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Hydration Hay by Forage Hay Solutions
Hydration Hay can be used anytime you want to keep your horse more hydrated. Winter, Traveling, Showing, Colic Prevention, Ulcer Prevention, COPD Management, help for Senior Horses-- and much more!

So What IS Hydration Hay?
Hydration Hay, Original Horse Hay by Forage Solutions, LLC.  is premium blocks of quality grass and alfalfa hay that has been compressed into a convenient, lightweight block. Simply drop the block into a bucket of water with at least 5.5qts of water and it will quickly absorb the water to make a moist, palatable hay that is easy to digest, and fully hydrated— super beneficial to horses of all ages. Each block only weighs 2 pounds, so they are easy to carry, feed and travel with!

So Why Do I Need Hydration or Even Hydrated Hay For My Horses?

Many senior horses, due to poor teeth, struggle to break down and utilize long stem hay. Hydration Hay along with a complete feed can help older horses thrive. Hydration Hay will keep them hydrated as well as providing them with a consistently high quality, finely chopped, and easily digestible hay source. It is known that horses that do not eat hay well tend to be poor drinkers.

What About Horses With Allergies, Breathing Problems, or COPD?
Hydration Hay is a perfect way to get consistent quality forages into your COPD horse without the worry of added dust that can irritate the airway of COPD compromised horses or horses with any respiratory or allergy issues.

Can Hydration Hay Help My Horses During Transport?
Anyone that has hauled horses understands the worry and stress that can come to both horse and driver when horses refuse to drink! Hydration Hay is a perfect way to get your horse to consume water when hauling. It has been proven that horses that have consumed hydration hay before and during a long haul will ship better, stay hydrated and temperature and heart rate will not elevate. Most horses prefer the taste of their water from home but Hydration Hay® Horse Hay Blocks mask the “odd” taste of foreign water sources, so you can use local water when on the road. No more hauling large, heavy bales of hay and water from home!

Can Hydration Hay Help Me Give My Horses Medications?
Yes! Hydration Hay is a great way to mask the taste of medication. The moist hay is a great way to get oral medications, de-wormers and supplements into your horse, without the fight.

Is It True That Hydration Hay Can Help My Horse That Is Prone To Colic?
Yes, horses that do not drink well have a higher chance of impaction colic. We are the most concerned in the cold winter months when horses are disinclined to drink. When horses are grazing on grass in the summer months they are eating fresh grass that contains much more water than dry hays. It’s our goal to get as much water into our horses daily as possible. Adding 1 Hydration Hay brick into 5.5qts of water in a bucket will guarantee an additional 1 gallon of water consumption. There should be Hydration Hay in every feed room and trailer!

What About My Horse Prone To Ulcers?
Anytime you increase forage and water consumption you will have an impact on helping to keep ulcers at bay. Horses need to graze steadily and consume water. Lack of hay and water consumption can put your horse at the risk of ulcers. Some horses that are prone to ulcers have poor appetites and turn their nose to their feed or hay. Hydration Hay is extremely palatable and is a great way to keep them consuming the amount of hay they need to maintain body condition and not to have colic issues.

Is It True That Feeding Hydration Hay Before I Ride Can Help Prevent Ulcers?
Feeding a brick of Hydration Hay before you ride will help to naturally buffer their stomach. The buffering will help in reducing the acid splashing around during exercise. It will also keep your horse hydrated before a workout. Horses need to be properly hydrated to help build muscle. Riding on an empty stomach is just asking for trouble— always ride when your horse has been fed and watered— preferably with Hydration Hay as it does it all!

What About My Insulin Resistant Horse?
It is extremely important to make sure that your insulin resistant horse or pony is on a feeding program that avoids an insulin spike. These horses or ponies need to be fed throughout the day and not just twice daily. Hay is important for these animals. Hay provides your animal with fiber which aids in glucose response. Hydration Hay can be added into the feeding program. It is low in NSC (below 14%) and if fed wet enough will slow down the rate of consumption. Hydration Hay also provides consistency of forage.

Is It True That I Can Use Hydration Hay As Emergency Hay Storage?

Yes. Each block is the equivalent of 1 flake of hay! In the case of fire, flood, or some disaster, you can have Hydration Hay in your storage (keep in a cool, dry place!) to take with you on the road to ensure you have hay for your horses during the unexpected! Because you have to hydrate the hay, your horse will also enjoy the added benefit of getting over a gallon of water with his or her hay.

Is Hydration Hay Great To Take On The Trail? Why?

Hydration Hay is wonderful for trail riding.  Hydration Hay is light (each brick only 2 lbs) and convenient to pack while on the trails. Your horse will go all day for you and they do not always like to drink from new water sources. It is a great way to get needed water into them. They will eat the mash enjoying their snack but consuming water at the same time! The packs are light and compact to fit into any truck or trailer. No need to haul heavy bales.

So, What Are The Directions?

Super easy! Put 1 block of Hydration Hay in a large tub or water bucket. Add at least 5.5 quarts of water (1.5 gallons) and add any medications or supplements you wish. Allow 10 minutes for the hay to absorb all the water and then mix by hand right before serving to allow for more even water absorption… it’s that easy!

What Are The Ingredients?
* Sun -cured Chopped Grass Hay (Timothy and Orchard Grass)
* Sun-cured Chopped Alfalfa
* Vegetable Oil
* 10% Protein
* 1.5% Fat
* 37% Fiber

What Does Say About Hydration Hay?
I absolutely LOVE Hydration Hay! I have a horse that doesn't like to drink on cold days so I actually feed it 3 times a day in colder weather and then twice a day when our Florida sun turns on the heat- to help ensure that my Morgan mare is getting some of the liquids she needs. I always make sure that ONE of those feedings is before I ride -- to help prevent ulcers. My mare LOVES IT-- and I love giving it to her. Hydration Hay is one of those easy, affordable, great things you can do to help keep your horse healthy. I pick up a couple packs every week at Tractor Supply-- and I call it my "health insurance". You'll love it and so will your horse!
Ann Pruitt- Director of

Where Can I Buy Hydration Hay?
Many independent feed dealers and most Tractor Supply Company's carry Hydration Hay and you can also visit us at to find the closest dealer near you. You’re horse will love the taste and you will love the peace of mind!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
50 Harrison Street Suite 211-D
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Phone: 908-809-0706
Website: Click Here To Connect

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