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SilverTec™ Anti-Microbial Stall Mats By Strathcona Ventures
SilverTec™  Stall Mats are exclusive to Strathcona Ventures have a 5mm Colloidal Silver Surface  to control Microbial growth and Staining

About Your Friends at Strathcona Ventures

Alex , Donna and Shay von Hauff  are active, and dedicated horse owners that have made providing quality horse products to horse owners a way of life. They have spent years of their life searching for noteworthy products that are a “stand out” in the equine market so that they can ensure that their clients have only the best for their horses. Many of these products are “one of a kind” and all are absolutely
State of the Art! Together they are “Strathcona Ventures” and together they have united to bring their expertise to helping horse owners across North America.

Alex von Hauff: Alex has grown extensive knowledge when it comes to building, maintaining and finding solutions to trouble arenas. He has been a guest lecture at Guelph university, and has written many articles for magazines in both USA and Canada.
Donna von Hauff: Donna has become our expert on compression therapy for horses effected by lymphangitis and cellulitis; working with UC Davies, Guelph, Olympic teams all around the world.
Shay von Hauff: 
Shay has advanced knowledge that is utilized by clients with horses that are struggling with weight issues both heavy and under weight in addition to health aliments tied to dietary concerns.

Is It Really Important WHAT Kind of Stall Mat I Use? Aren’t They All The Same?
SilverTec is proving once and for all that when it comes to Stall Mats-- they are NOT all the same and it becomes a big deal from the point of comfort, biosecurity and cost if your horse spends any amount of time in their stall or trailer! Mats are the barrier between the stall flooring – be it dirt, wood, concrete, or gravel – and your horse. Further, a good trailer has mats that provide cushioned support and reduce the vibration during transport. Wise horse owners understand that not all mats are created equally.
Can I Get Stall Mats That Have A Colloidal Silver Coating Anywhere Else?

No! SilverTec™ Therapeutic Stall Mats are exclusive to Strathcona Ventures, manufactured by the top agricultural mat manufacturer in the world. Our mission when designing these mats was to provide a mat that withstands the wear and tear of barn life, provides a much higher level of biosecurity than existing therapeutic mats, while being light enough to lift for sanitizing. SilverTec™  mats achieved our goal, they are the #1 therapeutic stall surface!
So What Makes The SilverTec™  Mats Superior To Others?

SilverTec™ Stall Mats are supportive yet cushiony, providing a stable foundation for your horse to rest and stand; 25mm thick, interlocking on three sides, made of a therapeutic non-permeable foam rubber, with non-slip surface texture, light weight at 35 lbs each, and have a 5mm colloidal silver surface layer embedded to control microbial growth and staining. Manufactured with an Airflow channels on the underside of the mat to increase cushion, as well as prevent moisture build up.
What Are The Benefits Of A Colloidal Silver Surface?
Ionized Silver is a natural antimicrobial which safely prevents bacteria, fungi and yeast – all of which can be the cause of infection or illness; used in both western and eastern medicine to both treat and prevent infection, ionized Silver is see as one of the safest and most effective ways to increase the chance of healing and prevent further infection. Used in many foaling barns, veterinary facilities and show barns where prevention is everything.
How Long Will The Colloidal Silver Surface Last On My Mat?

The Silver layer is specially embedded in the mat and will never fade— it is made to last the life of the mat! SilverTec™  mats are the only mat in North America with this advanced antimicrobial protection!
Is SilverTec™ Easy To Clean and Maintain?

Absolutely! These mats are easy to install and remove, making them idea for any horse owner or facility concerned about cleanliness and quality stalling. Good mats are an investment in both your horse’s health and your barn economics. The support provided by therapeutic mats is an important factor in leg health, and any time we can add a natural antimicrobial into barns – we’re all winners through the associated reduction in harsh chemicals which off-gas into the air which handlers and horses breathe.

Can use general soap and water. Use a diffused spray nozzle for best results.
What About Savings?

There are so many benefits from having your horses— and their hooves and bodies, standing and sleeping on a cleaner environment! Using about 60% less in bedding compared to black mats or no mats, there is a huge cost savings in both bedding and labor. Bedding in the stalls simply absorbs the urine – and the mats provide a comfortable surface for standing or laying down. The addition of silver into stall mats takes barn biosecurity up a notch and gives new meaning to the age-old expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


    •    4’ x 6’ interlocking on 3-sides
    •    Made of a therapeutic non-permeable micro-cellular foam rubber composite
    •    25 mm thick for long lasting lifespan
    •    Non-slip surface for additional safety
    •    Weigh 35 lbs. each for easy cleaning and install
    •    5 mm colloidal silver surface layer embedded to control microbial growth and staining

Is It True That SilverTec™ Are Lightweight Enough For Move and Install Easily?

SilverTec™ Therapeutic Stall Mats measure 4’ x 6’ and weigh a mere 35 lbs. making it easy for the smallest staff member to lift or move these mats! SilverTec™ Therapeutic Stall Mats are tough, non-porous, non-toxic, non-permeable and have a free draining channel on the underside. Designed for lightness, durability and comfort; they are perfect for stalls, aisles, isolation rooms, foaling barns, wash rack areas, trailers or veterinary clinics.
What Do Horse Owners SAY About Their  SilverTec™ Mats For Stalls and Trailers?

 “It’s the best decision and investment we have made. The SilverTec™  mats were easy to lay and cut to fit. We used the sirocco deodorizer underneath which gave the stall a pleasant smell and continues to do so. We now use a fraction of the amount of shavings spreading them mainly around the edges where her manure and urine tend to migrate. We muck out twice daily and it is so easy and quick. The matting dries quickly; it is a breeze to sweep and we sprinkle a few more handfuls of shavings as a top up. Once a week we empty completely and you could mop the matting down if you wanted to but we didn’t find this necessary. We are so grateful to Strathcona Ventures for their help and advice and for making Ruby’s recuperation a comfortable experience. We plan to purchase more of the matting at later date to completely cover all the stalls and also put them in our horse trailer.”
~ Allison Drew, Alberta Canada
 “I have used other therapeutic stall mats in the past; these mats are so much easier to clean than the other therapeutic mats we used to have – and the horses really like the super soft comfort provided by the mats.”
~ Linda Filianti, Alberta Canada
"If you are considering replacing your mats, or putting mats in anywhere for the first time, seriously consider these SilverTec™ mats. We have been boarding horses for over 25 years, and every once in a while, something comes along that reinvents the wheel. These mats are one of those things."
~ Gaitpost Magazine -
"Our new Kennel has these amazing SilverTec™ mats in it! Your dog will be clean, safe and comfortable! We wanted the best mats available for our dogs – that’s why we chose SilverTec™ Therapeutic Stall Mats.”  
~Ultimate Gun Dog, Alberta.

Don’t Your Horses Deserve The AntiMicrobial Health Benefits That SilverTec™ Has To Offer
We know they do! The owners of Strathcona Ventures are active horse people who are in the barn every day with their own horses and they understand the challenges, concerns and needs of both horses and their owners. SilverTec™ Therapeutic Stall Mats have no equal for quality, comfort or anti-microbial performance. You will love it— give us a call and tell us about your horses today!

Contact: Shay, Donna or Alex Van Hauff
51255 RR 233
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8B 1C5
Phone: 1-888-913-3150 or 780-464-0484
Website: Click Here To Connect

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