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BEMER Blanket Therapy offered by Equine Bio Health
The Integrity Bio-Feedback Academy at Equine Bio Health can put your feet on a path of a truly REWARDING CAREER with horses or add to the equine career you currently have!

About Owners Brenda Judah and Sharron Oyer
Equine Bio Health and Integrity Biofeedback Academy are co-owned by Brenda Judah and Sharron Oyer.  We are both certified Biofeedback and Stress Management Specialists and Instructors with the Natural Therapies Certification Board.  We have over 29 years of combined experience working with humans and animals.   We are dedicated to helping horses and their owners to achieve optimal health and wellness.

What is BEMER Therapy?

“BEMER” stands for “Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation.”  It is a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) device that enhances your horse’s general blood flow, oxygen supply and waste disposal, cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance,  suppleness, strength, energy, relaxation and stress reduction.   The BEMER Horse Set - Blanket and Cuff are for both large-scale and small-scale applications for everyday use and are designed specifically for the comfort of your horse.

What sets the BEMER Apart From Other PEMF Devices?
The uniqueness of BEMER lies in its patented multi-dimensionally configured signal (waveform). This unique BEMER signal has been successfully tried and tested for over 18 years.  BEMER is currently the most developed form of application of electromagnetic fields that has scientifically proven effects.  It was systematically developed to meet specific needs of horses from a functional point of view.  Our worldwide patented device signal and our Liechtenstein/Swiss made manufacturing are some of the pillars of our global success.

So, How Do I Know If BEMER Therapy Can Benefit MY Horse?
BEMER is effective, all-round therapy—it is truly beneficial for EVERY horse!   Its signal has a positive influence on your horse’s entire body and autonomic nervous system.  Whether dealing with a specific illness or injury, and/or desiring to prevent stress issues from occurring in the first place, every horse can benefit significantly from BEMER therapy!  Whether you ride professionally or for pleasure, you and your horse will enjoy the value of BEMER therapy!

What Conditions Can BEMER Help My Horse With?

BEMER focuses on the core systems necessary for health and well-being.  Many physical discomforts are directly related to a diminished circulatory system which can result in dysfunctional metabolic processes.  BEMER therapy improves the restricted general blood flow of your horse which gives a considerable boost to the recovery and regenerative processes and is the perfect team player for issues related to equestrian health, and not just for high-performance sports. 

BEMER Therapy:
    •    Improves microcirculation and vasomotion
    •    Promotes muscular regeneration
    •    Supports the action of the parasympathetic nervous system which directly impacts the digestive and immune systems
    •    Promotes relaxation and recovery processes
    •    Optimizes exercise and supports training by helping improve suppleness
    •    Increases performance
    •    Helps prevent and increases defence against infection
    •    Expedites the recovery process after an injury
    •    Affects more efficient hydration  

How Long— and WHEN, Should My Horse Wear The BEMER Horse Set Blanket?
The BEMER has three different pre-set treatment programs with tailored therapy intensities.  The user manual, included with each purchase, provides instruction of effective operation options.
Is the BEMER Horse Set ONLY For “Indoor” Use? Can It Be Worn Outdoors?
The BEMER  Horse set blanket and/or cuff can be worn inside or outside.   It’s battery and control unit are integrated wirelessly.  It also features optimum size adaptation to each horse with 3 high-quality fixation straps (adjustable in length).

How Can I Care For (clean) My BEMER Horse Set?
The BEMER blanket is washable and easy to clean.  Just follow the easy “care” instructions that come with the BEMER Horse Set.
How Do I Use The BEMER Horse Set Cuff?
With the BEMER horse cuff, you can generate a focused BEMER signal on a specific region of your horse’s body. This is particularly effective in areas of intense strain, for instance at the joints. The cuff’s signal control is just as powerful as that of the horse blanket.

What Do Horse Professionals Say About Their BEMER Experience?

Quadruple Olympic medalist and the most successful active show jumper in the world

“It’s great that I can now treat my horses with the BEMER System. The BEMER Veterinary Line helps the animals’ vitality and has already become an integral part of our work."

Inventor of the TTouch training method, teacher, trainer as well as author of 21 books in 15 languages.
“I travel with my BEMER VET and my BEMER Pro as I share TTouch with animals and their people around the world. For equine sport or pleasure or horse rescue or breeding, I am thrilled by the remarkable improvements in performance, behavior and health with the new BEMER Veterinary Line 2016. And for myself, the BEMER PRO gives me sustained energy, strength and immeasurable enthusiasm. BEMER is a 21st century ‘Fountain of Youth’ for horse and rider."

How Much Does The  BEMER Horse Set Cost?       
The real question is how much does the BEMER “Save”, the benefits go on and on…. The BEMER Horse Set at $4,950 includes Horse Blanket with integrated Control Unit, Fixing straps, Cuff with integrated Control Unit,  Carrying Bag, Charger with Adapters for EU, US, UK, AU, and User Manual, and something money can’t buy… a sense of wellbeing for you and your horse!   
NOTE: Financing is available!!

Is It True That BEMER Therapy Can SAVE Me Money?

A small investment in the BEMER has the potential of preventing sizeable veterinary bills. Top trainers in the industry depend upon BEMER to help keep their horses feeling their best.

Why Should I Purchase The BEMER Horse Set From Equine Bio Health?
Brenda Judah and Sharron Oyer are nationally known for their work with both BEMER and Biofeedback Therapy. They are here for you with over 29 years of combined experience in the field of bio-energetics and will be a big asset as you are learning to use your BEMER most effectively. EBH stands above the rest with individualized sales and on-going support extended to every client! Don't buy a BEMER without them!

Can the BEMER Horse Set initiate a New Career?  
YES!  When you purchase a BEMER Horse Set through Equine Bio Health, you can become a distributor of the BEMER products.  Also, as a trainer, barn manager, or veterinarian,  the BEMER Horse Set provide a chargable fee to your service contract while introducing the BEMER Horse Set to your clients creating sales opportunities. 
Note: GREAT NEWS!  BEMER has a unit specialized for HUMANS, too!  All the benefits listed above for your horse apply to YOU, and more!  

BEMER --  Because Your Horse Is Worth Everything!
Top Trainers, Horse Owners and Horse Professionals depend upon BEMER Horse set to do what no other blanket can. BEMER will change your horse’s life— and your life. Call Sharron and Brenda today— let them tell you what BEMER can do for you and your horse — They welcome your call today!

Contact: Brenda Judah or Sharron Oyer 
P.O. Box 508
Bonita Springs, Florida 34133
Phone: 239-221-8977
Website: Click Here To Connect

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