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Solo-Ride® by Hairy Back Ranch
Solo-Ride® was invented by a horse woman who needed to solve the problem of mounting your horse anytime, anywhere…whether riding in a saddle or even bareback!

How Did The Solo-Ride® Come To Be?
Says owner, creator, Randell DeJong, I began riding horses just a few years ago. I found what I thought for sure was my dream horse. Drove for hundreds of miles to pick her up, got her home and stood staring at this wonderful creature I was going to ride off into the sunset...I was sure of it!  Now, not having any previous riding experience or knowing how to pick the right horse for myself I went strictly on how she looked. Given that she was definitely lovely to look at I thought she would be prefect. I could not have been more wrong.
After oodles of reading and listening to many different natural Horsemanship training Gurus, my life and my horses life completely changed. I now had some tools to repair and rebuild the relationship between us. Next came riding away from home, once we mastered riding at home in our arena and around our fields, I decided it was time to take a trip to a local riding park. Off we went, it wasn't too far, a 30 minute trailer ride. Once we got there,we unloaded.

Since I ride bareback (I have a weird claustrophobic issue with saddles) I hopped on an away we went. Not too long into the ride I had to hop off (to visit the little girls room in the bush). It was just then I realized....I had no way back on. Obviously finding a stump or log should be no problem. I looked around even walked a little while. Sadly it wasn't as easy as I thought. To find a  stump tall enough for me and that my horse could get up to for me was nearly impossible. Aha, I did eventually find up I went and within seconds I went down just as fast. The log I chose was a bit wet and my boot slipped off. Down I went, falling to the ground face first onto the log. Now hurt and with a very bruised ego I wondered what to do… 5 km back to the truck I walked. 
That night lying in bed I had an epiphany (a light came on in my mind). What if my horse could help me on.. horses are so strong and well, maybe the horse could be used somehow as a counter balance to me...straight to the barn I went!!(yes in the middle of the night) in and out of the house running back and forth from my sewing machine to her stall. A few weeks later I had created what I call Solo-Ride® !

Solo-Ride® Is The Portable Mounting Aid For Any Rider, Any Discipline - Even Bareback!

  • Get back on your horse anywhere you ride!
  • Made with 100% heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Hardware is 100% stainless steel
  • Stirrup is strong lightweight aluminum
  • Waist pack is made of durable 600 denier polyester
  • Waist pack adjusts to 55 inches
What is Solo-Ride®?
Solo-Ride® is a Portable Mounting Aid that helps you mount your horse. Solo-Ride can be used to mount Bareback or as a Step up to your Saddle Stirrup.

Who Can Use Solo-Ride®?

Solo-Ride® was created for any rider. It is adjustable to fit most horses and people, from a small pony all the way to a very large horse.
What If My Horse Starts To Move Off When I Am Getting On?
If your horse moves or begins to walk off, simply step down and remove your foot from the stirrup and wait for the horse to stand still before beginning again. You do not have to worry about falling from a stump, rock or mounting block as you are already standing on the ground when using with Solo-Ride® .
How Is It Possible To Use Solo-Ride® For Riding Bareback?
Solo-Ride® was designed by a bareback rider! It can work with bareback, english or western saddles too! Solo-Ride® uses the opposite leg of the horse to attach to (front leg on the right side as most horse owners mount from the left). It is easy to attach, has it’s own mounting stirrup, and super easy to detach from the sitting on the horse’s back—tucks right back into its very own waist pack to take with you for next time!
Where Is Solo-Ride® Made?
Solo-Ride® is made in Canada with only high quality materials.
What is Solo-Ride® made of? – Solo-Ride is made of heavy duty nylon webbing and 100% stainless steel hardware. The Solo-Ride stirrup is made of a strong, lightweight aluminum.

Can it be used On Different Horses?

Yes absolutely, your Solo-Ride®  can be adjusted to fit any horse you would like to mount. It is also a terrific addition to have on group trail rides for riders to share if needed. Solo-Ride comes in 2 sizes, a regular size and also an extra-long for horses generally over 16hh.
Will It Hurt My Horse?
When used as per the instructions, your horse will not experience any discomfort. It is important to allow horses to get to know the new sensation slowly as suggested with all horse activities.  Also see our testimonials/review tab. Solo-Ride® has been used and reviewed by many riders and 3 independent veterinarians.

What Do Horse Riders Say About Solo-Ride® ?

 My new Aid!
Onvetta Herrin on Feb 26, 2016
My Solo Ride came today! Wish I had this all the years I have looked for a rock, bank, or log to get back on my horse while trail riding. At 5'3", even a medium horse puts the stirrup too high for me to reach. It came today, and I got Ms. Dolly (15.3 hand mare), to give it a try. Took a minute to adjust it, then I am sitting on her laughing at how simple and easy it was. This is perfect for anyone that needs a little assist to mount your horse.
Works great.
Xenia Camara on Mar 10, 2015
Hello - I want you to see how awesome solo ride is for me! I have MS and substantial mobility issues. Solo ride will enable me to "get back on" in the event I don't have access to my mounting ramp. This was my first attempt!
P.S. First attempt for my horse as well! Thanks for your innovation!

Can use with my saddle or bareback!
Product Review by Sonja Beale, Canadian Horse Journal 2015
The Solo-Ride arrived in a box covered with pictorial instructions, and included a fanny pack (with lots of pockets) in which to store the Solo-Ride while riding. The Solo-Ride itself is comprised of thick nylon webbing that creates the support system, a folding stirrup that is made of lightweight aluminum, and a padded strap that can be used for additional padding either on the wither or under the leg. The nylon webbing adjusts in two places and allows for maximum customization for different size horses. The Solo-Ride loops around one leg and over the back/wither and hangs down with a stirrup.

After setting the Solo-Ride up on my horse, I spent a few minutes putting my weight in and out of the stirrup. My horse is still green but quickly adjusted to the new pressure and I was able to mount within five minutes.
I made my first attempt while my horse was already tacked up. With the Solo-Ride lying to the right side of my stirrup (similar to using a step-stool) I put my right foot into the Solo-Ride’s stirrup, then my left foot into my saddle’s stirrup which allowed me to mount easily. I used the padded band over the cantle to protect the leather from the nylon webbing.
For bareback, I lengthened both of the adjustable straps so I could reach the stirrup from the ground, and again I mounted easily, then folded the Solo-Ride into its waist pack.
I am excited to use it on the trail!

How Much Does Solo-Ride® Cost?
The real question is how much does Solo-Ride®  SAVE me in frustration and enjoyment of my horse!
Solo-Ride® is only $129!
  • Solo-Ride® is made in Canada
  • Made with 100% heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Hardware is 100% stainless steel
  • Stirrup is polished lightweight aluminum
  • Waist Pack is made of durable 600 denier polyester
  • Wither / under leg comfort pad included
  • Waist pack adjusts to 55 inches
  • Three zippered pockets for extra storage (cellphone and keys fit perfectly)
  • Key ring in pocket
  • Embroidered Waist Pack included
  • Size (XL) for Horses generally over 16hh+  -  email or call!
Order Your Solo-Ride® Today and Never Worry About Mounting Your Horse Again!
Just call us today and talk to Randell about getting a Solo-Ride® for you and your horse. It will give you freedom to enjoy every ride, every time, everywhere you go!

Contact: Randell 
P.O. Box 36077
Hillcrest Village RPO, Surrey, British Columbia Canada V3S 7Y5
Phone: 604-866-6060-
Website: Click Here To Connect

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