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LaSal Animal Health Nebulizer
La Sal Animal Health offers the only chelated silver nebulizing solution on the market.

About LaSal Animal Health

LaSal Animal Health is a Division of LaSal Laboratories, L.C., a Utah Registered Corporation. The Company researches, develops, manufacturers, and markets human and animal health care products. This new Division was created in response to the specialized needs of performance horses and other animals.

Can LaSal Nebulize Help My Horse With Respiratory Problems?

LaSal Nebulize was created to optimize animal respiratory health. The product is based on LaSal's Patented Chelated [kee-late-ted] Technology which bonds Silver with other atoms at the Molecular level - a level at which Chelated Silver can penetrate into the narrow branches of the lower airways and be highly effective in the respiratory system.

How Do I Apply the Nebulizing Solution?

LaSal Nebulize is a microbicidal solution formulated to be delivered through a Nebulizer. Nebulizing produces a fine mist of the product which is inhaled through an animal's natural breathing physiology. The amenable penetration of this gentle, microbicidal mist can make a profound difference in how your animal breathes, feels, and performs.  LaSal Nebulize is FAST acting [kills pathogens in 60 seconds]; THOROUGH [kill rate is 99.999986%], and PERSISTENT [kills pathogens up to 3 hours or more]. We recommend the Nebulizing System at created by a former National Champion Barrel Racer, hose lover and horse advocate.


What is a Nebulizer? A Nebulizer is an electric or battery-powered machine that turns liquid into a fine mist that can be inhaled into an animal or human respiratory system.  LaSal Nebulize solution is specifically formulated for use in a Nebulizer. When using a Nebulizer for inhalation therapy, it is important to note that inhaled aerosol droplets can only penetrate into the narrow branches of the lower airways if they have a small diameter of 1 – 5 micrometers. Otherwise they are only absorbed by the mouth cavity where the overall effect is low.

How Do I Know If My Horse Can Benefit From LaSal Nebulize?

Particulates and pathogens enter a horses anatomy from various sources – the stall, the walker, the track, the arena, and the highly variant, natural environment on pathways, trails, practice and  performance areas.  Genetics also affects the lungs. Sometimes lungs bleed when a horse runs on the track. Sometimes a horses' lungs and cellular structure is compromised by infection, by allergies, or by heavy breathing over long distances. In the paddock, feed [hay and grain] dust or environmental particulates generated by caretakers, farriers, trainers, riders, or pathogens from adjacent stalls can enter your horse's anatomy.  LaSal Nebulize solution was formulated to help your animal overcome these and related respiratory issues. This  soft, gentle, effective mist from a Nebulizer can make a big difference in how your horse breathes, feels, and performs.


Is It True That LaSal Nebulize is the ONLY CHELATED Silver Solution for Nebulizing? 
Yes— and it makes a HUGE difference in effectiveness of the microbicidal solution in an animal's respiratory system! The laboratory documented Kill Rate of 99.999986% in only 60 seconds approaches near perfection both in how fast and how thoroughly it kills pathogens. .

What Is The Difference Between LaSal Chelated Silver and Colloidal Silver?

Science and comparative laboratory testing results clearly establish major differences between Chelated and Colloidal Silver:
  • Colloidal Silver results from a Mechanical process – electrolysis.  
  • Chelated Silver results from a Chemical process - molecular bonding.

Colloids represent the relative concentration of elemental silver, size of the particles created, and the collective surface area(s) exposed. Agitated colloidal silver is sometimes referred to  as ionic silver. It is not.  Colloids do not have an altered molecular structure -  no negative or positive ion is transferred through electrolysis. Colloids are particles of elemental silver – particles do not bond!

Note: Colloidal Silver is [by definition] globular bits of elemental silver randomly floating [suspended by electrolysis] in water. Surface area [size] of Colloidal particles varies from product to product. So do Kill Rates.


What Do Laboratory Results Show for Both Colloidal Silver of Competitors- and The Chelated Silver in LaSal Nebulize? 

Comparative Laboratory Testing Kill Rates on 3 different Colloidal Silver formulations against Staphylococcus aureus were documented as follows

1.  57.8% - No Log Reduction  in  180 seconds

2.  72.9% - No Log Reduction  in  180 seconds

3.  95.6% -  1.38 Log Reduction in 180 seconds  [of 38,000,000 microbes 1,380,000 killed]

The same comparative Laboratory Testing data on Kill Rates achieved by LaSal Chelated Silver against Staphylococcus aureus were also documented as follows:

            1. 99.999986%  --   6.86  Log Reduction in 60 seconds[All 38,000,000 microbes killed!]

 Kill Rates for LaSal Chelated Silver far exceed those achieved by Colloidal formulations.

Animal owners are advised to beware of any Company that claims their products contain Patented Chelated Silver but fail to publish Patent Number(s) and fail to substantiate effectiveness or kill-rate data through independent scientific analysis.

Will LaSal Nebulize Harm My Horse in Any Way?

Absolutely not! LaSal’s Chelated Silver Nebulize is mild, gentle, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. It kills a broad spectrum of germs thereby accelerating the body’s own natural capacity to regenerate and renew compromised cellular and tissue structure.


What About LaSal Wound and Skin Spray?  Wound and Skin Foam?   

Chelated Silver,  the active ingredient in all LaSal Products, is a natural antibiotic. Each product is safe, non-toxic, non-drying, and highly amenable to regeneration of body cells and tissues.  It is free of alcohol, iodine, and chlorine. Each is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, hypoallergenic, and may be used as often as desired. for a broad range of animal health issues including [but not limited to]: 
  • abrasions, rope and cinch burns, cuts, insect bites
  • parasites [fleas, flies, ticks] and thrush
  • infections from scrapes and wounds [including surgical incisions and scars]
  • soft tissues such as lips, eyes, tails, and genitalia areas
  • hot spots and loss [or recovery of] hair


Enhanced antimicrobial activity and persistence make LaSal's Chelated Silver products the superior choice for animals of all types and ages.


When You Need a Quality Nebulizing Solution— or Wound Care Formula, LaSal is The Premier Product!   Good health does not always come naturally, but the solutions can be natural and highly effective. Make sure you visit our website and don’t hesitate to call and talk to us directly. When know what it takes to help your horse to health and happiness— one breath at a time. 

Contact: Our Friendly Staff
1453 W. 820 North
Provo, Utah 84601
Phone: 888-374-4125
Website: Click Here To Connect

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