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GateThing, LLC
GateThing makes sure your trailer door, barn door, gates or corral gates stay open when you want them open! No more slamming shut on your horse as you are walking through!

How Did The "Gate Thing"  Come To Be?        
Says Rosey Dosch, owner and developer of the GATE THING: I was cleaning the horse trailer out one day. It was a windy day, so I propped up a shovel on the trailer gate to keep it from shutting. Well, it happened! A gust of wind dropped my shovel and the trailer slammed shut. I was trapped inside for 45 minutes!! So glad it wasn’t a  hot day. My trailer has a ’slam latch’ and I was stuck! While I was locked inside, I had time to think— and I started to think— there HAS to be a BETTER way! GATE THING was truly born out of necessity. I was very thankful I wasn’t standing on the ground between my gate and trailer when it slammed shut— I hate to think what might have been.

Would You Like to See Videos On The GATE THING?
We have a full page of VIDEOS that you can enjoy to see the GATE THING in action!

So the GATE THING Also Attaches to Barn Doors?

Yep!! Any one who has had their hands full of ‘horses’ on their lead lines while trying to bring the horses in to beat an oncoming storm, or has tried to open the barn doors, holding buckets of grain and had the wind start up- knows the frustration and even- DANGER— that can come from having the barn door slam in the wind! Some of these barn doors are VERY heavy and can be dangerous. GATE THING turns into a “barn door thing” really easily  and will make sure that door stays open— until YOU decide to close it!

What About Fence Gates? (Arena Gates or Corral Gates, Front Gate)
Absolutely! When you are pulling the trailer through the entry gate, or walking your horses through, or you have to have that arena gate open — make sure you have the GATE THING. Don’t rely on a ’stick’ that your horse can step on, or something else that can fall over (or worse, fall on your horse!) just take a minute and attach the GATE THING and your worries are over.

What About Double Gates?
Double Gates can be double the trouble. ONE stays open and the other slams shut before you can get to the 2nd gate to open it. You can also put GATE THING on double gates. Closing can be a problem too. Get one gate shut and the other blows open in the wind— leaving you out of breath as you are trying to run between the 2 gates. GATE THING is a life saver when it comes to double gates!

Is The GATE THING Easy To Install?
Yes it is. Designed by a woman and installed by women every day! It comes with 2 self tapping Screws. We recommend you do a “dry fit” first… meaning, just hold the GATE THING in the upright position on your gate, trailer door, or barn door. Pretend it is attached and rotate the GATE THING to the ground. You should have about a 45 degree angle… just adjust up or down as needed. We also have an attachment to make the GATE THING a little longer if you need it. When you have decided WHERE to attach the GATE THING- just grab your drill and attach. It is that easy!

Is It True That The GATE THING Can Save Me A Trip To The Hospital?
For some people, it really can. Rosie had a friend loading her horse into a trailer, the wind blew, hit the horse on the hocks, spooked the horse and the horse bolted and accidentally stomped her foot— sending her to the Emergency Room where she lost her toe nail and broke some bones in her foot. Instead of enjoying her day with her horse— she ended up in the ER, therapy and a huge expense!

Is Gate Thing Just For Horse People? Can It Be Used With All Forms Of Livestock?
Absolutely! Anyone can use the Gate Thing. It can be put on any trailer, Gate or door. Used to load and unload Horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and even  chickens! So don’t delay. Get a Gate Thing today. It also makes great gifts!

Don’t End Up in The E.R…. Get The GATE THING Today!
Ok, so we’re using a little humor here, but we’re not too far off, because any trailer door, gate, or barn door that hits your horse because the door or gate didn’t stay open,  can cause a chain of reactions that, at the very least, are undesired— and some are downright dangerous! The GATE THING is only $75— and the one of most sensible purchases any horse owner can make! It will last you for years to come— call Rosey today and get the GATE THING— you’ll love it and so will your horses!

Contact: Rosey Dosch 
10425 394th Ave
Frederick, South Dakota 57411
Phone: 605-380-7022
Website: Click Here To Connect

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