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Norseman Structures
 Norseman Structures designs structures that are fit for you, from riding arenas, barns, stables, hay storage facilities, and more. Durable, moveable, we can help you create a stunning Arena for your horses!

Why Choose Norseman Structures Over Competitors?
What sets Norseman Structures apart in the fabric covered building industry is that we work from the inside out. It is in our problem-solving nature that drives us to work with our customers to understand their needs before we offer solutions. We want to find a solution that fits for you in every way. Norseman Structures has been around since 1921 and our team has extensive years of knowledge and expertise in this industry. Our fabric plant team alone has combined experience of over 135 years between only 9 employees. Our in-house engineering and detailing departments lead the industry in their ability to design structures that fit perfectly for the customer’s need. It is our experience and our dedication to Think Like a Customer (a Norseman™ core value) that gives us an edge over other fabric covered building providers.
What are the Benefits of a Norseman Structures ShelterSolution?
* Durability and Strength – Norseman Structures buildings are designed and engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and to last for many years.
* Natural Light – The transparent fabric cover allows natural light to flood the structure providing a bright space, and reducing or eliminating electrical costs.
* Clear Span – Norseman Structures buildings are clear span requiring no columns or disruptive poles. This gives you hundreds of feet of open space, ideal for riding or maneuvering large animals or equipment.
* Quick Installation & Relocation – A ShelterSolution is designed for your specific need. You may need a building quickly and you may have a new purpose for it down the road. A Norseman Structures building can be constructed within weeks in comparison to months with a conventional building. Also, the building can be disassembled and relocated or repurposed to meet your future needs.
* We are happy to help you Learn More!
Can Norseman Structures Recover My Cover-All Building?
Yes! Norseman Structures can recover any brand of fabric covered building, including Cover-All. Since 1921, Norseman Structures has been providing ShelterSolutions for businesses all over North America. In addition to our own structures Norseman has been a supplier of building covers to several manufacturers since the 1990's. Combining our long term expertise with the acquisition of the Cover-All facility in 2010, Norseman has the capacity and expertise to provide the highest quality replacement covers for any structure in the fabric covered building industry. From large custom turnkey building solutions to small utility storage recovers, Norseman Structures is Fiercely Reliable in all that we do.
What Is The “Fiercely Reliable™” Process, and What Does It Mean for Me?

Our Fiercely Reliable™ process has led us to develop a product and service model that takes care of 360 degrees of the building process. The building journey starts with consultation for us to discover the client’s specific needs. What is going to take place inside the building, is more important to us than the building itself. We want to ensure we design and engineer the perfect solution for you. This ShelterSolution may include all of the products for a riding arena, stables for horses, or whatever you may need to make your solution complete.
Where Will My Norseman Structure Be Built Before Shipping?

The building will be manufactured in our Canadian facility and be shipped to the customer’s location. If needed, a Norseman installation team will then quickly and meticulously construct the ShelterSolution including all of the necessary components. From there we will provide any necessary documentation and warranty the project for years to come.
How is the J-Series Perfect for My Indoor Horse Arena?
The main benefit of a J-Series building is the massive clear-span space. With widths expanding from 100’ to 200’ and lengths extending to your requirements, you will have plenty of space for an indoor horse arena. Take a look at our building options or let us design a ShelterSolution fit just for you.
Are Norseman Structures’ ShelterSolutions are Built to Withstand the Rigors of Horses and Weather?
Yes! Fabric covered buildings can be built to last a lifetime in a variety of weather conditions and environments. Many Norseman Structures buildings are located in the northern Canadian territories with extreme wind and snow loads. These buildings have withstood the heaviest snowfalls in all of Canada.

Is The Fabric Really Tough Enough To Lift A Ford F150 Truck?
Oh yes!
To showcase the durability, we had our fabric lift a Ford 150 Truck (engine included)!

But What If I Want A Steel Building Or Steel Building With Fabric Roof Hybrid?
We can do it! If fabric clad is not the option you prefer, we also manufacture steel clad buildings and hybrid buildings with steel walls and a fabric roof... just ask us!
Can I Really Save Money on Lighting and Enjoy Better Indoor Temperatures?
Yes! Some of the other benefits of a fabric solution for riding and stabling, is that you can have a large clear-span space, free of any columns or pillars. The fabric is translucent allowing natural light to shine through. This reduces electricity costs and also provides a nicer environment for both people and their animals. The fabric allows light to shine through and prevents any shadows from the horses, making it ideal for riding.

Is It True That My Norseman Structures Are Warmer In The Winter and Cooler In The Summer?
Yes and our clients love that feature! The temperature in the building is about 10 degrees cooler on the inside than the outside during warm temperatures, and warmer on the inside during cold temperatures.
What if I Want Norseman for My Storage Building Too?
Norseman Structures’ ShelterSolutions are a great solution for many agriculture purposes. The clear-span design makes it a perfect storage solution for large equipment. The inside of the building can also be designed for commodity storage like fertilizer. Fabric is perfect for a highly corrosive environment. Also, with the Norseman Structures' ShelterSolution philosophy, our team can source products for any applications from storage bins to conveyer systems, animal stalls to pallet racks. We can also provide solutions for pole barns, or other needs.
Can I Have Stalls and an Indoor Riding Arena?
Absolutely! Depending on the specific needs of your facility, we can design a solution that can incorporate stalls and an indoor riding arena. In some cases, it may be a better solution to have two adjacent facilities. We are always happy to discuss your needs and explore a creative solution for you.
What is the Expected Lifespan of a Norseman Structure?
A Norseman Structure building is designed to last a lifetime. Under non-corrosive conditions, the steel frame is designed to last as long as any other conventional building. The fabric has a warranty of up to 20 years depending on the environment and fire retardant protection. When the fabric has worn out, it can easily be replaced at a very reasonable cost.
Call Norseman Structures Today For an Indoor Arena…. or Structure, of Your Dreams!

At Norseman Structures, we want to take care of you from the inside out. We want to keep your people, animals, and assets protected all year long. From a full ShelterSolution with all the amenities, to a re-cover of an existing building, we are here to provide a Fiercely Reliable™ solution for you- we welcome your calls today!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
3815 Wanuskewin Road
Saskatoon, SK, Canada S7P 1A4
Phone: 855-385-2782
Website: Click Here To Connect

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