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Hug Blanket by Kelley and Company, LLC
Hug Blankets are composed of overlapping chest panels which attach with adjustable elastic straps along the shoulders.  When the horse needs to move it expands with him and returns to its original size.

How Did The Hug Blanket Come To Be?
Hug Blankets are the brainchild of Malcolm and Nancy Kelley.  Somewhat frustrated by blankets which never seemed to fit well, they created the Hug Blanket System to answer a number of problems.  Hug blankets are composed of overlapping chest panels which attach with adjustable elastic straps along the shoulders.  When the horse needs to move the most (like getting up and down or eating), it expands with him and returns to its original size.  Because there are NO buckles at the chest, there is no binding.

Are Hug Blankets Really That Different From Other Horse Blankets?

YES! Hug Blankets are a completely new approach to blanketing. While most blankets must sell themselves on fabric strength and color choices, Hug blankets has found a following that tolerates the colors we choose, but continue to remain ultra faithful to a blanket that just makes sense. Once you own a “Hug”, you’ll never go back!

Are Hug Blankets Really More Comfortable For My Horse?
When we first heard reports from new Hug Blanket owners, we were often gleefully surprised.  Several owners of touchy mares announced that their horses had an attitude change about blankets and no longer snarled at them when they came to put the blanket on.  A stallion owner who had a chronic blanket-remover found that his stallion left his Hug blankets alone.  I would just say, listen to the horses.

Do I Measure The Hug Blanket For Size The Same Way As Other Blankets?
Because the Hug blanket has these adjustable straps, the neck opening fits a range of horse confirmations, slim to thick.  Without boring you with the fact that your blanket is really determined by the drop and back length for a Hug Blanket (since the neck adjusts), it is just easiest to think that if  your horse wears a 78 in most brands, he will fit a 78 Hug.  OH, but the Friesians… we have two sizes for them.  Large large necks with short backs. (they challenged even our long elastic straps fully let out, so we put together a couple blankets just for them. If you have questions, we are happy to help you!!

How Long Does It Take To Get My Hug Blanket Once Ordered? 
Honestly, in most cases-we ship the same day…. Unless we are out of stock for the season. Then probably 3-4 months.  Order early to ensure you have your Hug when you need it!

When Should I Choose A “Blanket” Over a “Sheet” or Visa Versa?

I know that there are a lot of factors to answer this question. So much depends on the “normal” temperatures in your area and the working status of your horse.  If it is cold, put a sheet on. If it is very cold, put a blanket on. And, for your own convenience, if it is really muddy, put something on and save yourself from having to groom so much. Sort of think temperature, but also realize that sun can create extra warmth under any blanket. The hardest period to blanket/sheet is when the temperature changes greatly during the day and the horse is outside mostly. In the fall, it can be quite nippy in the morning, then the sun blares, the temperature rises and your horse gets hot. Not nice.  One needs to be kind about blanketing— again we are happy to consult with you!

Note: Says Nancy Kelley owner: I have a pasture ornamental horse ( thoroughbred), that lives in the barn at night and is turned out for reasonable stretches during the day.  But in the fall, he wears nothing during the day and a sheet at night. When it stays cool during the day, he stays in the sheet. When it goes to 30/s 40’s, we move to the medium blanket (200 gram).  When it goes into the teens, he moves into the 300 gram 1200 denier blanket.  He has never complained yet about his Hug blankets.

What Advantages Do Hoods Have To Offer-or How To Know If You Need A Hood Too?
I don’t know too much about full Hoods, but I do know that our Neck Covers are wonderful things… and can make a real difference in protection for your coat and mane! We are working to produce a Hug fly sheet with a neck cover for 2016.  We already have the separate pieces that go with our blankets and sheets. Horses don’t melt, but they can sure come in a mess. A neck cover can make quick work of grooming and create more time for riding!

How Can I Help Protect My Horse From Sunburn or Fading? 
UV protection is a matter of sunlight NOT reaching the horse. It is not rocket science. If he is standing in a building there is lots of protection. If he is using a fly sheet (air flow is needed in the heat the sun), there is some protection.  If he would carry an umbrella, that might work best.  You get the idea— talk to us and we might have some good ideas for the right sheet for you.

What Sets Hug Fly Masks and Sheets Apart From Competitors?
We don’t think we have competitors (and when you use our Hugs you will know why!)  The only thing slowing us up is our ability to let everyone know… “Nothing Fits like a Hug!”   Until you our Fly Sheets and Masks, go ahead and use the other guys regular old sheets and masks. But once you have tried them, you may not want to go back.  Our favorite customer photos were of a Grey jumper that had terrible blanket rubs and switched to a Hug blanket.  Before the winter was over, he was growing back hair on his point of shoulder while wearing his Hug blanket all the time. 

Doesn’t Your Horse Deserve A Hug? Be Sure To Order Your Hug Today!
If your horse needs a Blanket, Neck Cover, Fly Sheet or Mask, he or she needs a HUG! Your horse will love the comfort, you will love the quality coupled with our affordable pricing. We are all horse people here, we know what we are talking about and you won’t be disappointed. Call us today and let us send your horse a wonderful HUG that he or she will enjoy for seasons to come!

Contact: Nancy Kelley
P.O. Box 466
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
Phone: 937-607-8522
Website: Click Here To Connect

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