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Yucc' It Up!
Yucca as you have NEVER experienced it before! Our Yucca is Organic, Wild Crafted and of the Highest Quality (and greatest effectiveness!) you will see in any supplement-- ANYWHERE!

How Did Yucc’ It Up! Come To Be? Read Our 2 Miracle Stories!
Yucc’ It Up! is the result of a series of answered prayers. Our family began the journey of organic, non-toxic living about seven years ago through our beloved Border Collie, senior rescue dog, Cheyenne. Shortly after adopting Cheyenne, his body began to shut down, he was unable to absorb nutrients due to a severe case of Lymphangectasia and we were told by experts nothing could be done, he had only two weeks to live and would essentially starve to death. His grim prognosis prompted us to seek help from a holistic veterinarian / DVM who ultimately saved his life – and ours. While learning how to properly nourish him with various herbs, oils, superfoods and amino acids, we began researching and haven’t stopped since. Cheyenne made a full recovery, lived for almost six more years and absolutely thrived!!

Yucc’ It Up! was later birthed when we adopted a mini-horse with significant anti-inflammatory needs. Unsatisfied by products on the market and determined not offer him GMO’s, over-processed ingredients, harsh chemicals or lab created compounds, I took it as an opportunity to utilize what we had learned, combine it with my equine knowledge and voila', Yucc’ It Up! was born! It worked so well with our own horses and boarders that before we knew it, strangers were asking to place orders!

How Is The Yucca in Yucc’ It Up! SUPERIOR To The Yucca In My Current Supplement Mix?

So glad you asked, because, there is NO COMPARISON to the Yucca WE use and the Yucca used in so many horse supplements! Our yucca schidigera is a pure extract with extremely high bio-availability, minimally processed as to not destroy the integrity of the plant and its many benefits. Popular supplements which include yucca often contain a form of it that has been overly processed and doesn’t contain enough yucca to have an impact.

Does Yucc’ It Up! Also Include Wildcrafted Herbs, Superfoods and High Quality Essential Oils?
Yes! That is another reason why our results are so outstanding! We've fully dosed our pure yucca extract for an average thousand-pound horse and coupled this with complimentary certified organic superfoods, medicinal spices, wildcrafted herbs and high-quality essential oils (GC/MS tested for purity by third party experts). Together, all these ingredients create a synergy which supports a normal inflammatory response and encourages the whole body to function as it was designed to.
Yucc' It Up! :

* Supports a Normal Inflammatory Response
* Supports the Immune System
* Supports Joints & Mobility
* Supports Gastric Function & Digestion
* Supports Neurological Function
* Supports Skin, Coat, Hooves & Bones
* Supports a Balanced pH
* Helps Protect Against Free Radicals
* Helps Reduce the Risk of Toxins
* Provides a Calming Effect— and more!

 Is It True That Yucc’ It Up! Comes In A Delicious Baked Cookie?
Yucc’ It Up! comes in nugget form, taking the hassle out of supplementing and making it fun and easy, while still providing superior ingredients. We’re happy to eliminate the stress of syringing or finding wasted powders at the bottom of a feed bucket. By including ingredients like carrot, strawberry, flax, peppermint and coconut sugar, horses excitedly nicker for their nugget each day!

Note: The nature of coconut oil is to solidify in cooler temps, firming up the nuggets during colder months. Therefore, horses with dental challenges, or at the preference of the owner, should have the nuggets broken up for them or offered at room temp.

Are There Different Formulas To Address Different Needs In The Horse?

We have several formulas available! Each are absolutely outstanding!

 3 active ingredients (coconut oil, flax & yucca herb). 
 Formulated for most horses to support general wellness, calm mind, digestion, joints, skin & coat.
*Safe for horses subjected to USEF drug testing.
All ingredients permitted under the Therapeutic Substance Provision of US Equestrian’s Equine Drugs and Medications Rule as of 9/7/18.

Competition Ready
4 active ingredients (coconut oil, flax, peppermint EO & yucca herb). 
Formulated for horses who compete and adhere to drug testing. Supports general wellness, calm mind, digestion, joints, skin & coat.
Safe for horses subjected to USEF drug testing. All ingredients permitted under the Therapeutic Substance Provision of US Equestrian’s Equine Drugs and Medications Rule as of 9/7/18.

