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Horsehoodies, LLC.
Horsehoodies™ are the most comprehensive insect protection you can offer to your horse while on the trail! Each is HANDMADE to order in the USA! Your horse will thank you!
How Did Horsehoodies Come To Be?
Beth Caudill and Dyan Clements are long time friends, and trail buddies with hundreds of trail riding hours together.  They were tired of fighting annoying bugs on the trail.  They didn't like having to swat their horses numerous times with a crop or tree branch in order to keep the flies off their neck. So they decided to do something about it!  After combining the designs of many different fly masks, they were able to create a new design, one that offered COMPLETE protection from nose to withers!  Soon all their horse riding friends and family wanted one too so Horsehoodies™, LLC came to life! 

Does My Horse Really Need A Horsehoodie?

Not if you only ride in an indoor arena. But, if you ever plan to get your horse outside, you are going to have to deal with bugs! Flies are an irritation, but horse flies, bees and wasps can take flying pests to a whole new level! Few things ruin a nice outdoor ride like insects. But Horsehoodies provide nose to wither effective, protection.
Is It True That I Can Be Safer On My Ride With Horsehoodies?
Yes! We’ve all seen the horse that bucked, ran away, stumbled or took a misstep, all because their focus was on protecting themselves from irritating flying insects. Because horses are more comfortable and feel protected under their Horsehoodie, they no longer have to throw their heads and endure the misery and the stress of flying insects determined to bite them.
And No More Chemical Sprays!
Concerned horse owners who truly care for their horses, never like putting on layer after layer of chemical pesticides used by most fly sprays. Horsehoodies are the comfortable, effective alternative to fly spray and really take the worry away from owners — and horses!
What Sizes and Colors Are Available — Can I Customize?
Yes you can customize and we have a size or custom options to fit EVERY horse! We believe that every single horse can and should enjoy the comfort of Horsehoodies on the trail! We have 4 standard sizes - horse, draft, pony, and mini.  We can customize for donkeys and mules.  We also offer special orders for anything that your horse will need. For example, if your horse has a little head, but a big neck or if you desire an earless hoodie for the horse that doesn't like things on their ears — we can do it!  Also, if your horse needs a little extra protection, we offer a muzzle mask for extra protection over the nose.  We offer 13 different
Colors of trim. 

We also offer "TEAM" or "BARN"
Colors if you have a favorite team!
Is It True That Every Horsehoodie is HANDMADE in The USA?

YES!  Every hoodie is beautifully crafted and HAND MADE.  We know how we feel about our horses and we know our customers love their horses as much as we do!
What If I Want To Add Some BLING To My Horsehoodie?
For an additional price, we have a variety of ways to add bling!  We offer 4 different Colors and a variety of different styles.  Our bling designs range in price depending on what you want. Check out our bling or tell us what you have in mind, it’s very affordable to make YOUR horse standout on the trail!
Are HorseHoodies Appropriate For Trailering Or In The Stall?
Probably not. Horses can be brutal with even the toughest fly masks, and Horsehoodies are made to be COMFORTABLE PROTECTION while on the trail. They need to be removed when the ride is over. We recommend a regular fly mask for trailering your horse— and a Horsehoodie once you are saddled and riding out on the trail!  That being said, we are working on a more durable horsehoodie that will be designed for turn out!
How Long Does It Take To Get My HANDMADE Horsehoodie and What Is The Price?
We strive to get orders out within 48 hours of payment and order receipt. We know you want your Horsehoodie NOW! Our prices are $35 for a Mini, $45 for a Pony or Standard Horse Size, and $55 for Draft, Mule, Donkey or Custom. 
Is It True I Get FREE SHIPPING and That There Are GROUP RATES?
YES and YES!! All shipping within the USA is FREE.  We are happy to talk to you about group rates for your riding club, horse stable, dude ranch or team.
Say "NO" to Bugs -- and "YES" to Horsehoodies Today!
Few things are as precious, rewarding or looked forward to, as time with your horses! Don’t let your horse suffer with the stress, fear and pain of biting insects. Order your Horsehoodie today— we’ll get right to work making it by hand, so that you can enjoy a truly customized, beautiful, effective solution to riding a happy trail with your horse.  Dyan and Beth are excited to talk to you and to help you enjoy the trail like their Horsehoodied horses do!  Please visit to order yours today!  We look forward to meeting you on the trail!

Contact: Beth Caudill or Dyan Clements
4644 Curve Road
Freeland, Michigan 48623
Phone: 972-800-8398 or 586-202-7181
Website: Click Here To Connect

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