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GoldenWings Horse Shoes
GoldenWings Horse Shoes offers NATURAL Flexibility, and allows the frog to do its job, all while protecting the sole!

Everything Is Riding On Your Horse’s Hooves!
When the hoof hits the terrain, the shape changes. The plantar arch flattens. The solar cavity decreases in depth and heels spread. The hoof diameter increases to a dilated state as the hoof capsule experiences significant changes in structural integrity. The pressure in the hoof rises and blood is squeezed out of soft tissues, causing a secondary pumping action (along with the pumping action of the frog). Then more change occurs – back to the resting state – as the hoof is raised off the ground for the continuation of stride.  All this occurs in the hoof whether barefoot or shoed. Man, however, has added the elements of concrete surfaces, asphalt and gravel, all which increases the strain upon the hoof. Domesticated horses need protection that results in good health and increased longevity.


GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES  began over 60 years ago when the owner's two grandfathers in Western Pennsylvania noticed a simple peculiarity about horses. One a farmer and the other a logger realized that horses don’t pull a load. Horses push loads. They push with their toes and land on their heels. Horses, they knew, could land level and straight with traction. The idea of GOLDENWINGS was born.

We began racing standard bred horses. At the racetrack, an Amishman shoed Amish road horses. He came weekly to reset or modify the shoes of our horses for racing at the county fairs. This blacksmith knew the adjustments would give them traction without interference, to land on the heel and push off straight with the toes. Race horses needed to have as little weight as possible for speed. In addition, the Amishman believed in short toes, higher heels and fractions of inches and ounces to make a difference. He kept accurate records of measurements to make necessary adjustments when he returned to check the horses. The result, a long time coming, is today’s State of the Art GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES.
10 years of experimenting with materials has produced a special compound that is very light in weight and actually simulates the flexibility of the natural hoof.

NOTE: This SECRET COMPOUND TECHNOLOGY allows the frog to do its job with traction and cushion. GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES provide a shoe for your horse that is closest to how a natural (bare) hoof would feel and perform.

So Just What IS The “Golden Ratio” and How Can That Benefit MY Horse?

GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES have been designed to accommodate the uses that mankind has imposed on the horse. Though the following description of some natural laws may seem odd and inappropriate for the product, we implore you to take a minute to see if it does indeed make sense to you as the future owner of GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES for your horse.

This concept in nature is the basis for individual growth of all things – including horses. For example, personal arm and leg length in a human is usually (barring syndrome influences) proportional to the torso. The same can be assumed in leaf size on a flower stem or wing size on a bumble bee. Leonardo Di Vinci believed that ideal proportions are governed by the harmonious proportions that govern the universe. His Vitruvian Man is an example of how two or more body parts are used to relate to each other as well as the whole. Michelangelo applied the Golden Ratio (as did other Renaissance artists) to carve the Statue of David from a block of granite. It is said that the Statue of David is the most perfect model of the human form.

The Golden Ratio Dictates The Size and Features of ALL Living Things!
For horses, the horseshoe MUST be made to correctly accommodate its weight and, naturally, the hoof size.  The KEY TO finding the GOLDEN RATIO for each individual horse is correct measurement of the FROG. The size and shape of the frog is the critical factor, or foundation, for proper shoeing for the hoof of each specific horse.  Just as the Cornerstone  must be positioned correctly for the structural soundness of a building, a horse shoe designed to respect the frog will influence the health of the horse

Note: All animal structures, appearance and design are influenced by the Golden Ratio.  For example, a tiger’s markings fall at the Golden Ratio which define the length and width of the lines on its face and stripes on its body. A dorsal fin of a dolphin, using the Golden Ratio, determines the width of its tail. All creatures, including YOU, are designed with this amazing principle of nature.

What Sets GOLDENWINGS HORSESHOES Apart From Other Horseshoes?
The difference become clear, immediately! GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES are specifically designed from the hoof to the spine of the horse. They are intended to preserve and protect each muscle group, all tendons and ligaments, and all bones. This innovative shoe benefits the horse from the hoof to the spine. Our mission is to provide for and preserve the integrity of the entire structure of the horse – SOUND from the ground up. a documented fact that much lameness is caused by improper trimming and shoeing techniques, in addition to shoeing that characterizes long toe and low heel.

How Does GOLDENWINGS Support The Frog?
GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES can achieve hoof balance starting with the frog. This rubbery organ makes contact with the ground first, along with the heel. From a total hoof perspective, the frog never changes. It makes sense then for this to be the first place to examine on a horse’s foot. In the design of this new horseshoe, the frog is exposed to allow proper use for ongoing health and integrity. A healthy frog occurs from performing its’ shock absorption job. The shoe also protects the coffin bone (the last bone in the leg inside the hoof), as well as added protection for the navicular bone, the sole and the deep flexor tendon. GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES places up to 14 mm of flexible shoe material between the hoof and the terrain.

