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Sue Ann Smith, Flying Star Bar Animal Communications
W​hat​'s​ really going on with your horse? ​  ​​Sue Ann is here to offer real guidance & healing help​! Sue Ann Smith can even arrange to answer just one question for only $25 !

About Sue Ann...
Says Sue Ann:
My small town Texas upbringing didn't ​include “metaphysical things” at all! ​​  ​I just knew I ​had​ to be out on the land, with animals & nature.  This certainly had to do with ​my own "Intuition" & ​the "​E​nergy" of things, ​ye​t I had no ​conscious understanding of this.​  ​​​My 1st memory is begging for ​a horse​ & ​a ​Paint mare​ later​ ​proved to be​ best friend & mentor​.  ​​​In 1996, a​n injured ​horse ​was the catalyst leading me out of a long standing business career & into Intuitive/Healing Work full time.  Big Surprise!!  I​ had begun a "Personal Spiritual Quest," that included discovering & developing my own Intuition.  So when this catalyst came, I was ready to go for it!   Soon after switching careers, fully formed abilities for all things "Metaphysical Energy"  simply surfaced one day & gave me more tools to use.  Horses had always been important to me, so it's no surprise my new work involved horses, as well as, people & other animals.

​E​arly on​ my Spiritual Quest​, my team of "Spirit Help" ​clearly steered me away from​ information​ &​ teachings from others.  They ​simply guided ​me Intuitively , protected me ​& ​let me ​learn on my own, which continues to give me a wide open, limitless approach.  I consider being almost entirely “self taught” (along with Spirit Help) to be one of my greatest assets professionally & personally.  ​Continually refining abilities for my own life & self, continually translates into client work.  It doesn't matter how high level the work is already, what's been accomplished, etc. there's always another layer of refinement!  I purposely live a very grounded life & love helping others help themselves, even other healers.​ ​This work is a natural fit for me.  I am passionate about it & intend for clients to enjoy it while getting all they need through me.  I knock myself out every time​ & end each day with a clear heart knowing I served to the best of my abilities.​  Visit my site for Happy High Vibes & channeled Daily Spirit Message!​

How Does Sue Ann, as an Animal Communicator, Actually Know What Is Going On? 

Sue Ann Smith says, I find that each case is a little different. My body and mind receive information in different ways to effect the Highest Good & do my job as efficiently & well as possible.  This may include empathic responses on my own body (literally feeling pain, tiredness, foggy mind, upset stomach, tasting something in my mouth, stinging in a joint, smell​ing​ something etc etc)​ ​plus​​ ​receiving messages/info from Spirit Help or direct dialogue from the animal, seeing pictures/movie in my mind, simply “sensing” something….whatever needs to happen.  I can also tap into the animal’s energy field & “intuitively feel around” if I need to.  I just "sync up" with what needs to be done & it comes.  ​I do 99.9% of my work on the phone​, typically asking for the animal's name & color...whatever I need to confirm I'm picking up on the correct animal.  Oftentimes the connection is clear without confirmation.  I've learned over many years to stand by my readings &​ ​​exactly ​how each session is guided​ ​along by my Spirit Team​​ from Pure Love & Pure Light​. 

What Can Sue Ann Help Me and My Animals Wit​h​?

Most everything, anything!  If it's on your mind enough to wonder about it, then answers & help are probably waiting for you.  ​I​ ​receive ​information, understanding,​ ​pick up on ​energies​ ​period.​  ​And everything is​ ​energy!  ​ Common situations include: ​dealing with​ ​the ​unexplained​ ​behavior,​ ​understanding the animal's personality​ & mental state​, medical issues (​known​ or not​​​)​ diet/supplement regime​, helping a client tap in to/develop their own metaphysical abilities​​ ​& more​​.  ​I​ often​​ ​pick up on​​ ​revealing​​ ​past life information​ affecting the current life​ ​& can work with ​horse​​ & ​rider​ ​​as a ​team (competitive or otherwise.)​  ​Handl​ing​​ ​​an​​ ​unhelpful spirit or​ ​​enviromental ​energies​ ​is not uncommon​.​ ​Clients often comment on how ​surprisingly ​detailed​ ​​the​ir​​​ ​channeled messages are.  ​Connecting​ clients ​well with their ​own Spirit Help is common, too!​ ​  Confirming a client's own Intuition can be important, which is part of how we each learn to use it more confidently.  I look for the source causes & solutions, as well as context in the bigger picture.  I think it's important to work with the professional you feel most drawn to, comfortable with & all around right about in your gut. 

Does Sue Ann Do Energy Work T​oo?​
​Yes! Working with Energy ​is not only h​elpful, but often key​ to reaching optimal solutions in timely manner, so I use it constantly​!​   For myself & my clients.  Examples of Client feedback at sessions's end regarding energy work:  vet unable to pick out colicy horse upon arrival, 2 weeks overdue mare immediately foaling out with ease, physical swelling almost completely dissipated, horse laying head in client's chest with relief/thanks & more.​ 

Can Sue Ann Help With All Animals?
Any animal, to my knowledge, can receive help and communication with my methods.  If it’s meant to be through me on that day, then ​there’s a way for me to do​ ​​it​.  I commonly work with people, horses, dogs, cats….I’ve communicated with birds, snake​s​, connected with wild animals.  I don’t think in terms of limiting myself.  I think in terms of “how am I meant to help here?  What serves the Highest Good through me in the ​moment?”  and run with whatever that is… 

