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ElectroPlex™ by Equine Health and Performance
ElectroPlex™ by Equine Health and Performance provides a natural source of supplemental electrolytes with the added benefit of whole vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, and more!

Is There Really a Need for Superior, Natural Formulas That Can Save Both Your Horse & Pocketbook?

There absolutely is! For over 2 decades, we have been talking to literally THOUSANDS of horse owners at horse shows, expos and private consultations regarding feeding and supplementing their horse. Most consumers we talked to actually don’t think there is much difference between one brand and another— and in many cases they are right. So many important choices are made merely on “convenience” or the brand that has the most advertising at the time… in the end, the horse doesn’t get what they need, results are poor (if at all) and clients start to feel that there is “nothing they can do” and there are no other options.
Then there is the “packaging” popularity of SmartPak—convenient yes, but convenience always costs a premium, and you are still left with product choices that may only have minor benefits or no real benefit at all.  Product quality is also an issue of concern when convenience takes precedence over nutritional purity and efficacy.
Equine Health and Performance Has the Most Powerful Formulas To Affect Horse Nutrition and Health in Decades!
Caron Haggerty CNC , noted Equine Nutritionist, well known speaker and formulator of all the products and feed  programs at Equine Health and Performance, LLC, is taking nutrition to it’s highest level with amazing, result-producing formulas that are all natural, and work WITH the body to create meaningful health from the inside out. These specially formulated supplement programs can and have eliminated thousands of dollars in expenses very year caused by the most common mistakes horse owners make, such as over feeding, feeding fragmented and inappropriate supplements, using poor quality hay and conventional feed products. Prevention is the only practice that can truly help you avoid expensive “treatments” that only address superficial symptoms, and do not define, address, or eliminate inherent fundamental nutritional weaknesses and core health problems! At Equine Health and Performance, there is a difference and we make it!
So...How Do I Know If My Horse Really Needs Supplements?
Every working horse today with less than 30 acres of diverse organic forage to graze on daily needs quality bio-available food based supplementation every day for at least 3 critical reasons to prevent health and performance problems from Functional Malnutrition©

1. Conventional hay and hay products do not have the diversity or density of nutrition today’s horse needs to stay healthy or to perform consistently. Pastures are seeded with limited "cattle" grazing grasses, which are dangerous and not conducive to the diverse and balanced nutrition a working horse needs. Low protein and lack of major minerals lead to nutritional imbalances and ultimately Functional Malnutrition© that show up as chronic health issues.

2. Supplementing with commercially produced concentrated “feeds” adds too much bulk and not enough nutrition with inferior ingredients like processed bi-products, GMO and soy products known to be damaging to animals health.

3. Virtually all commercially produced feeds and supplements rely on a limited number of manufactured or correctly called “Synthetic Isolates”. Science has consistently shown the functional limitations of this approach. Serious digestion and absorption issues as well as an abysmal lack of density and diversity are just some of the common issues. This lack of density and diversity over time will cause Functional Malnutrition©. Functional Malnutrition© will begin to erode health and performance over time and contribute to serious health problems like allergies, hoof issues, colic, founder, ulcers, and metabolic disorders just to name a few.

How Do I Know If My Horse Can Benefit From Electrolytes?
All horses can have times (especially in summer!) when they are sweating more, or working harder to keep cool. Performance horses, horses on diuretic medications, horses living in hot or humid weather, and horses experiencing diarrhea often need well balanced electrolyte supplements to maintain proper fluid balance and prevent dehydration.  Unlike vitamins and minerals, horses only need electrolytes during extreme weather conditions (hot and cold) or performance that causes sweating and loss of important minerals and body fluid.  The following symptoms may mean that your horse may need electrolyte support;
dehydration or panting
drinking less or loss of appetite
muscle tie up
muscle fatigue
lethargy or listlessness
decreased performance and recovery

ElectroPlex™ Offers COMPLETE Electrolyte Restoration— and Then Some!
ElectroPlex™ provides a natural source of supplemental electrolytes with the added benefit of whole vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, potent phytonutrients and 100% bioavailability you will not find with other chemical-based products.
So How Is  ElectroPlex™  Different From Other Electrolyte Supplements For Horses?

ElectroPlex™ goes beyond the stand formulation of sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, & potassium replacement.   ElectroPlex™ provides a balanced and bio-available combination of herbs that provide complex sources of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids, to not only replace lost electrolytes- but replace lost nutrients and proteins that are necessary to assist the body in removing toxins from cells and organs which naturally occur during exercise. 

So When Should I Feed ElectroPlex™ To My Horse For The Greatest Benefit?

Feeding ElectroPlex™ prior to strenuous activity assures the body will have the reserves and necessary nutrients available to feed muscle tissues and cells, and provide for proper removal of waste materials.  This will allow your horse to perform at his best and recover quickly.

NOTE: ElectroPlex™ has no sugars, fillers, dyes, flavoring agents, chemicals, or preservatives. Just what your horses need-- when they need it.
What Is IN ElectroPlex™ ?

We are glad you asked!
* Dandelion Leaf Powder— Nearly perfect in electrolyte balance!
* Natural Mineral Rock Salt- Nature’s most natural sure of sodium chloride, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and more!
* Iris Moss- Incredible source of magnesium, calcium, potassium, trace minerals, iodine,  iron and zinc.
* Kelp- One of nature’s best natural electrolytes rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium,  iodine, 22 amino acids, macro minerals and trace minerals.
* Oat Grass Powder - a fabulous source of magnesium, calcium and a great balance of bio-available electrolytes.
How Much Do I Feed?
Follow directions on label.  For the average 1000 lb horses feed 1/2 - 1oz for light work , 1-2 oz for Medium work and  2-3 oz for heavy work.   Feed daily as needed.
What If My Horse Has Special Health Needs, Can I Get A CUSTOM BLEND?
You bet. Our expertise allows us to put together a formula that will be specifically designed for the particular needs of your horse if you have special circumstances or requirements. Just call 877-379-7777 the call is free, and we are happy to assist you!
Call Equine Health and Performance to Help You Decide Which Formula is Right for Your Horse!
Equine Health and Performance has decades of success, helping horse owners find real solutions to their horse’s core nutritional health issues, saving owners thousands of dollars in the process,  but most important, thousands of healthy, happy and productive horses are now thriving and their owners are enjoying the benefits of  healthy horse ownership using our quality nutritional formulas.  Call us today and we’ll make sure you get the right formulas for your horses particular needs!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 1905
Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174
Phone: 877-379-7777
Website: Click Here To Connect

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