Is GOLDENWINGS the ONLY Shoe That Supports The Sole Too?
YES! GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES are the first and only shoe that allows the sole and outer structure of the hoof, the walls, to be supported as well as used as both were intended to be used on a barefoot horse. The wall of a hoof is the protective shield that covers the sensitive internal tissues. It also serves to dissipate the energy produced in the foot and leg (and whole) of the horse with each heel strike or stride. GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES provide connectivity for the entire hoof structure, not just the wall as current day shoes are designed.

What Benefits Can GOLDENWINGS Horseshoes Offer To My Horse?
Horses are large animals bearing weight on relatively tiny hooves. The ability of that horse to add the weight of a man or woman—  along with the performance requirements that men and women ask of their horses,  can have a devastating effect on the health and comfort of your horse. Stone bruising, sole damage or sensitivity, and worse, can be the effect. Goldenwings helps to give an extremely tough, yet flexible layer of protection AND Frog Support, along with added protection to the coffin bone— to help result in a more comfortable hoof and a horse that is more happy to perform and do what is required.

Benefits of GoldenwingsHorseshoes
    •    Reduces overall Leverage
    •    Avoids Stone Bruising
    •    Reduces Coffin Bone Injuries
    •    Assists the Digital Cushion with Shock Absorption
    •    A Therapeutic Shoe for numerous hoof issues
    •    Increases Natural Weight, Shock and Concussion Distribution
    •    Improves Evenly Distributed Traction
    •    Allows the Frog to do its Job
    •    May Aid in Reducing Shin Splints
    •    May Aid in Reducing Navicular Syndrome
    •    Reduces or Eliminates Lameness
    •    Allows the Hoof to Flex according to the Terrain
    •    Provides Traction to the Entire Hoof and Supports the Outside Walls of the Hoof
    •    Provides a light weight shoe option that will not break or bend
    •    Protects the Sole, especially as a heat shield
    •    Hoofs land Square on the entire Hoof area (unlike a rim shoe that lands on the hoof walls)
    •    As Close to a Natural Hoof as Possible
    •    Made in the USA, using molds that produce consistent sizing, uniformity of weight, thickness, nail placement and resiliency
    •    Shoe material is comparable with the consistency of the hoof, flexes with hoof on any terrain, and lands each stride flat and level
    •    Adds Protection for the Deep Flexor Tendon


GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES are unique in that they:

* Eliminate long toes and low heels. According to many experts, poor performance and lameness are often caused by improper trimming and shoeing techniques. It is beneficial that the farrier shoeing a GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOE understand proper trimming, measuring and fitting by using the Golden Ratio.

* Allow the entire foot of the horse to become the bearing surface as it lands with each stride, heel first.
GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES have nail holes designed to place the nail properly even if the hoof wall has been damaged due to trauma, injury or improper trimming. A minimum of hoof wall should be displaced as possible with nails during shoe attachment.

Can GOLDENWINGS HORSESHOES Help My Horse Discourage Navicular Syndrome?
GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOE are designed to fit from the heel buttress forward since this is where the most impact occurs during stride. This added protection may discourage Navicular Syndrome. The design also provides protection to discourage stone bruises. Its thickness and flexibility aid in the protection for the sole and the entire hoof. GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES provides more square inches of hoof protection than ordinary shoes, and the flexible hoof mechanism ensures blood circulation within the hoof.

So…. HOW Do They Work?
GOLDENWINGS HORSESHOES are designed to Absorb Energy and Shock like a catcher’s mitt — and to flex with each stride like the hoof capsule. Goldenwings provide for additional shock absorption by providing a concave area directly above the tip of the coffin bone to flex and absorb shock like a catcher’s mitt. The concave area collects a thin layer of fine dirt to provide additional padding on contact.

This feature allows the sole to continue to perform as support, to be in active contact with the shoe and ground. The shoe acts as a protective pad for the sole and coffin bone with up to 14 mm thickness of flexible additional sole protection between the sole and the terrain acting to aid with prevention of stone bruising. Stone bruises are caused by a stone or sharp type of object, landings from high jumps, and excessive exposure to snow. A major symptom is lameness.”

* Light in weight and thus reduce leverage. This allows for quicker strides and less stress on all supporting factors with the movement of the horse. There is up to 14 mm of protection for the hoof, including the sole.
* Designed to serve as a cushion upon impact with similar material as the hoof itself, to flex with the foot rather than to bend or break.
* Flex with the hoof and returns to its original shape. This prevents slipping for the next stride. Slipping may injure all the structures of the horse which can lead to lameness.
* Help to eliminate leverages and reduces the effect of long toe, low heel on all ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones and apparatus. The legs and hoofs perform most of the functions of absorbing impact and weight bearing as well as providing thrust.

