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ZENRG by EquiNutrix Nutrition Solutions
ZENRG provides daily calming support and FOCUS ENHANCEMENT via a complex blend of botanical extracts and magnesium

About Dr. Ashley Wagner, PhD, Founder of Equinutrix Nutrition
Dr. Ashley Wagner saw a need for the equine industry: natural, clinically proven, safe, and effective products.  Her love for horses and the industry is what led her to pursue animal science B.S. and M.S. degrees at Virginia Tech, and ultimately, a Ph.D. in equine nutrition at the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Ashley founded Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions to meet the needs of the horse and their owners in a safe and scientifically proven way.  Countless hours are spent working with clinical nutritionists, veterinarians, and academic equine scientists in order to create and test each product in this line.  The products of Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions begin functioning at the molecular level to enhance your horses’ physiology and metabolism. 
Note: All of the Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions products are Show and Competition Safe!
How is ZENRG Different From Other “Calming” or “Magnesium” Supplements?
Many magnesium supplements are thought to work because the horse is deficient in magnesium, because magnesium deficiency can cause nervousness and muscle tremors. However, most horses receive balanced diets and should not be deficient. The research behind ZENRG is based on influencing the actual stress message, rather than satisfying a dietary requirement. ZENRG’s efficacy has been proven in university research trials.
Is It True That Even The SMELL Of ZENRG Can Help To Calm My Horse?
Yes! As the horse smells ZENRG, calming messages are sent to the areas of the brain involved in emotions, anxiety, and pleasure. When the horse eats ZENRG, the relaxing molecules are absorbed, further stimulating these areas. This leads to horses that are less affected by stress, and thus, horses are healthier and more able to focus on their job!
Can I Use ZENRG On Mares, Geldings — and Stallions?

Yes! ZENRG supports nervous system health, promotes focus, and may help with hormonal balance. Because ZENRG is designed to reduce stress response, it may also lessen stress-associated behaviors, including teeth grinding, agitation and nervous or flighty behavior, and stable vices. These benefits apply to mares, stallions, and geldings!
How Long Does ZENRG Stay In My Horse’s System?
 ZENRG takes approximately 3 to 5 days to reach maximum efficacy. ZENRG is recommended as a daily product, and therefore stays in the horse’s system for about 1 to 3 days after stopping product use.
How Is Maximum ZENRG Different From Regular ZENRG?
 Maximum ZENRG is the fast-acting alternative to the daily product, ZENRG. Maximum ZENRG lasts approximately 4-6 hours and is effective within 30 minutes of consumption. It is perfect for horses that just need a little extra focus and calm for show day, trailering, a nice trail ride, or special event.
How Can ZENRG Help My Barrel Racing Horse? 

Absolutely!! Horses that get agitated or nervous before a race may really enjoy benefits from ZENRG. A nervous horse can burn up much needed energy before he or she even gets into the gate. Over-excited horses are less focused on their job, and therefore LESS likely to run and turn with precision. In barrel racing, every fraction of a second counts, and if your horse is too distracted to start well, or turn well, time adds up quickly. ZENRG helps your horse focus on his job and your instructions, to maximize speed every run, every time!
Is It True That ZENRG Is Also Healthy For My Horse’s Gut?
Absolutely! Because stress can have a major impact on gut health, which can lead to ulcers and colic, ZENRG also contains yeast culture to support digestive well-being. ZENRG is ideal for horses in training or competition to improve focus. Improving the horse’s focus will always have a positive impact on your horse’s performance.
What Do Horse Owners Say About  ZENRG?

“ZENRG is a must have when training youngsters. It keeps them focused on learning, and really helps when they start feeling frisky during cooler weather. I say it makes them think it is 90°F instead of 50°F!”
-Alexis, Boarding Facility Owner, VA
“We love ZENRG. The calming effect is amazing. Our hot-blooded mare has been on stall rest for two months. Thanks to ZENRG, we have been able to avoid pharmaceuticals to keep her calm through this difficult period.”
-Beth, Horse Owner, NE
“ZENRG helped channel my mare’s nervous energy from evil to good!”
- Courtney, 3 day eventer, KY
If Performance, Focus and a “Ready To Work” Attitude Are Important, ZENRG Is The Answer!
Even when your horse smells ZENRG, calming messages are sent to the areas of the brain involved in emotions, anxiety, and pleasure. When the horse eats ZENRG, the relaxing molecules are absorbed, further stimulating these areas. This leads to horses that are less affected by stress, and thus, horses are more able to focus on their job!
Be sure to ORDER for ZENRG for YOUR horses— Today!

Contact: Dr. Ashley Wagner, Equine Nutritionist
20492 Lankford Hwy
Cheriton, Virginia 23316
Phone: 757-678-6004
Website: Click Here To Connect

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