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Phoenix Rising Saddles
Phoenix Rising Saddles offers FREEDOM of MOVEMENT to ALL BREEDS-- particularly Gaited Horses-- who so vitally need it. Doesn't YOUR horse deserve to have full range of movement?

A Little More About the Late Brenda Imus, Clinician, Designer of the IMUS 4 Beat Saddle
Says the late Brenda Imus: One of the first facts I learned as I researched the various gaited breeds for the book HEAVENLY GAITS during 1992-1994 is that the culture of most gaited breeds is rife with horse abuse, both intentional and inadvertent. As I became more personally involved with the various types of gaited horses, I discovered there is a more subtle brand of abuse practiced regularly even by people of good intent. After all, a horse can’t turn his head back toward his rider and say, "Hey, my back is sore, my neck is cramping up, and my loins and hocks are killing me. Do something!" The only way they can express themselves is through action, or the lack thereof. When they "act up" in an attempt to communicate or avoid pain, we tend to attribute their behavior to bad manners, and ‘fix’ the problem by disciplining them for it. Who taught me all this? Horses, mostly…I  found myself realizing that what is needed is simple, and obvious: a saddle that evenly distributes the rider’s weight, that is designed to fit a gaited animal’s unique conformation, and that permits flexibility across the loins and back." Through years of research  and many saddle designs,  Brenda Imus developed the now famous “IMUS 4 BEAT SADDLE"— which has been a life changing, performance enhancing, comfort giving, blessing to the horses that ride in them!

About Phoenix Rising Saddles… Continuing and Building Upon The IMUS Legacy

Says, Brenda’s daughter, Jamie Evan Our mission at Phoenix Rising Saddles is to continue our mom, Brenda Imus’, mission of providing comfortable tack for all horse types (gaited and non-gaited). We provide humane and effective tools and techniques to help develop our horses’ best innate gaits.
After my mom’s passing on March 23, 2013 I spent a lot of time contemplating about what to do with my mom's mission and products. I felt a responsibility to somehow carry on her legacy but knew I needed to ensure I was making an informed and responsible decision about how, and to what extent, I would do so. Whatever I chose to do I would go about  it with 100% commitment so it was important to me and my family that I define the path, plan, and then execute said path with unparalleled gusto and determination.

So…the decision was made to bring back her products to their original outstanding quality--namely the Imus 4-Beat ® saddle and her Imus line of bits-- and also keep available her wealth of knowledge she acquired and so freely shared through her website. We also continue to  offer her saddle pads, bridles, DVD's, books and other unique “stable innovations”.  We will continue to expand the product line and also remind those who have not yet “gone gaited” that her products work fabulously for our non-gaited horses as well, while making a few modifications of products to that end where needed. By the way, ALL of our products are made in the USA.

But I Have A Beautiful Saddle… Why Should I Be Concerned With “Fit”?

Does your gaited horse (or even non-gaited) spook a lot?  Do you have a problem with rushing, or is the horse herd bound or barn sour?  Perhaps you hate that uncomfortable pace, but can’t seem to train him to the smoother gait you expected?  Your problems may all be a result of your horse responding to a saddle that is causing pain. Horse’s can’t tell you where — or if… or how badly, they hurt. Every gait effects the rider, and hence the horse, differently. That is why they may be fine at the walk, but begin to misbehave  on stronger gaits. When horses feel pain, they either try to run from it- or get rid of the source. That can become very miserable, and dangerous, for the rider!

What About Saddle “Dynamics”?

