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Can-C™ Eye Drops for Horses
Can-C™ Eye Drops for Horses can help your horse’s cataracts to heal, and even disappear over time— it offers a very real and natural solution your horse’s declining eye sight due to cataracts!

Are Cataracts Robbing The Horse You Love Of His or Her Vision?
Can-C™ Eye Drops for Horses  understands that few things in life are as vitally important as vision. Both animals and humans depend upon vision to help them navigate their way to the places they need to go and even help them enjoy their life. Moon Blindness or the more formal term of “Uveitis” begins as an inflammation in the eye that results in the eye becoming shadowed with people call a cataract. "Moon blindness" is a chronic, painful eye disease, and it's the most common cause of blindness in horses. It was so named during the 1600s because people thought recurring attacks were related to phases of the moon. This eye disease might be one of the first veterinary diseases ever documented. In the pyramids at Giza (Egypt), there are depictions of ocular problems in cavalry horses of that time, 4,500 years ago, showing uveitis or a disease very similar.

What About Surgery?
Surgery is definitely an option and more than likely will cause minimal damage to the eye— not to mention the expense. Then there is always the fear that the cataracts will grow back again causing more expense, discomfort and possibly more damage to the eye.

What Are Can-C Eye Drops For Horses?
CAN-C™ eye drops are a safe and natural alternative to cataract surgery. The research with animals as subjects is indisputable: Vision improves. Cataracts are reversed. The CAN-C™ eye drops help a horse’s eyes (or the eyes of any animal for that matter) to heal naturally. They are a natural anti-inflammatory, helping your horse’s eyes heal naturally from any and all conditions that trigger inflammation. The treatment is not immediate as with surgery. It takes time for the eyes to heal naturally – though owners of many different types of animals see improvement after applying the drops for only several weeks.

So How Do Can-C™ Eye Drops For Horses Work?
Firstly, it is now known that cataract is the result of elevating levels of “ascorbate oxidation” or oxidative stress due in part to oxygen free radicals in the eye. This unchecked oxidation results in the cross linking of lens proteins, which is a slow glycosylation process. Cross linking of the lens proteins eventually causes a yellowing or browning pigmentation of the lens or (lens opacification) limiting the amount of light that reaches the retina, resulting in worsening vision.

This degenerative process occurs and advances as the natural antioxidant supply in the eye diminishes. Critical antioxidant supplies are continually being tapped from the eye, for protection against over exposure to ultraviolet light and against toxins and chemicals.

Researchers recently learned that the healthy eye contains high levels of the natural antioxidant carnosine. Interestingly the eyes of those suffering from degenerative ocular diseases such as cataracts were found to be grossly deficient in this essential ocular antioxidant.

 Note: The prime ingredient in Can-C™ is a proprietary form of N-acetylcarnosine, a highly specific intraocular released form of carnosine which acts as both a stabilizer and carrier for the di-peptide L-carnosine, safely delivering it into the aqueous humour of the eye (the fluid area surrounding the lens). It is here, that the bio-identical antioxidant becomes most active in its ability to act as a natural and highly effective anti-oxidant.

What If The The Horse Has Been Totally Blind With Cataracts For A Long Time?
 If the cataract is advanced to the point of total blindness the results are likely to be less than a 100% reversal with the use of Can-C. Cataracts at this stage often have hardened significantly and are more resistant to the good effects of Can-C™. Several points here; once cataracts have reached this advanced stage they become a constant irritant to the animal. The eyes can become very prone to infection as a result. Sadly, in many of these more severe cases, removal of the eye is advised.

Note: Can-C™ can reduce the risk of infection and even reduce these more mature cataracts in some instances with extended use. It is also important to note that the irritation can be significantly reduced as a result of Can-C™ being applied daily. As always it is advised to follow the advice of your veterinarian.

Does My Horse Have A Better Chance If The Cataracts Are “Newer” or Just Starting?

Yes. In the human clinical trials, those who had cataracts for less than seven years experienced the most dramatic results. Those who had cataracts for seven to 15 years still received very good results. Those who had cataracts for more than 15 years experienced less dramatic improvements. This information tells us that the expected outcome is somewhat improved when treatment is initiated at the earlier stages of cataract development. However often with more mature cataracts it simply takes a little longer to achieve comparable results.

What Percentage Of The Cataract Is Removed In Most Cases?
The cataract is often fully reversed. With very mature cataract there is at least a very significant improvement in eye sight however complete reversal may not be possible depending upon the severity of the situation. Improvement in your horse’s behavior and negotiation abilities is generally a good indicator of the desired result being achieved. Additionally you can actually see by looking into your horse’s eye when the cataract begins to get smaller and then smaller.

