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Colic Assurance Program by Arenus
The most comprehensive colic reimbursement program is now available through Arenus! The Colic Assurance Program provides both medical and surgical colic reimbursement of up to $10,000, no upper age limitations,

Is It True That There Is Really A “Colic Coverage Program” For Horses?

Almost every major supplement company is offering colic reimbursement programs today but, until now, they’ve been lacking the basics needed to cover many of the horses that truly need support.  Arenus has recently launched their Colic Assurance Program which addresses the areas where so many programs were lacking prior.  Now horses with a history of colic and colic surgery are eligible for coverage and, if by chance your horse does colic while enrolled, not only are your surgical expenses covered but medical, too!  Why can they do this?  Simple; their products work. 

The Assure System products are trusted by veterinarians nationwide to solve their toughest equine digestive cases like chronic colic, diarrhea, weight loss and ulcers.  These products have each received their US Patent and have a wealth of published research available on the finished formulations. 

The Colic Assurance Program from Arenus is truly the most comprehensive reimbursement program available.  Coverage is offered for horses with a previous history of colic and colic surgery, there are no limitations on age, horses remain covered while traveling internationally and reimbursement benefits extend to both medical and surgical colic episodes.  Additionally, eligible horses can receive up to $10,000 in reimbursement benefits!

Is ANY Horse Qualified?
Any horse over 5 months old and weaned is eligible for enrollment into the Colic Assurance Program.  Arenus welcomes horses of all ages and does not revoke or limit coverage due to age restrictions.  

What is REQUIRED? 
  • Enrollment Process
  • Complete the online enrollment form
  • Receive an email pre-qualification notice with your assigned Wellness Program based on answers given in your enrollment form.
  • Receive official confirmation of enrollment within 5 days of enrollment form completion.
  • Purchase eligible products laid out in your Wellness Program within 5 days of official enrollment confirmation.
  • Begin feeding supplements once received in accordance with your Wellness Program and reorder as needed.
Wellness Program Requirements
Regularly purchase and feed qualified products in accordance with your assigned Wellness Program throughout enrollment.
Note: Enrolled horse MUST complete the designated loading period within their assigned Wellness Program and continue feeding at the recommended maintenance dosing to become and remain eligible for reimbursement benefits.

Annual Requirements
One (1) physical exam performed by a licensed veterinarian per year.
One (1) dental exam performed by a licensed veterinarian per year and administration of dental treatments as directed (dental treatments do not need to be completed by a veterinarian unless desired).
Annual vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian.
Documentation of participation in a veterinarian-directed worming program that includes at least two (2) deworming administrations and one (1) fecal egg count test per year.

Claim Requirements
Proof of purchase of eligible products in accordance with your assigned Wellness Program throughout the duration of enrollment.

  • Proof of completion of all annual requirements throughout the duration of enrollment.
  • Veterinary records dating back three (3) years prior to enrollment and continuing through the current date of enrollment.
  • Completion of the Claim Initiation Form by the owner or agent within 14 days of the colic episode.
  • Completion of the Primary Care Veterinarian Form by your horse’s primary care veterinarian within 30 days of the completion of treatment.
  • Completion of the Attending Veterinarian Form by the veterinarian(s) who treated your horse’s colic episode within 30 days of the completion of treatment.
  • Completion of the Colic Reimbursement Claim Form by the owner or agent within 30 days of the completion of treatment
  • Assure Guard and Assure Plus DAILY or Assure Guard and Assure GOLD daily
So Which Assure Products Will I Be Feeding Daily On This Program?
When completing the Colic Assurance Program Enrollment Form, you will have the option to choose your supplementation preference.  There are three (3) supplements within the Assure System family that are eligible for use in the Colic Assurance Program; Assure Guard, Assure Plus and Assure Guard Gold.  You will have an option to select whether you would like to use the “system approach” or the “single product approach.” 

If you choose the “system approach,” you will be feeding both Assure Guard and Assure Plus.  Your Wellness Program will begin with a loading period during which you will feed both products daily.  Then, you will transition to maintenance during which you will continue feeding Assure Guard daily and only feed Assure Plus at regular intervals.

If you choose the “single product approach,” you will be feeding Assure Guard Gold – a combination product that contains both Assure Guard and Assure Plus.  This is an all-in-one supplement that is designed to be fed daily throughout loading and maintenance.  The loading period will consist of feeding a higher dosage of Assure Guard Gold for a duration of time and you will then transition to maintenance dosing and continue feeding daily.   

12 Months With No Prior Colic Is Required For This Program:
Arenus accepts horses with a prior history of colic into the Colic Assurance Program and while completing your enrollment form, you will be asked about your horse’s colic history to determine which Wellness Program they will be assigned to.  If your horse has not colicked within the last 12 months, they will be assigned to the Colic Free Wellness Program. 

What If My Horse Has Had A Colic or Colic Surgery Within The Last 12 Months?
If your horse has experienced an episode of colic within the last 12 months or has had colic surgery at any point during their life, they will be assigned to the Colic History Wellness Program.  If your horse has had more than one (1) colic surgery during their lifetime, they will not be eligible for the Colic Assurance Program.

Can I Sign Up for Auto-Shipping To Make It Easy?

Arenus offers two discount programs that are eligible for use with the Colic Assurance Program (these programs cannot be combined):

Auto-Ship Program: By enrolling in this program, you can arrange to receive eligible Colic Assurance Program supplements and other Arenus supplements at selected intervals and receive a 5% discount on your order.

Professional Referral Program (PRP): By using the PRP code given to you by your veterinarian, non-profit group or Arenus Ambassador when placing an order for Arenus products, you will receive a 5% discount on your order each time the code is used.

Enroll In The Colic Assure Program To Protect Your Horse- and Peace Of Mind!

Not only will the products in our Colic Assure Program help your horse to maintain optimal digestive health, but if the unexpected were to occur, you would have the protection you need to assist with colic surgery. Join the thousands of happy horse owners who are working to assure their horse's digestive health and call us today to join the Colic Assurance Program!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
500 N. Link Lane
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
Phone: 866-791-3344
Website: Click Here To Connect

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