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Hoof-Alive by Don Gregory Sales, LLC.
Are your horse's hooves brittle and suffering with cracks or nail splits? Hoof-Alive is the FIRST, 100% Natural Hoof Conditioner! Hoof-Alive produces the best results imaginable with just one application per week!

About Don Gregory, Active Farrier Who Developed Hoof-Alive
Don Gregory, developer of Hoof-Alive,  graduated from the North Texas Horseshoeing Institute in 1968. Privileged to learn from a master farrier Al Pinson, who taught him to how to forge his own horse shoes and taught Don an exhaustive course in the principles of Farrier Science, along with an extensive education on the elements of corrective shoeing. Don felt grounded in a solid foundation of knowledge that would serve him well for many years. Then in 1985 Hoof Alive was created around the concept that the hoof was alive, not dead.

So What Was The One Thing That Horseshoeing Schools Did Not Teach Don?

It took Don 18 years to come to the realization that the hoof was a living thing and needed to be treated as such. Don had a great desire to positively affect the TEXTURE of the hooves he worked on daily. He came to understand that caustic agents (popular even today) like Pine Tar, Turpentine, and Petroleum, phenol etc., were both toxic and irritating and that really didn’t belong on the outside of the hoof— certainly NOT the inside of the hoof! During this 1986 period Don also developed the Coronet Soaker that is in use today for restoring and nurturing the hoof growth tissues at the coronet. So Don began to look for a formula that was nourishing to the LIVE tissue both inside and outside the hoof

So How Did Hoof-Alive Actually Come To Be?
Like most great inventors, Don needed a little “push” and when that opportunity came, Don was ready. Don had already adopted the all-natural base and formulation: Lanolin, Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Wheat germ Oil, Aloe, Lecithin, and Vitamin E. The Hoof Alive “concept” to really help hooves and based on the truth that the hoof is alive – not dead - was ready to go.

How Did The President Of the Wyoming Cutting Horse Association Help Get The Ball Rolling?
So when Trigg Marquis, then President of the Wyoming Cutting Horse Assn., whom Don shod for,  asked Don one day, “Is there anything good for cracked hooves?”

Don said, "There is but nobody makes it.”

He then asked the magic question: “Could you make me some?”

Don said he could as he had all the ingredients, which he later took it over to him and Trigg started using it. 
This was the first batch of the yet unknown product “Hoof Alive”.

So, What Happened After The President Of The Wyoming Cutting Horse Assn Starting Using Hoof-Alive?

7 Days after using what would become the permanent formula for Hoof Alive, Trigg Marquis came back to Don very excited and asked Don to see the difference in his horse’s hooves. It was truly amazing. Trig had tried Hoof-Alive on 6 of his 7 horses.

What Was The Result For The 6 Horses Using Hoof Alive?

While the first six horses didn’t have one nail split, this seventh horse had nail splits below “every nail”!  Trigg and Don both got excited. Trig then told some of his rancher friends who called me wanting some of “that stuff”.  That was 30 years ago. The rest is history, but Don has still been excited ever since. 

So How Does Hoof-Alive Work On a Cellular Level?

So glad you asked! Cohesion is a much desired property of the hoof wall which causes it to hold together. Specifically, its "attraction between like particles" - in this case - the thousands of vertical, microscopic, soda-straw like, fibers of the white line and also the keratin comprising the hoof capsule. .  Hoof-Alive, due to its natural, non-irritating composition, is received into and absorbed by these dense fibers and cells which then begin to expand to several times their normal size.  As these fibers expand, they crowd together and attract - they cohere - thus "COHESION". 

For example, just imagine three of these fibers, before Hoof-Alive is applied, within a small area and separated by space between each fiber.  Now envision the same fibers expanded together with little or no space between them.  This expanding together of the many thousands of wall fibers and cells is what causes existing cracks to "swell shut" and stabilize so they can "grow out". 

Note: At the same time the added cohesion, provided by applying Hoof-Alive, is a strong deterrent to all types of new cracks such as nail splits (during shoeing), quarter cracks due to high stress concussions during competition, sand cracks due to sand impacting separated laminae caused by laminitis, and even water cracks which occur from repeated water saturation or "water logging" of the hoof.

So How Can Hoof-Alive Help My Horse With Water Cracks?
Water cracks, usually located toward the center of the wall, are caused from excessive exposure to water. Water, just like Hoof-Alive, goes into the fibers of the hoof wall. However, water evaporates taking with it some of the natural substances it mixed with while in the wall that the wall needs to hold together. This, in turn, causes a decline in cohesion which brings on "water cracks".

Can Hoof-Alive Help My Horse With Stress Cracks?

