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Mosquito Free Water and Pond Protector by Carefree Enzymes, Inc.
Mosquito Free Water and Pond Protector by Carefree Enzymes, Inc, make it impossible for Mosquitoes to survive in your ponds or water troughs... all safe for your animals and livestock. 

About CareFree Enzymes, Inc. 
CareFree Enzymes has been a trusted name, since 1995 as the trusted manufacturer of natural enzyme products. We have a range of products for the: Outdoor Birding, Water Garden, Home/Pet, & livestock industries. Our enzyme products are Eco-friendly and safe for pets, livestock and wildlife. Currently, there are no products on the market which are as strong or safe as CareFree Enzymes. All products are made in the USA and employees live here in the USA!

Why Is The Name CareFree Enzymes?
We call ourselves “CareFree Enzymes” because our enzymes do the work, so you don’t have to. For example; when you use our enzymes in a fountain, the enzymes will keep the water clean and pumps flowing.  In other words, when you add our enzymes to your fountain, that fountain becomes Care-Free because it will no longer need weekly maintenance. Our enzymes will keep your fountain looking brand new and running properly all summer.

Is It True That CareFree Enzymes Uses Natural Enzymes and Is 99% Organic? 
Yes! Our product lines are like no other. Each of our products is a unique blend of Natural Enzymes which fulfill a specific need for our customers. Before we ever take a product to market, we do thorough R&D testing which often takes years to perfect. We do this so that ALL of our products achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on making products that are safe, & affordable while also working exactly how they are intended to. Nothing is better, safer, or as cost effective as our enzyme products.  Our products are 99% organic!

What Can I Do To Deal With The Mosquito Problem For My Ponds and Water Troughs?

Mosquito Free Water is your solution! Mosquito Free Water is a product that eliminates tension on top of water which causes mosquitos to sink and drown after they land on the water. Worldwide approximately 725,000 people will die yearly from mosquito borne illnesses. Both male and female mosquitos need water to become hydrated, while the female mosquitoes need water to deposit their eggs.

So, How Do I Use "Mosquito Free Water” To Keep My Water Free of Mosquitos?
Mosquito Free Water is so easy to use! Just Spray it weekly on top of the water either in your pond or water troughs to stop the spread of mosquitos and their illnesses such as Malaria, Zika Virus, & the West Nile Virus. The Mosquito Free Water produces a tension that prevents mosquitoes from surviving in your water habitat.
  • Stops Mosquitoes from Breeding
  • Safe for Children, Birds, Pets, Plants and Fish
  • All-Natural Ingredients
But What If I Want To Help My Pond Stay Clear Too?

YES! Many people try treating a pond with chemicals will get rid of green or cloudy water quickly, but will consequently make the problem come back worse next year. Using traditional pesticides for bugs slowly creates more resilient parasites because the bugs adapt over time. Furthermore, the use of chemicals at home or outside may have adverse health effects to people & animals. CareFree Enzymes can actually help create a “natural balance” that is healthy for the pond and the animals on your property. 

Keeps them Clean and Clear!! A highly concentrated formula designed for ponds with 2,000 gallons or more. Breaks down food sources (waste) that cause organic contaminants. Our product eliminates sludge and ammonia which can be lethal to aquatic life. Keeps ponds and lakes clear and balanced using natural ingredients. Safe for birds, wildlife, amphibians and aquatic plants when used a directed and helps promote a healthy and balanced biological ecosystem in large ponds.
  • Naturally Breaks Down Food Sources
  • Eliminates Sludge, Ammonia and Cloudy Water
  • Safe for Wildlife
  • Made with Natural Enzymes
Does CareFree Enzymes Make Other Pond or Water Products To Help Me?
We sure do! We have a great selection and are happy to answer all questions and to assist you with making healthy, clean, natural, mosquito-free ponds!
What About Keeping My Horse Troughs Clean?
Horse Trough Protector clarifies water by precipitating out organic particles. Our product will ensure water that is clean, clear, free of organic particles, & healthy. Trough protector contains safe & natural enzymes that break down organic contaminants through a natural process. With our product, cleaning becomes easy, simply add one ounce of our product weekly and rinse debris away with a hose. Spend more time working with your animals and less time cleaning up after them!!

Is It True That CareFree Enzymes Offer A Better Savings Over The Long Term?
Absolutely! Aside from the health benefits, we absolutely save you money! Enzymes may be initially more expensive than chemicals but are much less expensive over time. Using enzymes instead of chemicals will help to create a natural balance which can PREVENT those problems from reoccurring, therefore saving you money in the long term. Protect your horses, dogs and farm animals with CareFree Enzymes!

What If I Want To Become A Distributor for CareFree Enzymes?
There is an enzyme for every situation. Some of the uses for our products include: parasite control for livestock, water cleaning, sanitation, & odor control. We put tremendous thought into every product we make and stand behind their efficacy.  Along with our unique enzyme products we also make products using natural live bacteria, essential oils, and D.E. Currently, we are primarily focused on finding distributors for our Water Gardening, Mosquito Free Water and Pet products. Call us today and we will make a wonderful addition to your business!

CareFree Enzymes Offers A Naturally Healthy and MOSQUITO FREE Pond or Water Trough!
In case you were wondering— there is NOTHING like CareFree Enzymes on the market today! Our Mosquito Free technology is ‘one of a kind’ and has no equal. Mosquitoes land on the water— and drown. Their ability to stand on water is ELIMINATED with “Mosquito Free Water” and our ability to naturally restore the clarity and balance of your water with our Pond Protector Concentrate— is 2nd to NONE. Call us today or check out our DEALERS and let us help improve your ponds, water features and troughs!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
P.O. Box 190
Kansasville, Wisconsin 53139
Phone: 262-878-0997
Website: Click Here To Connect

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