Stirrups make me feel more secure in the saddle!
~Ann Pruitt-- Director of

Great Riding Calls For Great Stirrups! Call Don Orrell and Order Today!

Whether you want greater comfort, confidence or just exceptionally looking stirrups, you’ll get all 3 with Don Orrell Stirrups. Call us and tell us about your riding goals today and we’ll get you set. Toni Orrell is Don’s wife and she is happy to talk to you today!

Contact: Toni Orrell 
754 Low Gap Road
Fordland, Missouri 65652
Phone: 417-849-3160
Website: Click Here To Connect

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