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Organic, FULL Spectrum, CBD Products For Horses and Dogs by Better Life Brands
Organic, FULL Spectrum, CBD Products For Horses and Dogs by Better Life Brands to help your horses and dogs have a better, happier and more active life!

About Better Life Brands…Family Owned, Organically Farm Grown!
The Better Life Brands story is personal and began years ago on an organic farm in Oregon. A good friends grandfather became terminally ill and was prescribed opioids. Realizing the toll and side effects the opioids caused their loved one, they began to treat him with CBD capsules instead. From that day on their grandfather not only stopped using opioids, but had no continued side effects. He was able to live out his remaining life on the farm in general peace and relative comfort.
After seeing first-hand the benefits of CBD products, the family became committed to using part of their farmland to growing the finest hemp they could. But their commitment to quality didn’t stop there. They set up an extensive CO2 extraction plant and GMP lab for processing the oil into the finest CBD oil available in the USA.  Our products at “Better Life Brands" are a direct result of organic growing standards and commitment to quality. We believe that by controlling the entire process from start to finish, that we can ensure the highest quality product and keep our prices affordable.

Don’t Your Horses and Dogs Deserve A BETTER LIFE?
Horses and dogs suffer from many ailments that are expensive and difficult to treat, most are a result of inflammation, skin conditions or anxiety. CBD is the natural way to fight inflammation and calm the desire to take flight. The cannabinoid receptors in animals are similar to humans. Full spectrum CBD products take advantage of these receptors and attach to them. An increase in a horse's intake of omegas (essential fatty acids) is the single best thing you can do for your horse's overall well-being. The omegas are beneficial in promoting joint health, improving skin, coat, mane and tail condition, and even improving hooves. It stands to reason that if essential fatty acids are important, then hemp is by far one of the richest and most balanced natural sources.
What Are Cannabinoids (CBD)?
Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp. They match and map to endocannabinoids in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) found in all mammals. These systems are not identical across the species, but they function in much the same way.
Phytocannabinoids trigger a whole inventory of medical therapeutic applications. THC is the best known of these elements, the one that produces the psychoactive effects that placed it on the FDA’s Schedule 1 drugs. Hemp, on the other hand, has less than .3% THC, and Hemp-extracted CBD-oil is legal in all 50 states.
The ECS is common to mammals. It involves their brains, organs, nervous systems, and immune systems in extensive and complex ways. The prescription medications used to treat medical conditions must be processed by the animal’s physiology. But, cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids are simply assimilated.

So What IS CBD Oil?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis sativa plant and hemp. CBD oil is an extract that lacks the psychoactive THC. Veterinarians and equine researchers have become very interested in the health benefits following the administration of full-spectrum CBD oil.

How Is The CBD Oil Superior at Better Life Brand?
Grown in our 3rd Generation Certified ORGANIC FARM our Hemp Extract CBD oil contains a full spectrum CBD extract, delivering a blend of naturally occurring terpenes and active ingredients to support a healthy endocannabinoid system. CBD oil contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. It’s rich with omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. And, it is a good source of chlorophyll and gluten-free protein
Full-spectrum CBD oil for horses will act as an analgesic, anti-anxiolytic, anticonvulsant antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumoral therapy. It produces no negative side-effects, and it can be administered easily.
Note: At its core, CBD oil treats a broad spectrum of anxiety-related issues in horses, thoroughbreds, quarter horses, and pets.

So— Just How Can CBD Help My Horse?
Horses live in a constant state of “fight or flight.” Their instinct tells them to “run first”… “think about it later”!  In addition to natural fears and anxiety, because of their interactions with man, horses now have to worry about training, traveling, being separated from their friends, and even worrying about things like performance and pleasing their owners.
In addition to their anxiety, horses are subject to many medical problems: arthritis, chronic laminitis, herd bound issues, muscle soreness, stall rest, trailering fear, and more. Our Better Life Bites, CBD Pellets For Horses have made a significant difference in the lives of horses everywhere and we know that your horse can benefit too!

Want a Better Quality of Life For YOUR Horse? Better Life Bites, Horse Pellets Are the Answer!
Better Life Bites CBD Horse Pellets will help your horse with many ailments. Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-anxiety, pain relief, arthritis, poor appetite, skin issues, nausea, seizures, Better Life Bites CBD Horse Pellets will help your horse with many ailments. Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-anxiety, pain relief, arthritis, poor appetite, skin issues, nausea, seizures, separation anxiety, hard keepers just to name few.
Special Note: Our product is organic and sold directly farm to family. The product is made from organic post extracted hemp plant meal. We add molasses to the pellets for added flavor. FDA approved food grade organic Anti mold and antiviral inhibitors are added to the product to ensure quality.

What Symptoms Can Better Life CBD Horse Pellets Help My Horse With?
* Chronic Discomfort
* Digestion and Appetite
* Anxiety
* Inflammation
* Arthritis
* Nausea
* Seizures
* Separation Anxiety/ Generalized Anxiety

What Size Is Available For My Horses?