How Will I Know That Can-C™ Is Working?
In animals, the cataract is very visible to our view. You can actually see the cataract shrinking over time with the use of this product. The cataract will generally shrink from the parameter inward and so your horse may have improvements in his/her peripheral vision first. The behavior of your horse is the best indicator however and with the return of sight and resulting improved ability to navigate their surroundings come improved confidence, mood and behavior. All of these indicators will clearly let you know that the product is working. At the end of 6 months if you are not sure you may want to visit your vet to determine if it is time to go to the maintenance dose of 1 drop daily or to continue a little longer with the reversal dose of 3 drops  daily.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?
So far the only 'side effect’ is that the animal gets back their vision! With this formula, utilized in 10 years of human and animal clinical trials, there have been no reported side effects or contra-indications, even when used everyday for up to 2 years. Generally use of this natural anti-oxidant formulation is soothing and improves the overall environment in the eye.

Can My Horse’s Cataracts Begin To Reappear After They Were Reversed?
Yes, so you will need a smaller dose to help prevent them in the future. While it takes 3 drops daily over 3 – 12 months to reverse cataract it takes far less to prevent the re-growth of cataract. Therefore, once optimal level of reversal has been achieved only one drop daily will prevent the return of cataract. At this point the product will last far longer and so it will be far less expensive to maintain the health of your horse’s eyes. Keep in mind that the same imbalance that allowed the cataract to form in the first place will still be present in your horse if you discontinue use of the product entirely. Unfortunately cataract will likely return, in a relatively short period of time, unless n-acetylcarnosine is being applied regularly to the eye.

What Are The Ingredients?
  • Active ingredients: Glycerine (lubricant) 1%, Carboxymethylcellulose sodium (lubricant) 0.3%.
  • Inactive ingredients: Sterile Water (ophthalmic grade solution pH 6.7 to 6.9).
  • Antioxidants: N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC)* 1%.
  • Buffers: Borate, Potassium Bicarbonate.
  • Preservative: Purified Benzyl Alcohol.
Note: Please read enclosed product insert for instructions on opening tubes. (*patented by Innovative Vision Products).

How Long Will Each Box of Can-C™ Eye Drops Last?
Each box of Can-C contains two 5ml vials and each 5ml vial contains approximately 75 drops. When used to treat degenerative ocular conditions such as cataracts, one box will last approximately three weeks (3 drops in each affected eye daily). When used as a preventive or maintenance measure, only one drop in each eye daily is needed, therefore one box of Can-C will last longer.

What Do Horse or Dog Owners Say About Can-C Drops?
Not kidding when I say that I continue to see improvement with Emmy. Tickles me pink!!! Cataracts are still visible mind you. But surely to goodness she is seeing shadows, outlines or whatever, after some seven months of using the Can-C drops. For months she saw nothing and was very frightened. It was quite a road. This weekend she made a few maneuvers (a friend was there to witness one of them in fact) that delighted me. She approached the obstacles as though to hit them but turned in ample time, which only leads me to believe that whatever the image looked like to her, it was enough to tell her she needed to change course.

Break throughs seem to be gaining speed of late. Could be they taper off at some point – – – – that she will plateau so to speak. Would that be true? I rather presume that will happen. For now, she is gaining ground. Last night she walked into the run-in shelter, right past the outside wall and support posts, right past the middle divider wall (I have the run-in shelter split into two stall sections) and right to her grain bucket with no help from me whatsoever. I held my breath and then just stood there in disbelief. Was that just a lucky move or was it, again, proof of “some degree” of reversal?? My take = I will continue to administer Can-C drops!

Dr. Babizhayev, as a veterinarian I want to let you know that I am now recommending N-acetylcarnosine (Can-C™) for the treatment of canine cataracts. After applying Can-C™ eye drops to the my 15 year old miniacher pinscher, “Skeeter”, for one year, the cataract in his right eye has diminished! I have come to the conclusion that your cataract eye drops are a modern scientific miracle for our pets. From my observations it has prevented Skeeter from going blind and improved his overall aging experience! If your pet has cataracts ask your veterinarian or a pet ophthalmologist about this amazing product.
Jack Stephans DVM – Pets Best Insurance

Will The drops Cause Any Discomfort or Stinging In My Horse’s Eyes?
Due to the optimal PH levels of this formulation there should be absolutely no stinging affects. Many owners inform us that their pets actually begin to act eager when it is time time to apply these soothing eye drops. We can therefore assume that the horses feel some relief with the application of Can-C™ on a regular basis.

What If My Horse’s Cataracts Are The Result of Diabetes?  Will Can-C™ Help?
While diabetic induced cataracts are often more aggressive and persistent, we have found that with the consistent application of just 3 drops a day, visible improvements generally present within 6-8 weeks, depending on how mature the cataract is. As the diabetes will continue to influence your horse it is possible that the cataracts can return, we recommend a daily drop in each eye to help prevent the return of the cataract once optimal results have been achieved.

Is It True That Can-C™ Is Only $39 and FREE SHIPPING?
Yes!! we wanted to make sure that every animal owner that was suffering with cataracts had the opportunity to help their animals regain their sight— without going to the “poor house” to do it! If you can sell a “miracle” for $39— then we are selling “miracles”. Just call us today— we’ll help you help your horse and look forward to helping your horse regain the life he or she was meant to live!

Contact: Robert 
7722 Cooper Point Road NW
Olympia, Washington 98502
Phone: 877-526-4646
Website: Click Here To Connect

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