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Equine Jogging Shoes by All Natural Horse Care
Finally, 3 Top Quality Hoof Boots designed to be worn while RIDING! Equine Jogging Shoes by All Natural Horse Care will ensure your horse the best riding boots ever designed anywhere!

From Equine Jogging Shoes Founder, Jenny Edwards

My name is Jenny Edwards and I believe that keeping horses barefoot is a healthier alternative to traditional shoeing methods and with the major advances in hoof boot design this is now a much easier task.

I have over 16 years’ experience as a hoof trimmer and currently have seven barefoot horses and ponies that I have rescued (many with hoof issues), so I have lots of experience with many different hoof boots.

I was first introduced to the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes in 2011 and liked them so much that I became the first North American distributor. Equine Fusion is a forward-thinking Norweigan company who strive to make the best possible hoof boot and are very customer orientated. The Jogging Shoes are made in Europe using high-quality materials and workmanship.

Whether your horse has rock-crunching hooves but you like to keep a pair of hoof boots in reserve, or your horse has hoof issues that require additional protection, I am here to help. My goal is to find the perfect fit for your horse. I also give you the option to try the boots before you fully commit to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. I’m here to help guide you throughout the entire process, from accurately measuring your horse’s hooves for the optimum fit, to choosing, purchasing, using and maintaining your hoof boots.

Want To Go Riding But Sore Hooves Hold You Back?

We’ve all been there. You and your horse are looking to get out on the trail, but sore hooves, fear of stone bruises or sensitive soles hold you back. There are many hoof boots on the market, but finding one that will hold up to the rigors of riding, and not cause your horse to stumble about is so hard. Well — not anymore! Equine Fusion has a line of top quality hoof boots, designed to protect and provide comfort to keep you and your horse, happy on the trail— every step of the way!

The Equine Fusion Jogging shoes fully respect the biomechanics of the hoof. They are the ONLY make of boots on the market that eliminate peripheral loading through their unique, flexible rubber sole – making them the most natural option for your horse. This gives the Jogging Shoes more grip as they can adapt to the contours of the ground surface. Most other brands of boots have hard, rigid plastic soles that provide no cushioning and are unable to adapt to the ground surface.

There are Three models of Jogging Shoes:

The Ultras
The Ultra Jogging Shoe sole is made of a rubber compound which combines the maximum strength needed for excellent wear resistance, with the softness required to give the flexibility and shock absorption the hoof needs to function as normal. The tread pattern gives the shoe more flexibility in the center of the sole for maximum frog pressure, improved balance and break over and the tread studs are designed to prevent soil and mud build-up. $190-$220

  • Soft, flexible, comfy upper that conforms to fit all shapes of hooves
  • Lightweight, breathable
  • Super easy to clean – machine wash and tumble dry
  • NEW: Now available with two sole options: Standard or All Terrain
  • Sole consists of 3 layers: inner layer for comfort, middle layer for strength and bottom layer for durability
  • Good cushioning on hard surfaces for sensitive hooves
  • Red/black and black/black colour options
  • Easy to fit
  • Available in sizes to fit 10-16 cm length hooves
  • NEW: The All Terrain Ultras now also come in slim sizes
  • Sold in pairs
  • Suitable for both rehabilitation/turnout and all types of riding
The Ultimates
The Equine Fusion Ultimate Jogging Shoes have no external straps or fastenings so provide a sleeker look and fit. They are the ONLY make of boots on the market that eliminate peripheral loading through their unique, flexible sole – making them the most natural option for your horse. $105

  • Patented double lock velcro fastening system with no external straps or fastenings
  • Easy on and off
  • Superb durability with carbon-look (non-leather) material
  • Flexible sole – 7mm (9/32″) depth
  • Reflective detailing for low light conditions
  • Size range: 7-16 including Slim options for narrow hooves
  • Two colour choices – blue/black or red/black
  • Sold as singles
  • Slim version has increased break over built-in as well as a pre-marked spot for drainage holes
  • Perfect for all types of riding
The All Terrains
The Equine Fusion All Terrain Jogging Shoes are based on the same upper as the Ultimates — carbon-look (non-leather) material with double lock velcro fastening which makes them very easy to put on and off.  However, the All Terrains have a thicker sole which provides extra cushioning for the hoof and makes them more wear resistant. The toe has increased break over built-in and the new sole pattern ensures a good grip on all surfaces, including snow and mud. In recent testing, they have been proven to absorb 43% more shock when compared to a metal shoe and 26-30% compared to plastic-soled hoof boots. Starting at $108

NEW: The All Terrain Ultra is now also available and it has the All Terrain sole combined with the Ultra upper. This provides a snugger fit around the pastern and helps prevent twisting on hard to fit hooves.

  • Two upper options: Standard or Ultra
  • Thicker sole (14 mm / 9/16″) provides excellent shock absorption for the hoof
  • New sole pattern ensures good grip even on slick mud and rocky surfaces
  • Reflective detailing for low light conditions
  • Option of adding drainage holes
  • Size range – All Terrain: 7-16 – with Slim sizes too. All Terrain Ultra: 10-16 (now available in slim sizes)
  • Available in black
  • Perfect for trail riding, driving, eventing, rehab (All Terrain Ultras)
What Do Customers Say About Equine Jogging Shoes?
Oh my gosh Jenny!!! I have a new horse! I can tell he’s even happier now that he’s got these boots. I’ve had easy boots on him but he still acted like he was in pain and he’d lose them in the paddock and pasture all the time. I’m am almost shedding tears of joy over this, heck, I actually have been :o) It is so awesome to have my boy back!

He had been walking so gingerly with his head hanging low and he just didn’t seem himself. We put the boots on for the first time last night and we purposely walked on every surface that he’s been unable to walk on like concrete, gravel, rocks, hardened clay, you name it and the more he walked on these surfaces and realized that hey, this doesn’t hurt me anymore, the more he raised his head up and by the end of it all he was trotting around on them like nobody’s business. It was fantastic!!!!
Lisa, ND

Our 8 yr old Haflinger therapy mare despite being on hoof supplements has terrible hoof quality and even cuffed glue on shoes (@200/ pr) wouldn’t stay on more than 3 wks. She works 5 days a wk but her hoof issues and sore feet actually had her confined to a stall and not able to be used in lessons. The Equine Jogging Shoes have made such a difference! She wears the boots working and for turn-out and is so happy to have comfortable feet that she actually holds her hooves up and helps put the boots on! They are easy to use and our program volunteers can even easily put these on compared to other more complicated types of boots. The customer service is excellent. Couldn’t be more satisfied – what a great product and company. Thank you!
Patience, PA

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the All Terrain Boots I bought for my mare!!! They are incredibly easy to put on and take off, and no more ouchies for her when walking on stones! I also love how lightweight and flexible they are. I have tried several of the brands out there and they don’t come close to being as nice as the Jogging Shoe!
Laura, Conneticut

Don’t Let Sore Or Tender Hooves Hold You Back- Order Your Equine Jogging Shoes Today!

You and your horse deserve to be able to enjoy the trail or outdoor riding. The solution is easy, safe, and will make a world of difference to your horse— which will make a world of difference to YOU as a caring horse owner! Each pair of our equine jogging shoes is specially designed to meet your horse’s unique needs. To learn more about each product and for help in making your choice, please contact Jenny today and tell her about YOUR horses!

Contact: Jenny Edwards 
100 Mile House
British Columbia, Canada V0K 2E1
Phone: 1-250-900-6761
Website: Click Here To Connect

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