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Premier Rose' Conditioner by Premier Equine Products
Premier Rose' Conditioner by Premier Equine Products has been known as the "Barn Secret" for decades. Regular use will help restore the color and shine of your horse's coat!

About Premier Equine Products
Known around the World, by word of mouth.  
Premier Equine Products are designed for performance, halter, miniature and draft horses. Absolutely NO silicon! Premier Rose’ Conditioner will never cause slippage of tack or harness. You will love the way it helps to restore your horse’s natural color and brilliance!

Is It True That Premier Equine Products Help Prevent Static Electricity— Which Can Attract Dirt?
YES! By providing an incredible moisture barrier, Premier Rose’ Leave In Conditioner, allows the skin and hair to loose the static electricity that can attract dust and dirt. Premier Rose’ Leave In Conditioner ensures moisture levels that reduce the ability to soak up and set in stains.

Can Premier Rose' Conditioner Help My Horse’s Faded Coat?
Oh yes and this is one thing that truly sets us apart from the crowd.  Premier Rose' Conditioner is the product that has been known as the “Barn Secret” for over 35 years. (The beautiful smell always gave it away.) Spray Premier Rose’ Conditioner over the entire body, mane and tail, they can be wet or dry. Brush in. With just pennies per day and in three to five minutes, you can attain the optimum healthy skin and hair you and your horse have always wanted. The hair generally deepens in color, two to three shades. If you use it every day for a week, you will notice a real difference in the brightness of your horse’s color! Only $9.95 Quart Size Ready to Use,  1 quart concentrate makes 11 quarts  $21.95

Premier Nature's Clean Shampoo Is The Healthy Choice For Your Horse’s Coat!
Just imagine how your skin would feel if you just rinsed off without using anything to loosen the dirt and salt built up, after a long day. This can host a list of problems for your horse including hot spots, girth itch and fungus.
This gentle, Ph balanced shampoo can boost the energy level by opening the pore structure for the skin to breathe. With the performance horse in mind, Premier Nature's Clean Shampoo was developed and can be used as frequently as needed, even daily. With a hint of pine oil, a natural antiseptic, the balance of the skin, is maintained. Nature's Clean Shampoo along with Premier Rose' Conditioner, discourages rubbing and itching from dry skin… only $16.95 Quart size

Premier White Magic Shampoo Is Also Perfect For Greys, Paints, Buckskins and Palominos!
Tired of stains, faded whites or grey? Tired of purple fingers from other “whitening” shampoos?  Never worry again about having their hair, your skin, or your clothes turn purple! Premier White Magic Shampoo causes the hair to "glow" white.

Ph-balanced, this incredible product whitens the white and intensifies colored hair. Premier White Magic can be used on all species when you need it to be done right the first time and only Premier White Magic has been the leading whitening and stain removal shampoo in the horse and livestock industry for over 35 years! $21.95 Quart size
Note: Can be left on for up to an hour for deep stains, absolutely no hint of purple after rinsing.  Use Premier Rose' immediately so hair will soak up and close the cutiicle.  Stains will remain on surface only.  

What Do Horse Owners Say About Premier Equine Products?
I bought the Rose’ Conditioner because my gorgeous, liver chestnut Morgan Mare was “fading” in the Florida sun. I was skeptical- but hopeful. All I can say is “Wow Wow Wow!” After 3 days of using Premier Rose’ Conditioner- she is back to her rich, liver color. It also made her smell AMAZING! I am telling all my friends!
Ann Pruitt Director, InfoHorse

Leaves the skin soft and the hair shiny! Rinses easily in cold water. "Nature's Clean is by far the best cleansing shampoo on the market!" We have horses that nearly rubbed their mane and tails off. After a few weeks, their whole attitude changed!
Katherine Martin, Independence, MO.
After seeing what it did for my horses, I tried it on my little terrier, Mitzi. For years she has scratched herself until her skin bleed. The vets had prescribed cortisone and medicated shampoos. Nothing helped until Nature's Clean Shampoo and Rose' Conditioner. Mitzi and I want to THANK YOU!
Donna Smith, Ft. Worth Texas

They glow white with the White Magic Shampoo!

Ross Roark, Trainer of Multiple AQHA and APHA World Champions

When they line up, you can see the difference between the competitors that use Premier White Magic versus those that use the other brands. The Premier prepped hair just blooms with intensity.

J.T.Mitchell, Leading APHA and AQHA Halter Trainer & Judge

Every Horse Can Be Show Ready With Premier Equine Products!
Premier Equine Products just can’t be beat. Used by top trainers, JUDGES and active people in the horse industry— they offer your horse truly amazing skin and coat care with outstanding results— and our prices are truly amazing. Want to be a dealer? Just call today and  tell us about YOUR horses! We’ll be glad to help you with your order. Make YOUR horse— a PREMIER horse today!

Contact: Bob or Sondra 
P.O. Box 10
Granbury, Texas 76048
Phone: 817-690-4241
Website: Click Here To Connect

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