5 active ingredients (ceylon cinnamon, coconut oil, flax, peppermint EO & yucca herb). 
Formulated for athletes, seniors, horses with IBS or loose bowels, mildly anxious horses & more. 

Strawberry Sportcake
5 active ingredients (coconut oil, flax, 2,500 IU of natural Vitamin E, strawberry & reduced dose of yucca herb). 
Formulated for picky eaters and those who adhere to USEF drug testing. Supports immune function, general wellness, calm mind, digestion, joints, skin & coat.
Safe for horses subjected to USEF drug testing. All ingredients permitted under the Therapeutic Substance Provision of US Equestrian’s Equine Drugs and Medications Rule as of 9/7/18.

7 active ingredients (ceylon cinnamon, coconut oil, copaiba EO, flax, frankincense EO, peppermint EO & yucca herb).
Formulated for overly anxious horses, horses with circulatory problems, inflammatory conditions, neurological conditions & more. Supports overall wellness, a calm mind, digestion, joints, skin & coat.

Cushing's Disease / Insulin Resistance / Mood Support
6 active ingredients (ceylon cinnamon, chaste tree berry herb, coconut oil, flax, natural vitamin E & yucca herb). 
Formulated for horses with cushings, pre-cushings, hypothyroidism, endocrine syndrome, insulin resistance, moody mares, stallions or aggressive horses. Contains less than 1.5 grams of sugar per day from organic coconut sugar & stevia extract.

Cushing's / IR / Mood Support with Essential Oils
9 active ingredients (ceylon cinnamon, chaste tree berry herb, coconut oil, copaiba EO, flax, frankincense EO, peppermint EO, yucca herb).
Formulated with essential oils (copaiba, frankincense & peppermint) for horses who need additional support managing inflammation and pain.

Note:  Regarding horses with Cushing's Disease, it can take 3-6 months to see results and for ACTH levels to drop, though some see results sooner.  If your horse is on medication such as pergolide, to control their Cushing's Disease, it is our recommendation to provide Cushing's / IR / Mood Support formula in conjunction with this medicine for the first 3-6 months and work with your veterinarian on a plan to slowly decrease the pergolide, should you choose to do so.

Gastric Support (not for Pregnant Mares!)

8 active ingredients (ceylon cinnamon, coconut oil, flax, frankincense EO, marshmallow root herb, slippery elm herb, natural vitamin E & yucca herb). Formulated for horses with gastric or duodenal ulcers, digestive disorders & those on antibiotics. Gastric Support is typically only needed temporarily (approximately 12-18 weeks) to support the gut microbiome in balancing and healing itself.  However, every horse has unique needs and some will require more time than others.  Our suggestion is to move your horse onto Original formula once they've completed 12-18 weeks of Gastric Support and watch their response.

Note: T Gastric Support can be made USEF compliant - just request a USEF compliant version of the formula in the notes section of your order.  

Do I Use Yucc’ It Up! EVERY Day? What Is The Price Per Day?
The daily price for an average 1,000 lb horse on 7 weeks (49 days) of Yucc' It Up! is listed below.  This pricing includes the days off, according to the recommended administration pattern for the yucca schidigera herb: "6 days on, 1 day off; 6 weeks on, 1 week off", as your horse is covered by Yucc' It Up! for the entire 7 week period.  The feeding pattern is suggested in order to maintain efficacy of the yucca herb over an extended period of time.  We hope this pricing excites you as much as it excites us!  It's our mission to offer affordable, safe, wholesome & VERY effective supplements!

Original:                                 $1.49 per day
Competition Ready:              $1.62 per day
Advanced:                              $1.68 per day
Strawberry Sportcake:         $1.80 per day
Elite:                                       $1.94 per day
Cushings/IR/Mood:               $2.25 per day
Cushings/IR/Mood w EO’s:  $2.46 per day
Gastric Support:                   $3.63 per day

What Do Horse Owners Say About Yucc’ It Up?

