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MB-1 by Green Mountain Nutritional Services
MB-1 by Green Mountain Nutritional Services offers hope and targeted nutritional support to horses suffering with the onset of Uveitis (or MoonBlindness). MB-1 is specially formulated to help combat Uveitus (Moonblindness)

About Green Mountain Nutritional Services
Green Mountain Nutritional Services, Inc. was founded in 1981. We are horse people who love horses and understand the specialized nutritional needs that your equine friends require to support a healthy, happy life. At Green Mountain Nutritional Services, we work tirelessly to provide exceptional services and the highest quality products on the equine market and all at the best prices possible without sacrificing the superior quality we are known for.
Is It True That Green Mountain Nutritional Services Can Customize Supplements For My Horses?

Yes! We are a manufacturer of vitamin-mineral premixes, supplements and animal health aids for horses and farm animals. We are a licensed manufacturer in the state of New York with the Department of Agriculture and Markets. We have a wet chemistry lab for testing of forages, grains and water. In addition we also offer ration balancing for all breeds of horses. We can even customize specific supplements for your horses based on the hays, forages, and pastures you are already using for feed. Just call us and we will work out a feed program to meet the specific needs of your horses!
So What Is Equine Uveitis aka Moon Blindness?
Equine Recurrent Uveitis also know as Moon Blindness is a condition that can be treated; appear to be gone, and then come back again. There are many situations that can cause a relapse of Moon Blindness. Moon Blindness is a condition in the horse’s eye caused by injury to the eye, bacteria, virus’, parasites, and/or tooth root abscesses.

What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Moon Blindness?
Some signs of Moon Blindness might be cloudiness, redness, swelling or watering of the eye, squinting and sensitivity to light which causes discomfort and pain. You may also see head-shaking, loss of balance, tripping, rubbing of the eye or white spots in the eye.
So How Does A Horse Get Moon Blindness?

Bacterial infections from leptospirosis, E. coli, Rhodococcus equie, and / or brucellosis can all contribute to Moon Blindness. Viral infections from Equine Herpes Virus and / or influenza can lead to Moon Blindness. Trauma to the eye such as a blunt blow or getting a foreign object in the horse’s eye can cause Moon Blindness. If you have any questions or feel your horse might have any or all of these symptoms— first, call your vet, then call Green Mountain Nutrition and we’ll get over some MB-1 to help your horse have the best chance possible of stopping the damage!
What Supplement Can I Give My Horse To Help Discourage Moon Blindness?
MB-1 has been specially formulated to combat MoonBlindness and contains anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and antioxidants to help the horse’s immune response. MB-1 Contains specific Vitamins help to maintain membrane integrity, and help to reduce light sensitivity. MB-1 contains vitamins E, C, B-12, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, Niacin, Thiamine, Folic Acid, Biotin, and d- Pantothentic acid. MB-1 helps to reduce the discomfort and irritation in the eye by using the natural anti-inflammatories MSM and Yucca.
Is There Any Other Supplement That I Can Give My Horse Along With MB-1 To Help?
If your program involves daily feeding of aspirin, bute, and/or bantamine you may want to feed Super Horse a potent digestive aid to replenish the bacteria in the gut and aid in digestion with a complete array of yeast and enzymes. Super Horse is an excellent product to feed your horse— anyways— it really helps to keep your horses immune and gut in the best possible shape!

How Much Does MB-1 Cost?

The real question, is can I afford NOT to order MB-1? Moon Blindness is a serious condition that needs help to fight it— FAST! 5 pounds of MB-1 is an 80 day supply and only $92.25.. that is only $1.15 per day to help your horse!
Note: MB-1 is NOT a replacement for a balanced diet. It is a supplement to it!  We  also recommend feeding Total Health or Horse Premix everyday to supply all 14 vitamins and 14 minerals necessary for a healthy horse!
Call Today and Order MB-1 From Green Mountain Nutritional Services, Inc.!
Your horse depends upon you to give him or her the best of care. Wishing will not help— your horse needs powerful nutritional support and MB-1 offers the targeted nutrients to help fight both discomfort and the degeneration of your horse’s eye. We are happy to talk to you and help you in every way… Just call us today and tell us about your horse! 

Contact: Jim Miller 
247 Main Street
Attica, New York 14011
Phone: 585-591-0922
Website: Click Here To Connect

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