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FOAL IgGCheck Test Kit by PortaCheck
Do you know if your foal has consumed enough high quality colostrum before "gut closure" which normally takes place in 18 hours? FOAL IgGCheck Test Kit by PortaCheck  can save your foal!

But My Foal REALLY Looks Healthy! Does My Foal STILL Need an IgGCheck Test?
Absolutely! A foal may appear healthy after birth, but ONLY testing can determine if the foal consumed sufficient Immunoglobulin G (IgG), through nursing, to ensure a healthy foundation for life. This test is especially important if suckling was not observed or if foaling happened overnight. Foals are born with NO IMMUNITY, and their immune protection relies solely on IgG from colostrum (first milk). Foals need to consume enough high quality colostrum before gut closure occurs, which is usually around 18 hours after birth. Gut closure means that the stomach fully develops and can no longer absorb the large IgG molecules that the body needs. Lab tests can take days for results, and time is of the essence when it comes to IgG testing. FOAL IgG Test Kit by PortaCheck is an easy-to-use on-farm test— with IMMEDIATE RESULTS— that can help determine whether or not your foal has consumed sufficient IgG. This test could help save money by preventing unnecessary treatment with plasma if results indicate successful passive transfer of IgG.
What Is INCLUDED With The Kit?
An IgGCheck foal passive transfer test kit includes the following:
* 5 foil wrapped IgGCheck foal test devices
* 10 pipette tips
* 5 sample diluent bottles
* 1 buffer dropper bottle B
* package insert.
Note: Our premeasured 10 µL pipetters are sold separately.
How Does The Kit Work? What Are The Steps? Is Blood Drawn By A Veterinarian?
You call the vet immediately after foaling and we provide the test! Our simple test starts with a small sample of blood that can be drawn by farm staff or a veterinarian (this may vary depending on country). About ½ mL would be more than enough. Using a pipette with a clean tip, the user will obtain a 10 µL sample of blood directly from the syringe or a vacutainer. The sample of blood is transferred to the diluent bottle, and the bottle is then inverted 4 times to adequately mix the blood and solution together. After mixing the sample, the foil packet can be opened so that the test can be used. Using a new, clean pipette tip, a 10 µL sample of blood/diluent mix is transferred from the bottle directly to the test well of the test device. After applying the sample to the test well, 3 drops of buffer B solution is added so that the blood can be passed through the lateral flow test. You’ll love the quick results telling you if the FOAL has consumed enough immunoglobulin G.
How Quickly Will I Get Know the IgG Levels Of The Test?
This test takes only 10 minute reaction time for accurate results. This IgGCheck quick test allows users to test foal IgG levels during the delicate time window between birth and gut closure. Users will learn whether or not IgG levels are insufficient (failure of passive transfer, < 400 mg/dL), questionable (partial failure of passive transfer, 400-800 mg/dL), or sufficient (successful passive transfer, > 800 mg/dL).
What Does The Kit Cost? Where Can I Get The Premeasured Pipette?

The suggested retail price per kit is $90. This includes 5 foal tests. The pre-measured 10 µL pipette costs $16 and is available and ready for use. This is a small price to pay to ensure your foal is off to a healthy start!
Is The Kit Easy To Use or Do I Need A Vet To Do It?
It is absolutely easy to use! The IgGCheck foal passive transfer test is a very simple diagnostic tool that can be used right on the farm! A veterinarian does not need to be present for testing, however we always recommend discussing results and treatment plans with your vet.
Do I Still Need A Vet To Look At My Newborn Foal?
YES! We would absolutely recommend for your veterinarian to look at your newborn foals! Foals are born without immunity, meaning they get their first line of defense by drinking colostrum which nourishes foals with their mothers’ own antibodies in the time before foals are able to develop their own immunity. Foals are susceptible to many bacteria, viruses, and serious illnesses that may exist in the environment. It is important for your veterinarian to observe your newborn foals to ensure they are healthy.
What Do I Do If The Levels Are Below The Recommended “800” Showing My Foal Is In Trouble?
Usually, foals whose IgG levels are less than adequate may require an additional feeding of high quality colostrum (time permitting) or an IV dose of plasma. One of our most important suggestions is for colostrum management that ensures colostrum is high quality (viscous, yellow, free from abnormality in smell or appearance), it is collected in a sanitary way (clean teats, clean bottle, strained, refrigerated or frozen immediately if not used), and enough colostrum is fed to the foal from a clean bottle. The greatest time for IgG absorption is 6-8 hours after birth. A treatment plan should be discussed with your veterinarian to determine next steps after using an IgG Check foal test.
So, WHY Do I Need To Test My Foal and Get The VET Within 12 Hours of Birth?
Foals need to consume enough high quality colostrum before GUT CLOSURE occurs which is usually around 12-18 hours after birth. Once this happens, it means that the stomach can no longer absorb the large IgG molecules in the colostrum so that the foal will not get the immure protection he or she needs. It is VITAL to ensure foals are fed colostrum soon after birth and tested before gut closure! If you use an IgGCheck test around 12 hours after birth, there should still be time to feed high quality colostrum before gut closure.
Is There Anything That I Can Give To The Mare Before Birth That Would Help?
Regarding the mare, it is vital to observe her prior to foaling. Colostrum quality can be severely affected if a mare prematurely lactates or leaks colostrum prior to foaling, if she produces poor quality colostrum, or if she fails to produce colostrum at all. If any of those instances occur, it is likely that IgGCheck test results will indicate failure of passive transfer. If colostrum quality is poor, your veterinarian may have to suggest intravenous plasma treatment for the foal. Plasma IgG can cost upwards of $150, so colostrum management is key.
How Long Is The Kit Good For? (Can I Buy A Few Now For Next Year’s Foal Crop?)
Our products have an excellent shelf life. When made, they have a shelf life of 36 months. You can buy kits that will be useable next year to help with your next foal crop!
It is TOO LATE to order this product AFTER your foal is born - this test MUST be done in the first 12 hours after foaling! So much care, time, and money goes into the creation of a beautiful foal, the FOAL IgGCheck Test Kit by PortaCheck will help protect your beautiful foal and financial investment by providing VITAL information, within 10 minutes of testing.  If you want to know more about PortaCheck’s products, find them at or email us today!

Contact: Toni Hopkins
1 Whittendale Drive Suite #E
Moorestown, New Jersey 08057
Phone: 866-500-7722 or 856-231-8894
Website: Click Here To Connect

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