Aside from the matter of Saddle Fit, we need to consider saddle dynamics.  A saddle is the interface between two flexible bodies – the rider’s, and the horse’s.  It’s a fairly easy matter to create saddles that are comfortable for the rider as that’s long been the primary consideration when designing them.  Until relatively recently, the horse’s comfort received less attention.  This has changed over the past decade, and especially so for gaited horses.  Many people taking up gaited riding are mature, just getting into – or back into – horses, and are hungry for information.  They possess great empathy for their animals, are not deeply steeped in traditional dogma, and are determined to do things right.  This
But I Have A Flexible Tree On My Saddle? Isn’t That The Same Thing?
NO! Not even close! Brenda tried and worked with many “flexible tree” saddles— only to find that saddles already on the market with flexible tree bars sometimes collapsed on the horse's back, under the rider's weight.  Brenda says, "A solution arose in the form of a type of "suspension bridge" running across one tree bar, and strategically attached to the other side.  This modification required some other slight modifications - all leading to a true, state of the art new saddle."
Why Is IMUS 4 Beat Saddle The BEST Saddle For Gaited Horses— Without Question!
REMEMBER…Saddle fit — and saddle dynamics— are two very important topics to consider when determining fit for both you and your gaited horse. The incredible IMUS 4 BEAT Saddles are designed to be comfortable for the horse, allowing complete freedom of movement through the loins, back, shoulders, and neck. We find the more informed our customers are prior to purchase, the happier and more sure they are when they receive their saddle— we even help ensure you get the right seat size for your saddle.
But... My Saddle Looks Like It Fits My Gaited Horse Very Well… Isn’t That Enough?

Unlike a trotting horse, the back muscles (longissimus dorsi) of a gaited horse have a rolling, hind-to-fore, wavelike action when the horse is moving in gait.  To further complicate matters, the muscles on each side work independently so that when the muscle on one side is contracting, the one on the opposite side is expanding. Because of this unique action along the topline, even if a saddle appears to fit the horse when it is standing still – and though you might obtain a nice even sweat pattern after a ride – it is very possible that the saddle is seriously hindering this rolling, rear-to-fore action, and causing pressure sensitivity or soreness to develop under the back edge of the tree bars.  

Note! A horse in pain often develops behavioral issues.  They may become ‘cinchy’ when being saddled, may be reluctant to leave the barn, and anxious to return. People don’t do well when they are uncomfortable, and neither does your horse.
Can I Just TRY An IMUS 4 BEAT Saddle?
Yes and we offer one of the the BEST 2 Week Trial Periods that you can find in the industry! We took out the “legalese" of our original 14 Day Trial and shortened it to simply be exactly what we’ve been doing—which is a simple no-strings-attached return or exchange warranty. Once you receive the saddle you have 14 days to give it a try. If for any reason you want to return or exchange it we will do so. We do expect to see some wear on the saddle—just not damage. Feel free to give it a good couple go-rounds. We’ve never held back any money for wear or damage but do reserve the right to do so if something significant happens to the saddle (large scratches or dings). If we are exchanging the saddle, we’ll immediately begin the build on the replacement saddle. In the event of a return, refunds will be returned to the original payment method immediately upon receiving back the saddle.
Note! *Stock Saddles have a $75 non-refundable original shipping charge if saddle is returned for a refund. This amount is not charged at the time of purchase, and is only taken out of the refund for the purchase amount in the event of a return. In the event of an exchange, difference in cost of saddles may be applicable. The $75 charge is not applicable to Build Your Own Saddles.
I Don’t Have A Gaited Horse, Can Phoenix Rising Saddles Still Help Me?
YES! Once you try our saddles for your gaited horses, you’ll want a saddle for your non-gaited horses because of the extreme quality and comfort they offer to both horse and rider! All horses need “freedom of movement”— especially performance and trail horses! We have a line of non-gaited saddles coming soon and can even help you with your orders now.
Order Your Phoenix Rising Saddle Today and Make Your Horse A HAPPY Trail Riding Partner!
Phoenix Rising Saddles offers the only saddle that you and your horses, both gaited or non-gaited will ever need. Built for comfort, freedom of movement, our saddles help the ride to be fun for both you— and your horse. You’ll love the beauty, the quality and the way your body melts into the saddle for smooth comfort. Your horse will love being able to move with freedom and comfort. Call Jamie today and tell us about your horses and how we can make your rides the best rides ever!

Contact: Jamie Evan 
32 Olsosn Avenue
Jamestown, New York 14701
Phone: 716-665-2999
Website: Click Here To Connect

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