We offer 1 pound bags and each bag contains over 5600 mg of CBD. We also offer 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums.
The 1 pound bags are approximately 1 months supply. Our 5 pound containers and 55 Gallon containers are available by special order. Subscription plans are available where you pick the size and date of the order, we automatically ship it to you each month. This is cancelable at any time. 

How Much Do I Give My Horse? What Is The Average Dosage?
Typical dosage is about one tablespoon (90 mg) twice per day. Some horses need more, some lThe typical horse requires 1 tablespoon per day. Some need more, some need less depending on t Typical dosage is about one tablespoon (90 mg) twice per day.

Some horses need more, some less depending on the symptom you are treating. You will be able to adjust according to your horse’s needs. If your horse is on medications, consult with your veterinarian for proper dosage.  Horses have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans so they too benefit from CBD. Our CO2 extraction & decarboxylation process insures a quality CBD product for your equine.
What About The MSM CREAM for Horses and Dogs or  CBD Oil CREAM For Humans?

MSM Cream is commonly used to treat many skin conditions and injuries that need healing. We just add 200 MG CBD into the MSM and this provides a way for the CBD to enter the cannabinoid receptors on the outside. This product is safe for animals and humans. The Muscle Gel  has an amazing effect for Humans who want to bring relief to tired achy muscles. Topical muscle gel works by drawing blood into the injured area providing a cooling sensation that eases inflammation, loosens knots, and helps tired muscles. Infused with full spectrum industrial hemp extract, this works for those deep discomforts.

Can Better Life Brands Help My Dog?
YES! Anytime you can naturally help your dog to be more comfortable and to move more freely, you add a significantly better quality to their life, mental and physical well being!

* CBD just seems to have a natural way to calm down the stresses found in dogs.
* Stress in dogs often comes in the form or itchy skin, so it helps alleviate excessive licking, anxiety etc.
* CBD can help a dog feel better, so that the appetite returns to normal.
* It helps to discourage discomfort and helps to manage distress from diseases like cancer—
* It supports a more healthy gut and digestive system.  

Our "Better Life Bites"- CBD Biscuits For Dogs-Have 10mg CBD Per Biscuit With 30 Biscuits Per Bag!
Give your dog the gift of CBD. Our full-spectrum CBD Dog Biscuits (10 mg per biscuit) may support relief for a variety
of symptoms. Our treats are delicious and high-quality.  This bag of 30 biscuits contains hemp extract mixed with Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, Whole Wheat flour. Dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans so they too benefit from CBD. Our CO2 extraction & decarboxylation process insures a quality CBD product for your pet. Grown on a family farm in Oregon.
ariety of symptoms.

Are The Treats Also Nutritious?
YES! Our treats are delicious and high-quality.  Our bag of 30 biscuits contains hemp extract mixed with Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, Whole Wheat flour and eggs. Dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans so they too benefit from CBD. Our CO2 extraction & decarboxylation process insures a quality CBD product for your pet. Grown on our organic family farm in Oregon.

How Long Do My Animals Need To Stay On Better Life Brand?

This is a lifelong natural organic supplement to their diet. You just control the amount you give them based on symptoms and results. This is the same in humans.

Can I Use CBD Oil with My Other Supplements?
CBD can be used with many other supplements to achieve health benefits. Check with your Veterinarian, but most supplements are completely compatible and many veterinarians are very excited about the benefits that CBD Oil has to offer!

What Do Clients Say About Better Life Brand Products For Their Horses or Dogs?

It's working!

Hi Mike!!! The pellets are really starting to make a difference with my horse David. The farrier came Friday, left hind leg had almost no tremors. Right (which is the worse), still had some, but he was able to keep his leg up during the entire trim without much effort.  I'm going to try to ride him in the next week or so. Thank you!!!
Autumn Grogan

She no longer licks her paws!
Hello Mike!
I have a yellow lab who will soon turn 13. Since she has been taking the Better Life bites, she no longer licks her paws the way she used to! And she looks forward to her "bites" every morning and evening! Thank you for your dedication to our animals! I truly appreciate your work!

Nicole Camilleri

Is It True That Better Life Brand Controls All Aspects of Growth, Formulation and Packaging?
Absolutely! This makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Our on-site extensive CO2 Extraction equipment and GMP processing lab ensure we control all aspects of the finished product. We can private label all our products to meet the marketing needs of veterinarians, retailers and trainers.

Help Your Horses and Dogs To Have a Better Quality Of Life— With Better Life Brands Today!

Our organic grown CBD Oil is the purest, most effective CBD available in America today. Let us help your horses, dogs and farm animals to a BETTER LIFE with our Better Life Brand Products. We welcome your calls and orders today!

Contact: Mike Stutz
P.O. Box 13
Union, Michigan 49130
Phone: 833-631-0074
Website: Click Here To Connect

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