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Great Dog Care Products by Goodwinol
Whether it's pet stains in your home or taking care of dog’s skin and coat, Goodwinol has the product for you!

About Our Company

Goodwinol provides veterinary products to pet health care distributors, clinics and retail shops as well as the horse, livestock and poultry industries. While we do not sell to retail customers, they are welcome to call the company with questions or for referrals. The products range from shampoo and ointments, to "Pig Swig," a water wormer treatment for swine and poultry.

How Did Goodwinol Ointment Come To Be?
Goodwinol began with one product, Goodwinol Ointment. Ben and his father had drug stores and they were always coming up with product ideas. The Vet who did the first clinical testing on Goodwinol Ointment was Dr. Goodwin (hence the name Goodwinol). Back in the 1950s Ben made the ointment himself. He’d cook it in a huge stainless steel stock pot on the kitchen stove. Then he’d carry it down to the basement where he had a commercial mixer. He would mix it up, then pour it into the hopper which would fill one tube at a time.  Through the years, Goodwinol has slowly grown into the company it is today. When moving to Colorado in 1987 the company consisted of two products; Goodwinol Ointment and Rotenone Shampoo. Rotenone Shampoo became Goodwinol Shampoo and the VetRx and LeGear lines were added.

Why Choose Goodwinol Ointment
Our clients tell us that there is nothing like it! It works when others won't, is all natural and clients come back for it over and over!
* Goodwinol is a nationally-recognized ointment that helps alleviate symptoms caused by canine mange. Contains Benzocaine and Lanolin.
* Treats other non-specific skin irritations in dogs
* Soothes pain and stops the itch
* Promotes healing
* Made in USA
* Available in 1-oz.jars or 1-lb. containers.

Is It True That Goodwinol Ointment Can Help Mange?
Rotenone, the main ingredient in Goodwinol Ointment, 1 oz, effectively treats and discourages demodectic mange in dogs. The other ingredients in Goodwinol soothe and heal the skin to minimize the irritation, hair loss, and other symptoms of mange and speed recovery.

What Sets Goodwinol Ointment Apart from Others?

Goodwinol Ointment is all-natural and contains an organic insecticide that helps to repel flies while the skin and coat are healing- unlike so many others that use harsh chemicals. This, coupled with the tremendous results, makes Goodwinol Ointment a must for every tack room and first aid kit!

But What About Pet Stains and Odors? Out Dam Spot Is The Answer!
Out Dam Spot
was named to reflect the feelings of every pet owner struggling with stains and odors in their carpets, clothing, upholstery  and more! It is a pet stain and odor remover that will have you "sighing with relief"!  Chemically engineered to remove spots, stains, odors on carpets, clothing and upholstery caused by pet urine, feces, vomit and body oils. Works well on human-caused stains too. Keep it handy-- you'll never want to be without it!
Available in 32-oz. bottles.

What About The Goodwinol Shampoo
Goodwinol Shampoo uses Cedar Oil, a natural occurring insecticide, to naturally repel fleas, mites, mosquitoes and other dermatologic pests from attacking your pets. Gives your cats and dogs relief from the itching, flaking, and scratching resulting from these types of skin irritation. Goodwinol Shampoo leaves the coat lustrous without the use of conditioners and is gentle enough to use on puppies and kittens over six weeks of age. You will absolutely love it!

What Does Say About These Products?
Says Ann Pruitt, Director:
Because I work with nearly 2000 businesses, it really takes something special to "knock my socks off"-- because I honestly feel like I have seen it all. But I have to tell you that each one of these products are amazing!

I baby sat my neighbor's 8 rescue cats for a week and came down with a terrible case of "ringworm". I was stunned... went right to the doctor who prescribed me a treatment for ringworm-- and all it did was make my skin angry, red and bumpy. Upset, I put away the prescription and tried the OINTMENT-- within seconds the terrible 'itch' was gone. In 3 days the terrible bumps were gone and in 3 more days there was no sign that I had ever had ringworm! I applied it 3 times a day and it was a MIRACLE worker!

The OUT DAM SPOT worked fantastically! A new puppy had spoiled my couch... I was so upset as it was a NEW couch. Tried the OUT DAM SPOT... blotted with a clean cloth a few times and spot and odor were gone! I now use it in my laundry and it is AMAZING-- blew me away.

The Shampoo has worked wonders on my little chihuahua that suffers with dry skin and flakiness. He loves it and I don't even have to use a conditioner. Works so well I tell all my friends. As far as I am concerned, Goodwinol really has some of the most amazing products in the industry today!

Order Your Goodwinol Dog and Stain Removal Products Today!

You can find these amazing products at Goodwinol- or at great catalogs like  JeffersPet and KVVet-- and more! Be sure to ask your favorite catalog or retailer to carry VetRx for your convenience and to help other horse and dog owners that are looking for an excellent, safe, way to help their horses and dogs!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 407
Pierce, Colorado 80650
Phone: 970-834-1229
Website: Click Here To Connect

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