Can Any Horse Wear GOLDENWINGS?  How Long Do They Last?

GOLDENWINGS Horse Shoes are designed to be worn by any horse performing any task!  Differing tasks may indeed result in variations in length of time the shoe is worn, and resulting wear.  Test shoes on race horses showed that we could perform 3 resets  with the same shoe, trimming only as directed for our shoes between 4 week resets. This allowed the race horses to wear the same GoldenwingHorseshoes for 16 weeks.  Testimonies have shown that the shoe does indeed wear well and typically beyond the normal usage for steel shoes.  

Can They Replace My Old Steel Shoes?
YES. While some custormers are trying GoldenwingsHorseshoes for therapeutic purposes, in order to correct a problem for a lame horse.  GoldenwingsHorseshoes recommends that you consult with a veterinarian regarding all medical issues with your horse.  However, these same customers are have that with improvement in their horses soundness, there is no need to go back to steel shoes.  They continue to purchase and shod with GoldenwingsHorseshoes.

What Do People SAY About GOLDENWINGS Horse Shoes? 
I am a farrier in Washington state and have been searching for a non-metal shoe. Goldenwings horseshoes are tough out last steel shoes. The best of all, the horses I have in these shoes are now landing heel first. I highly recommend these shoes.- Molly P.

I have been watching the research and development of this new horse show for several years now and am thrilled to finally be able to try them on my older thoroughbred gelding who is starting to show some wear and tear. He is on his second setting at the moment and is moving like a young horse again. I was considering hock injections but with the Golden Wing shoes, I see no need for that at this time. He is back in work and his length of stride and quality of movement is even better than when he was a young horse placing in the model hunter classes at Devon and many other shows. Only wish they were available throughout this horse’s career. Love the shock absorption and the traction he has in western PA mud.- Connie W.

"All who know me call my 'Lenny' Lenny Alifi. I've been a Farrier for over 45 years, spending most of my adult life in the desert right here in the Phoenix valley, Apache Junction to be exact. I started my apprenticeship in Upstate New York and in Long Island. The man I served my apprenticeship under is Dave Birdsall who was eventually inducted into the Worldwide Farriers Association. Dave was old school, hard on me, and told me to go to school so I went to Western's School of Horseshoeing in the mid 1970s. I later returned to Long Island to work with Dave but The West gets under a person's skin and I had to make this desert my home.

Over the many years of nailing steel to hoof, I've always pondered "Is there were a better way?" With all of todays advancing technology, maybe there is a better solution to this necessary evil of nailing steel to hoof. We put weight on a horses back and the sports and pleasure riding vigorously wares away hoof faster than natures growth can catch up. We have been nailing steel on to protect our horses feet since the 1400s.

My observation of the GoldenWing Horseshoe is that it is not made of steel, has the strength of natural hoof, and has an amazing durability that is as close to barefoot shoeing as I have yet experienced. At first introduction to this strange looking shoe, I was a bit confused as to either embrace it or just pass it along as some oddity of interest. Either way, I was intrigued so I had to give it a whirl. I did and so far, it's been18 horses that I have shod and reset with this Golden Wing shoe. I must confess, it is becoming much less strange than it was 5 weeks ago. It gives the protection of padding a hoof and I love the shock absorption, it is just like putting hoof onto hoof. "
- Lenni  A.

"My lovely Morgan Mare has been barefoot all her 12 year's life. She has beautiful hooves, but is frequently 'tender footed'. I decided to give GoldenWings a try in hopes to help her. First, my farrier was skeptical-- but after he put them on, he said "These are the best shoes I have seen-- they really FLEX with the hoof! I am going to refer these to about 10 of my clients I can think of right now". I love them. My beautiful mare acts like nothing is on her feet, but no more soreness! Goldenwings-- really live up to their name!" - Ann Pruitt- Director 

GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES Secret Technology Compound provides a shoe made of material that flexes and wears just like a natural barefoot hoof. When the hoof, loaded with the weight of the horse, hits the ground with each stride it actually changes shape. GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES are made of a material that moves with the changes the hoof experiences with each stride. A horse’s hoof is so flexible that one could actually take hold and give it a good squeeze, noticing the give. You’ll love the DIFFERENCE that GOLDENWINGS HORSESHOES offer your horse.  At LESS than $20 per pair, EVERY horse can truly have “golden wings”! Pick up the phone and order today!

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Phone: 602-909-3144
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