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Orange Slow Feeder
The Orange Slow Feeder can hold up to the beating that a determined horse can deliver! Save money and help your horses stay busy doing what they do best (eating)— but no more replacing "chewed up" slow feeders!

How Did The ORANGE Slow Feeder Come To Be?

Horses !! Isn’t that how all good stories start? Horse owner Brian Leary was trying to find a way to help his horses enjoy the benefits that a slow feeder had to offer, but his horses were destroying every net he tried. Finally, in desperation, Brian contacted a factory specializing in Marine Grade netting. The result was amazing! When their friends and neighbors heard about these incredible results, they wanted nets for their own horses. They would call Brian and say, “Hey, can you get me one of those Orange Slow Feeders too?" Before you know, it, years were going by with people using the same nets and giving rave reviews to other horse owners. Soon, the orders became significant enough that Brian had to dedicate hours every week to the creation and shipping of their now famous “Orange Slow Feeders” and a company was born!

What Makes The Orange Slow Feeder Different?

The Orange Slow Feeder Line of products has been created as an alternative to other products available on the market today. All of the products are made of Factory New Marine Grade materials. Nothing is used, or reclaimed, it’s all new materials. We created our slow feeder nets to be sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to use. With a life expectancy to rival other nets we reduce the frequency and cost associated with feeder net replacements. Our nets reduce hay waste; provide a more natural and healthy way to feed livestock and as a side effect they save You Money!! See why our Slow Feed Nets are a step above the competition:

Note: The Orange slow feeders use thick finely braided Polyethylene Twine which lasts considerably longer than our competitor's products which usually use a lighter weight non-braided twine. Our current square size is 1-3/4 inch, with different sizes up and coming. In the future we will be offering 1-3/8”, 1-1/2” as well as 2” squares

Marine Grade Netting— Does That Really Make a Difference?

It sure does! We have been using the SAME Orange Slow Feeder nets with our horses for almost 4 years— and so have our clients and in this industry, that is something amazing! Our Orange Slow Feed Nets use the highest quality materials utilized in the Fishing industry. They have the ability to be over-stuffed, are abrasion resistant and are UV inhibited, thus insuring a longer product life than most other feed net materials on the market today.

1200 lb Breaking Point Netting— Means Big Savings On Slow Feeder Nets For You!

Are you tired of wasting your hard earned money on a product that may last only a short period of time? One of the many benefits that slow feeders have to offer is the fact that they can save you money on hay, colic bills, ulcer prevention and more. But if you are replacing your slow feeder nets every 30-90 days, your savings can literally be “eaten way”!  The long life of our extremely strong material will reduce your long term replacement costs for hay nets and saves you money!!!

Are Orange Slow Feeders Easy To Use?

Absolutely! Horse owners are busy people, often working jobs off the farm or ranch. We know you live busy lives and so we have designed our Orange Slow Feed Nets to be compact for easy storage and transport, but also have a wide opening so that they can be easily utilized— and even over stuffed!

So What Do The Orange Slow Feeders Cost?
The real benefit is on the savings in lost hay and potential health problems to your horse. Horses were designed to eat small batches of food, nearly continuously. Orange Slow Feeder makes that possible. Our pricing is so affordable and our nets are BUILT TO LAST YEARS!

* Small Trailer Feeder: $42.50

* Large Trailer Feeder: $57.50

* Pumpkin Net: $72.50

* West Coast Net: $92.50

* Round Bale Net: $215 to $345 (depending on size selected)

* Small 3/4/8/Square Bale Net: $330

* Large 4/4/8 Square Bale Net: $390

Note: Remember, unlike competitors that are “eaten up” and destroyed in months- our nets have been lasting for years on end!
OK.. So What Do Horse Owners SAY About Their “Orange" Slow Feeders?

Diane L -- Love the Orange Slow Feeder! We have used other products which did not hold up in our damp climate. These feeders work great and are virtually indestructible! We have 2 pumpkin feeders in each stall do our horses can munch all day long. Thank you for this great product!

Renee G -- I would love to share my opinion on these feeders. They are AWESOME! I bough two of the large ones over a year ago. Eliminated waste completely. We were able to cut back on time by filling them once a day and the horses were happier because they didn't eat all of their hay at once, or stomp it into the mud. I can't say enough about them. They are very durable, and our horses wintered much better with these vs the previous feeders where they could pull it out onto the ground.
Terri R -- These are the best! I have two horses that need to slow down their feed intake, but continually rip bigger holes in the other slow feed hay nets I purchased. It also works for horses that like to throw the hay around and soil it. I highly recommend these products.

Ron Copple of Copple Show Horse's.
-- I thought I would take a moment and say how much I love these hay net's. When we were presented with one the Pumpkins to tryout, I put it to the ultimate test. I filled it with hay and hung it the stall with the worst hay net eater I have. "Sarj", as he's called at the barn. He's eaten through every hay net I put in front of him. I've even double them up. Hay bags, nets, doubling them nothing stopped this horse from eating a large hole in them in a matter of an hour, until now. He still has the same net in front of him for the last 18 months. I strongly suggest these hay nets or anything they make.
Don’t Get Eaten Up With Slow Feeder Costs, Order The Orange Slow Feeder And Save!

You’ll love the way they last and last and last. You’ll love the way they save you time, money and feed. Call, or Click to order your Orange Slow Feeder today!!

Contact: Brian Leary 
P.O. Box 279
Kapowsin, Washington 98344
Phone: 253-363-7801
Website: Click Here To Connect

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