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Ice Spa by Soft-Ride, Inc.
Ice Spa by Soft-Ride, Inc, (makers of Soft-Ride Comfort Boots) are a one-of-a-kind combination of an Ice Therapy and Spa! Why spends thousands for a spa for your horses when Ice Spa can give you the same benefits?

Soft-Ride, Inc, Makes State-of-the-Art Hoof and Leg Care Possible For All Horse Owners!
No company is more concerned with the comfort and health of both hooves and legs like Soft-Ride, Inc! The horse’s hoof is a marvel of anatomical engineering. Designed to carry horses swiftly and efficiently over long distances at speeds sufficient to escape predators, a horse's hoof is also one of its most vulnerable body parts.

A healthy hoof can easily support a horse, even though hundreds of pounds of force press on each square inch of hoof tissue with every step. But when the hoof is injured or diseased, the horse must compensate its posture, weight bearing, and even head and neck position to attempt to relieve pressure on painful areas. More weight is put on the “good” hooves, as the horse tries to compensate for pain.

Soft-Ride Comfort Boots and Ice Spa Therapy are a solution for simple management of foot lameness and help witih leg problems in horses. The gel orthotic “cushion” molds to the bottom of the hoof, providing firm contact with the frog and dissipating harmful vibrations. Use a standard hoof knife or rotary tool to contour the orthotic to ensure a good fit and maximum comfort for the horse.

Because Everything Is Riding On Those Legs and Hooves, Make Sure Ice Spa Is There To Help!

The Ice Spa Therapy boot is 21-inches tall and can be used on fore and hind legs. It is tall enough to cover the knee and hock on smaller horses and can be used for post-workout/performance recovery. Because of it’s smaller size, the Therapy provides superior comfort when following long icing protocols for laminitis and sepsis. The 21-inch height allows a horse to move around and even lie down in the stall
Can Help With...
  • Laminitis
  • Splints
  • Suspensory Ligaments Injuries
  • Tendon strains
  • Sprains
  • Surface Wounds Resulting in Swelling
  • Any condition requiring a cold spa treatment
So, How Is Ice Spa Therapy Like A Spa Treatment?
Unlike so many Ice Boots which just contain water and Ice, the Ice Spa Therapy boot is fully aerated and use of our Spa Mineral packs with Himalayan and Epsom Salts can give your horse the full "Spa" treatment. Thus drastically escalating the effectiveness of the cold therapy. Your horse will love the soothing bubbles and you'll love the way it works!

About The Ice Spa Therapy Boot Design

Years of testing and effort by qualified horse people went into the design of the State-of-the-Art Boot.

* Our comfortable neoprine leg over wrap keeps ice and water contained, without chafing. Your horse can move and even lay down if necessary.

* Two heavy-duty, waterproof zippers seal the Ice Spa and make it easy to put on and take off. The zippers also allow the boot to be completely opened for cleaning and drying. (Each Ice Spa ships with a container of zipper sealant with applicator brush and a zipper lubricant samof.

* A flexible line drains water from the Ice Spa while it is still on the horse, allowing more ice to be added as needed.

* The Ice Spa’s drain line also doubles as a fluid level indicator. Color-coded marks show how much soothing ice water is in the Ice Spa and help ensure you’re icing as much—or as little—of the leg as you want.

Our unique hoof retention collar comfortably and securely holds the foot in place and prevents your horse from stepping out of the Ice Spa.

* Just like Soft-Ride boots, all Ice Spas include a specially designed Gel Orthotic. When a horse shifts its weight, it loads and unloads the gel and creates a pumping action that circulates ice water through the orthotic channels, helping to cool the entire foot. The gel orthotic also provides comfortable support, even during long duration therapy such as the 72-hour protocol for acute laminitis or post-colic surgery.

Why Spend Thousands on a "Spa" When You Can Have Ice Spa Therapy For Only $495?

These are NOT just any "ice boot", these are actual SPA Therapy Boots designed for Ice or just Cold Water-- whatever you decide. Fully aerated, and with spa mineral packs available,  you will never find anything to compare to the amazing technology, comfort -- and most of all- RESULTS that Ice Spa Therapy boots have to offer. Please call and order yours today!

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Phone: 866-763-8743
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