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Bridles and Breast Collars by Alamo Saddlery
Beautiful Bridles and Breast Collars made with Top Quality Leather and workmanship-- all at reasonable prices, to keep your horse riding and performing in style!

About Alamo Saddlery
Alamo Saddlery was founded in April 1996 under the direction of the late Roy E Martin. Roy had 30 years experience in the manufacturing of western saddles and tack. With his knowledge and expertise we developed high quality saddles and top of the line tack that is priced to target the middle-market. Now run by active horse woman Leisha Ashley, you will find that Leisha and her team have added unique color and style to an already incredible and beautiful line of saddles. Their dedication to the comfort of horses and the complete satisfaction of the owners that ride them is paralleled to none. 

When It Comes To Bling, Beauty and Originality- Alamo Is The Industry Standard!

When someone picks out a piece of jewelry it has to be appealing to them in a fashion sense and that is the same concept we use when designing a tack piece.  Not every piece is for everybody, but with the assortment from traditional to blingy….  there is definitely something for everyones taste.  The goal for Alamo is to offer unique and attractive design that is made with quality leather and workmanship.  Alamo Saddlery continues to lead the industry in being the trendsetter for Headstall and Breastcollar sets today.

About Our Quality Headstalls and Breastcollars...
The majority of Alamo Saddlery’s tack is made with skirting leather that is double and stitched.  The colors we use most often are a Toast and Russet(lighter leather).  The toast skirting is drum died which means it takes on the color all the way through the hide.  The Russet skirting is not, so the underside is lighter that the top side.  Our working tack is made with harness leather and this tack is single ply due to the thickness of this leather.  Our factory takes time to cut our pieces of our tack from quality parts of the hides.  This requires skill and knowledge of working with sides of leather because there are no two sides of leather the same.

What Styles Of Headstalls Does Alamo Offer?
Alamo Saddlery carries One Ears and Brow Band Headstalls.  The variety of brow shapes that Alamo offers are straight, futurity, v-brow, contoured,  square cut,  scalloped and a Wave Shape.  The square cut shape has 5 squares on the brow and we were the first manufacturer to create this design.  It is now common to see it industry wide. 

Note: The scalloped shape has 3 scallops on brow and has been a popular model for us as well.  Our Wave shape is still unique to Alamo Saddlery.  This shape was modeled after the V brow, but with much more eye appeal and thickness.
What Size Headstalls Are Made?
Our headstalls are made in standard Quarter horse size.  Specifications are:  brow measures 15” inside to inside, cheeks 9” long, crown 27” tip to tip, throat latch 42”.  We offer different widths with majority being 5/8” wide or ¾” wide. Many horses of standard Quarter Horse size fit this size. We also offer PONY size Headstalls!

What Size Breastcollars?
The sizing on our Breastcollars is standard Quarter Horse size.  We offer width sizes as narrow as 1” up to 5”.  We offer breastcollars to help many disciplines such as:  Tripping collars, Roping, Barrel Racing, and Pleasure to name a few.  The breastcollar styles that  go with our headstalls are: straight, contoured,  square cut,  scalloped and a Wave Shape.  The square cut shape has 5 squares on each side and we were the first manufacturer to create this design.  It is now common to see it industry wide.  The scalloped shape has 2 scallops on each side and has been a popular model for us as well.  Our Wave shape is still unique to Alamo Saddlery and it fits up and over the front shoulder of the horse.We also offer PONY size breastcollars.
What Can I Do To Customize My Headstalls or Breastcollars?
Alamo Saddlery offers many styles of buckles to add to any of their headstalls and breastcollars as well as a huge assortment of conchos.  Our Buckles and Conchos are handcrafted by our silver maker and we lead the market today in modern designs.  The majority of our conchos are german silver with a variety of overlays including copper, antique silver, and brass.  These three tones are instrumental in the design and construction of our buckle and concho styles.   Our stones are individually set onto our silver pieces and never glued. 

Note: We treat our conchos they are a piece of jewelry.  The spots and spotting patterns we use on our tack is limitless. We offer stainless  steel, copper, brass, metallic, Swarovski crystals, and even turquoise resin.  We attach our spots with a spotting machine.  

What About The Braiding?
Our braiding capabilities are phenomenal.  We have rawhide braiding with many differernt styles including buckstich, whiplace, zig zag, or Spanish lace.  We use great detail and most of our braided pieces include braided buckles.  Rawhide is now available in Turquoise, Black, Natural, and White.

How About The Overlays and Inlays?

We have a wide selection of overlays and inlays that we use on our tack with the majority being cowhide prints.  The styles and colors range from gator(Turquoise, black, brown), Stingray(pink,blue,brown), Mini-girafe, daisey suede, elephant(red, teal), paisley, suede(royal blue,red,turquoise, sand, rust, light blue, pink, purple), metallic(platinum snake, copper, platinum,purple, lime), turquoise marble, brown marble, black glove.

What If I Want Tooling?

Our tooling on our tack can be a simple basket or a painted background floral tooled.  Our tooling department is bar none, hands down one of the neatest and most impressive department in our factory.  Watching them tool and transpose lettering onto leather is really remarkable.

What If We Need Some Trophy or Award Headstalls or Breastcollars?
No problem! This area of our business is continuing to grow on a daily basis.  People love our styles and options that we offer and now can customize them into a trophy award either by tooling, adding a patch to overlay, or adding silver work(conchos, plates or buckles)  By adding silver to our tack we can create custom concho, plate or buckles  with your associations logo or name on them.  Pick out a style you like and we can customize it for you.  As far as tooled tack we can hand tool letters onto any of our leather tack designs in order to make it personalized for your association.  If you prefer our overlay designs we can embroider your information onto them or add a leather patch and tool exactly what you need to have on the individual pieces. 

Every Headstall and Breastcollar Should Draw Attention To Your Horse! Call and Order Today!

Every piece of tack you put on your horse makes a statement about you and your horse. Make sure that only the best is there for the world to see. You’ll love the quality, beauty and the pricing!  Our attention to detail and complete satisfaction is second to none. Don’t you deserve to ride in the best? Call us today— tell us about your horse and riding style so we can make your horse look like a winner on the trail or in the arena!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 648
Brackettville, Texas 78832
Phone: 800-687-7624 or 830-563-3255
Website: Click Here To Connect

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