What Does An Average Session Cost?
​An “average” phone session is from ​30 to​​ ​45 minutes. (​Generally $75/Quarter Hour, with a $100 minimum for 20 minutes​.  Since I work pretty efficiently,​ ​​even 20 minutes ​can take care of a lot for a client.  I watch the time & hustle, don’t like to waste ​client's​ time or mine, want to deliver most bang for their buck, so this may include many different topics or very detailed info/guidance in a grounded, guided sort of way.  It’s common at the end of a session to see recurring themes, messages, ideas & how the reading came full circle “tie​ing​​ ​itself up in a bow” with​ ​​wonderful​​ ​completion. Our animals tend to absorb so much of our energies, emotions, even our physical maladies​,​​ ​that treating the animal & leaving out the human just often doesn’t make good sense.  Falls short of really addressing the issue/questions.​  ​Although I'm completely mindful of addressing what's at hand, my job is to serve the client's Highest Good, so the session may include pertinent, yet unexpected things.​​  ​​I love being able to take this wholistic approach & think it's not only​ ​paramount but ideal in many situa​t​ions.  ​I’m a straight shooter with my clients, yet seem to be able to deliver even “uncomfortable” info/news in a way that can be handled without diluting the true message.  I look for sense of “completion” for that reading & work, that day.  And ask the client if he/she can sense it too​, before hopping off the phone!

What If I Have Just One Question… or Maybe Two or Three Questions Only?
I am happy to help! I want your experience to be both helpful— and affordable! I have the 1 question email/text quickie currently @ $25 .  The 3 question reading is $65, saving $10.

Note: ​ ​The ​Text​ ​​format​​ ​would probably be more​ ​​suited ​for an existing client in a hurry, needing expediency over amount of info.  Email/Text​​ ​readings​ ​contain enough information to really help.  Although it's a different experience than working with me on the phone, I give it my full attention & care.  It's a super good choice when a client has time constraints, budget concerns or simply is already comfortable with me & just needs something quickly.  Check out all readings, including written ones here:  All Readings

One More Cool ​Note:  ​​​An interesting way this work has been used is​ with ​several ​horse chiropractors regarding order of adjust​ments​ for ​a horse's ​greatest benefit.  This has been really revealing.  It’s common to hit a “hot spot” multiple times during the session.  I’ve had 1 ​practitioner​ go along with it good naturedly on my own horses ​& ​see the results….when I told him to go back to an exact spot on Slipper’s neck yet again at the end of a session​,​ he silently protested then exclaimed when that adjustment sounded like a pistol shot ​with​ Slipper finally lower​ing​ his head​ ​way down, licking & relaxing.  This sort of ​happening & reaction​ has been common.  I’ve done ​this ​​over​ the phone​ & with written​ 1 question​ quickies​.  (​O​bviously, ​the hands on ​practitioner​s​ should  be expected to do their job​ responsibl​y​​ & thoroughly, they simply have opportunity to work with additional insights for optimizing their work.)​

How Long Does It Take To Get An Appointment?
I know when a person needs help, the last thing they want to hear is “Well, I have time on my schedule in 2 months! I prefer to handle a phone appointment within a week or less, to the extent that I reasonably can.  For email readings, I ask for 72 hours yet do my best to deliver as soon as possible.  I’ve always gone the route of quality clients & work over quantity.​  ​Please note there will be times when competing with my own horses may impact normal scheduling.

What If I Need Help With A Healing?
Any questions you still have regarding my healing work…just let me know!  ​Healing work is ​performed ​over ​​the phone, just as the readings are.  ​Additionally, ​I’ll do quickie energy releases, etc. that I know are critical even when doing an email/text reading.​  Quick follow up questions for clarification purposes are considered part of any paid reading.  Just shoot me an email.​

Is It Also True That Sue Ann Sells Cur-OST Supplements?
Yes I do! I am a horse owner and love ​​​competing in NCHA (cutting horse) events with my beloved  Equine Compadres. ​(My other passion along with Intuitive & Healing Work!)  ​I have found Cur-OST to be the best supplements on the market today! They work so WELL with my horses- that I do have them available for my clients. Just ask me and I am happy to tell you about them!​  (I've included personal experiences plus key product information straight from the company in each formula listed on my site, as well.)​

But What If I Have A Session And Am Not Quite Satisfied?
Let Sue Ann know ASAP for Pronto Fix. Sue Ann is absolutely committed to serving her clients well!

So What Do Clients Say Who Have Worked With Sue Ann Smith?
Sue Ann is absolutely amazing! she hits on things and brings a perspective that will WOW you!! She is “right on” and will make you feel so much better- and at ease after your session— relaxed and calm in a way you could never imagine. Personally, for me, he hit on a health issue and helped me down the road with a decision I was afraid to make. Because of her help, I have never felt better. I have a NEW start to my life! I just love her!!

She did a dead on reading on my horse and then worked with my horse’s chiropractor on what needed to be done, and it was awesome. I have had amazing results with the Cur-Ost products she sells. I had a horse kicking and rocking in the trailer., and after 1 week on STOMACH ADAPT, it stopped. I am a true believer in the product!

Don’t Sit and Wonder, Talk To Sue Ann About An Appointment Today!
Haven’t you wondered what your horse or dog was thinking or feeling about a situation? Wouldn’t it be nice to know​?​ With rates starting at only $25 for 1 single question, ​$​65 for 3 questions and sessions starting at only $100 for a full 20 minute session..​.​ longer times available— everyone can get​ unique, "just right for them"​ help ​from ​Sue Ann​. You can also purchase any item & tentatively schedule appointments in the Shop.  Browse it & find out more about Sue Ann.
Don’t sit and wonder… c​ontact​ Sue Ann today to schedule your appointment or ​send 1-3 questions to get started!​ Just visit

Contact: Sue Ann Smith
4273 N. FM 113
Weatherford, Texas 76088
Phone: 940-727-9229
Website: Click Here To Connect

 Have a Product or Service that would benefit Horse Owners?  Contact Ann

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