"This product is the real deal. Not only is it all natural, but it actually really, really works!”
Natalia Martin  International Champion FEI Dressage Rider, USDF Silver & Bronze Medalist & Olympic hopeful

"The difference in my OTTB mare's performance is astounding.  I've never seen her feel so great!  Her energy is up and her movement is on point.
UPDATE: The Cushing's / IR / Mood Support formula has balanced her mood and cycles so nicely.  She use to bully her herd, but now she's affectionate!  She even shares her hay pile. :) "

Megan     Eventer

"In just two days, I noticed a difference in my horse's movement!  My equine massage therapist even complimented my gelding and how great he looks so soon after starting.  He loves them!
UPDATE:  Advanced formula Yucc' It Up! has helped Peanut be able to run barrels in 17 seconds when he was previously running in 19 seconds.  I'm so pleased with his performance improvement!  I love this product because it really works."

Caitlin   Worcester Mounted Police Unit Trainer

"Yucc' It Up! is a life saver for my horse's disabling lameness.  He's now able to be active and is happily working as a therapeutic riding horse.  I couldn't be more thrilled!  Thank you!
Bianca  Rider & Health Coach

"Yucc’ It Up! has made extreme improvements to my horse’s chronic hind-end lameness. After only three days, it was like riding a completely different horse.  I am blown away by the changes and so excited to add an all natural power house supplement to all of my horses diets!  Thank you so much for creating an amazing formula for success and healthy living!"

Olivia  Farm Owner & Riding Trainer

"If you're looking for a supplement that can help your horse with a variety of issues, look no further!
My gelding's movement is noticeably better throughout... but his right hind, which is his nemesis, is especially better!  He's more relaxed overall and his chronic cough is occuring much less often and is less severe, to the point where he's now consistently rideable.  We are on the right track!"

Heather  Riding Trainer

"During our 3-day Trial on the Original formula, I totally noticed a difference on the second day my horse took it.  First, he let me catch him with no games or bribery, which was miraculous.  Second, riding wise he was cool, calm and collected which was a pleasant surprise.  :)
I've purchased the Advanced formula for the non-competition season and will be switching him onto this and off of his previous supplement!  Thank you so much.”

Faith  Eventer

"I am an Equine Massage Therapist and I was turned onto Yucc’ It Up!  after one of my clients gave them to her 17 year old Quarter Horse. Her gelding had always had a lot of tension in his hind end and obvious restriction of movement in his lower joints, most significantly notable in his hocks. After 14 days there was a remarkable difference in his comfort and range of motion. He was the most forward I had ever seen him, and I have been working with this horse for over 6 years. He was extending underneath himself and driving better than ever from the hind end. I own an 8 year old mare that had, had a coffin joint injury a couple years ago that resulted in surgery. Having seen my client’s success I decided to try Yucc It Up! with my own girl.

(my mare) was on Yucc It Up! for about 2 weeks when I noted her stride had improved. Her hips are definitely where I see the most change. She has a tendency to get tight in her hips. I have fit her saddles to make sure she was not experiencing any lower back tension from equipment; so I knew it was not equipment related. Soon after her hip/thigh tensor muscle released, her hamstrings followed. She also seems to be loading her weight more evenly on the foot she had surgery on. What a difference this supplement made for her! She has never been one to track up under herself, ever. She was always 6-8 inches short of her front foot placement. Now she tracks with relative ease. I cannot say enough about Yucc’ It Up!  My mare is on the Original Formula and my client’s horse is on the Advanced Formula. There is another woman I know that is about to try these formulas out on her horse, and I am excited to see the change in him as well. I do not think there is a horse that could not benefit from one of these formulas."

Bethany    Equine Massage Therapist & Rider

Doesn’t Your Horse Deserve To Yucc’ It Up?

Join horse owners across the nation who are raving about Yucc’ It Up! and the results, and joy it is bringing to their horses! So easy to use, and the results are great. "6 days on, 1 day off; 6 weeks on, 1 week off” keeps it highly effective for your horse. Yucc’ It Up! will change your horse’s life and your life too. Just give us a try— that is all you will need to be convinced —  and ORDER TODAY. 

Contact: Daryl Anne 
P.O. Box 1101
Douglas, Massachussetts 01516
Phone: 508-397-9662
Website: Click Here To Connect

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