Stress in a hoof happens when the moisture balance is upset through repeated attacks by evaporation and water saturation and when the cohesion factor is too low. When these bad conditions are present, the hoof is susceptible to severe splitting called "quarter cracks" (due to  stress). These stress cracks happen when the horse is running, cutting, jumping or otherwise exceeding the normal force applied to its hooves. Stress is invisible. But it is there non-the-less if the above bad conditions have been present for a while. It is comparable to a warped board which is nailed to a wall. It may be flat, but the stress of the warp is still there. Hoof-Alive relieves stress better than all other dressings.

Is It True That Hoof-Alive Can Help My Horse Retain Proper Moisture Balance?
We believe it is the only product that truly can!  Moisture balance is so  important! The most beneficial moisture for the hoof comes from the blood supply - not from the environment. You might visualize moisture balance as a teeter-totter; the more level and stable it remains - the better. But the wet-dry, wet-dry conditions repeatedly driving the teeter-totter up and down is not good for the hoof wall. Repeated evaporation attacks and diminishes the cohesion the wall needs to hold together and avoid cracks. The oil moisture provided by Hoof-Alive is far superior to water.

Note: Unlike water, Hoof-Alive does NOT evaporate!! The natural oils of Hoof-Alive actually take the place of ground water in the wall, stabilize and establish real moisture balance in 24 to 48 hours. This remains for about 7 days. In addition, because of the weather proofing effects of Hoof-Alive, the wall itself can become impervious to the elements, while retaining the qualities of flexibility and cohesion. Also, since the evaporation factor is slowed way down, the beneficial moisture from the blood supply which nurtures the hoof wall can stay in the hoof and do more good.

What makes Hoof-Alive Different From Other Hoof Conditioners?

It is natural, non-irritating and completely compatible with both the hoof wall and other sensitive living tissue. It is undiluted by commonly used fillers such as water, petroleum, or wax. Hoof-Alive's 100% concentrated, petroleum free composition makes it 12-25 times as concentrated as competitive products. Amazing results are obtained with as little as one application a week. Because of its concentration, we say “half as much goes twice as far”.

How Often Shouldl I Use Hoof-Alive?
At least twice the first week then once per week after that, this of course depends the horses' environment and how often he is exposed to extreme conditions. In excessively wet or dry areas, more frequent applications of Hoof-Alive may be necessary if you are not seeing positive results within the first week. By the end of the first week, you should see a smoother exterior on the hoof wall and cracks swelled closed. Increase the number of applications per week, one at a time, until you see the results… 1-2 times a week is usually sufficient.

What If I Have Serious Cracks or Wavy Lines Around The Coronet Band?

Your horse may have serious cracks or you may have noticed that the hoof seems to ‘wrinkle” at the top. These wrinkles or wavy lines appearing first at the coronet just below the hair line, can be a sign of problems with the laminae and need special attention. That is why we developed The Coronet Soaker.

So What Is The Purpose Of The Coronet Soaker?

The Coronet Soaker keeps Hoof-Alive in direct contact with the growth tissues of the coronet. The coronet or coronary band has three growth "coriums" which grow the hoof wall. The coronet band is where the hoof wall starts. Any problem at the coronet will usually eventually show up on the hoof wall.  The coronet underneath the soaker acts as a wick, drawing the Hoof-Alive into the hoof. The soaker retains the heat in this area and helps Hoof-Alive to penetrate into the growth tissue pampering and nurturing this delicate tissue. For Quarter Cracks: use around the clock for two weeks, reapplying approximately 1 table-spoon every 48 hours. After soaking for about 2 weeks, the horse should have very much improved hooves. Soaking will not help with navicular problems

NOTE!!! Keep wood shavings away from soaker. The shavings get into the fleece and will act as an irritant. If you use shavings, make sure to vet wrap your soaker, making sure not to over tighten the wrap. One trick, run one layer of Vetrap over the front toe/edge of the hoof. This keeps the soaker from riding up.

Can I Use Hoof-Alive On My Own Nails?
Yes! Hoof Alive works exactly the same way and for the same reasons on nails as on hooves. Hoof Alive is used by top manicurists across the country. The results are amazing. Your nails will enjoy the nourishing benefits that Hoof-Alive has to offer!

Special Note For Dogs and Birds!
You can even use Hoof-Alive on the pads of your dog’s feet, bird feet  etc.

Order Hoof-Alive Today!

Today Hoof -Alive is in over 1200 stores, mostly in the western half of the US. Some of the world’s best trainers use Hoof Alive, including Corey Cushing, winner of the 2015 World’s Greatest Horseman Award. Corey keeps around 40 horses in training in Scottsdale. Hoof Alive is also a Corey Cushing sponsor. The difference that Hoof-Alive can make to your horse when used 1-2 times a week is amazing. Many top trainers may keep Hoof Alive a ‘secret’ because the results are so astounding and trainers are competitive. Call Don and order today— you’ll be glad you did!

Contact: Don Gregory
P.O. Box 1036
Buffalo, Wyoming 82834
Phone: 800-526-2999
Website: Click Here To Connect

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