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Starting Gate Granules™ by SBS Equine
Starting Gate Nutritional Granules™ works by nutritionally strengthening the epithelial tissue that lines the gastro-intestinal tract. The Granules have shown to reverse  and even to help prevent equine gastric ulcers !

Is It True That Many Horses Suffer With Ulcers?
The doctors at SBS EQUINE understand horses and what it takes to keep them feeling their best. Yes! Domesticated horses don’t eat as their ancestors did. Many are stalled for hours on end, eating 2 large meals a day— instead of small meals continuously throughout the day. They are asked to perform jumping, dressage, reining, etc— and while they do it willfully, often with a good attitude, many times these training and showing experiences are stressful… often done on empty stomachs filled with acid from both nerves and hunger. This acid splashes around the stomach and causes ulcers.  Gastric ulcers are reported to exist in approximately 80% of race horses and 56% of non-race horses.

How Do I Know If My Horse Has Ulcers?

While your veterinarian can help diagnose your horse, there are many symptoms that horses with ulcers tend to have.   Adult horses with ulcers exhibit a combination of poor appetite, dullness, attitude changes, decreased performance, poor body condition, rough hair coat, poor hoof growth, weight loss and colic. Starting Gate Granules™ can make a real difference to your horse.

What Sets SBS Starting Gate Granules™ Ahead of Other Supplements That Help Ulcers?
Supplements that help with stomach ulcers work by either restricting or buffering stomach acid or have enzymes or probiotics added to their formulations to help breakdown food in the small intestines and colon making them easier to digest. SBS Starting Gate Granules™, on the other hand, work differently.

Important Note To Horse Owners: Research has show that mixed phospholipids like those found in Starting Gate Nutritional Granules, can strengthen the cell membranes of the digestive tract and even act as a short term barrier to acid in the fundic portion of the stomach. They focus directly on the problem, the cell structure. The product is a natural food additive that nutritionally strengthens the epithelial tissues that line the gastro-intestinal tract. The result is the formation of stronger cells that are more resistant to the ulcers caused from stomach acid. Stomach acid is necessary for breaking down food and is a major part of the digestive process. Stomach acid should not be restricted as a long term treatment for ulcers.

How Does Strengthening Cells That Pass Food to the Blood Supply Help My Horse?
SBS Starting Gate Granules™ are a highly concentrated form of phospholipids (97% A.I.min) which function on a cellular level to benefit the specialized cells that absorb food and supplement (e.g. vitamins) nutrients and pass them through to the blood supply. These specialized absorptive cells (enterocytes) line the entire gastro-intestinal tract including the small intestines and colon.

Another Important Note: If these cells are not functioning at peak efficiency as nature intended, only a fraction of the available vitamins and nutrients from the food/supplements consumed will pass through to the blood supply. This reduction in available nutrients is not only a waste of money, but can have an adverse long term affect on the overall health of the animal.

Can Starting Gate™ Help My Horse During The Stress of Transport?
You bet! Horses can really suffer from the stresses and rigors of transportation. Make sure that you start them on Starting Gate™ before, during and after transport-- and see our video below!

Besides Helping Ulcers, What Other Benefits Does Starting Gate Granules™ Offer My Horse?

Remember, reports show that nearly 80% of race horses and 56% of non race horses have gastric ulcers. Adult horses with ulcers exhibit a combination of poor appetite, dullness, attitude changes, decreased performance, poor body condition, rough hair coat, poor hoof growth, weight loss and colic. Starting Gate GranulesTM may be beneficial for treating all of these conditions naturally on a cellular level. Strengthening the specialized absorptive cells that line the gastro-intestinal tract helps them absorb more of the key vitamins /nutrients from the feed/ supplements provided to your horse.

So How Long Does A 5 Gallon Container Last?
The five Gallon container is a 15 week supply for one average horse… that is nearly 4 months!

Ingredients: Food grade apple pectin E440 and soy lecithin/mixed phospholipids E322 tri-calcium phosphate E341.  It is recognized as a safe food additive for humans and animals by the US food and Drug Administration, European Union, and World Health Organization.  Made in USA.

Is It True That SBS Has a Toe Growth Product?
TOE GROW SPRAY is a copper-peptide complex which has shown to increase keratin and horn growth by enhancing the production of protein collagen and accelerating the repair of cell damage.  Toe Grow should be sprayed on to the coronary band once daily.  Also, Toe Grow can be applied to cracked and damaged areas of the hoof, hair, and skin to promote faster healing and growth.  Copper-peptides were first developed in the 1990’s using horses as test subjects before human trials.  The remarkable improvement to the horses’ hoof condition was noted in the scientific journals.  SBS researchers carried on the work that was done to create Toe Grow.  Peptides products are now estimated to be billion dollar industry in the human cosmetic industry based on this original research on horse.

Buy Starting Gate Granules™ By SBS Equine!

If you can help your horse feel better— your horse will perform better! Feeling good comes as a result of your horse’s body working properly with good digestion and the ability to assimilate and absorb nutrients. Starting Gate Granules™ will make a world of difference to your horse. Find us at,, or contact us directly at and we are happy to answer your questions and direct you!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
340 9th Street North, Ste 86
Naples, Florida 34102
Phone: 239-354-3361
Website: Click Here To Connect

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