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Ecoraster Equestrian Solutions

If your horses have to deal with MUD-- Ecoraster is the answer! It is a permeable paving solution that allows for natural drainage into the ground without producing harmful runoff.

About Purus America-- Makers of 
Ecoraster Grid
Purus North America, makers of Ecoraster Grid, is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company headquartered in Listowel, Ontario. With decades of experience in injection molding with sister company BTE Assembly Ltd, the team was inspired to start manufacturing and distributing Ecoraster. This innovative and environmentally friendly permeable grid paving system is available throughout all North America through our network of trusted distributors.

What IS Ecoraster- and How Can It Help My Horse Property?
Ecoraster is a permeable grid solution that creates a barrier between the ground and foot surfaces. This barrier allows riding and stable conditions to remain dry long into damp and rainy seasons. The infiltration rate of Ecoraster quickly moves rainwater into the ground, eliminating mud and puddles. Wet conditions can lead to dangerous illness and disease in horses. So not only does Ecoraster extend the riding season, it can significantly improve the quality of life for horses and riders alike.

*  Extends The Riding Season
*  Keeps Riding Surfaces Clean and SAFE For Horses and Riders!
*  Helps Protect Your Horse From Skin and Hoof Disease
*  Helps Discourage Mud Fever and Scratches!
*  Helps Prevent Accidents and Injury By Providing A Stable Footing
*  Discourages Hypothermia and Other Illnesses

*  Most Trusted, Most Durable Equestrian Solution for Mud Control

What Is 
Ecoraster Grid Made From?
Ecoraster products are made from 100% recycled plastics right here in North America- and are the only permeable paving product to undergo extensive, dynamic RAL testing. Ecoraster products are backed by a 20 year warranty. 

Is It Easy To Install?
YES! Ecoraster is incredibly easy to install. Once a base is prepared, the grid system quickly and easily clicks together without any additional materials required. Depending on the size of the install, Ecoraster can even be installed as a DIY project. Once installed, traditionally a dirt or gravel infill is used and the grid is ready to be used!

Can Ecoraster Turn My Muddy Paddock Into Solid Footing?
Absolutely! Ecoraster has a high filtration rate that allows rainwater to be absorbed into the ground at an unprecedented rate. This significantly reduces the amount of pooling at the surface that can create puddles and muddy conditions that translate to illness and infection. While Ecoraster is a solid grid, it has the ability to create a cushion-like surface that is dry and can absorb the movement of riders above it.

Where Can I Use Ecoraster?
High traffic areas like gates, feeding areas and paddocks are susceptible to mudding which is dangerous for horses and riders alike. Ecoraster is a high quality, permeable ground reinforcement product that immediately and efficiently eliminates mud from these high-traffic places and provides long-term cost savings for ongoing maintenance. Not only does Ecoraster reduce mudding, its elasticity allows for it to retain flexibility in any climate. This can help to extend the riding season by keeping surface conditions dry and safe for horses and riders into colder rainy months. Engineered in Germany and made in North America, Ecoraster is made from 100% recycled plastic and comes with a 20 year guarantee.

  In front of gates where horses usually stand and turn into muddy holes
*  Arenas and Round Pens
*  Driveways
*  Walk ways
*  Washracks
*  Aisleways
*  Barns and indoor Stalls
*  anywhere there is dirt that can turn into mud!

Can I Use Ecoraster To Help Stabilize My Gravel or Dirt Driveway or Gate Areas?
YES! Ecoraster provides instant stabilization for dirt driveways and gate areas. In some cases a base prep is required before the grid is installed, but it can also be placed directly on the ground without any additional preparation. Our team of Distributors can discuss your specific needs to determine which install method is right for your project.

Can Ecoraster Help Create A Solid  Foundation For My Arena?
Absolutely it can! Most horse riders know how miserable it is to try to ride in a ’swampy’ arena after it rains— and drying can take several days. Ecoraster can change all that.  Ecoraster is both elastic and durable. Laying Ecoraster down as a base creates instant stability. The elasticity in the grid allows for a comfortable ride that prevents injury to joints and tendons and helps prevent those puddles and slippery mud surfaces.

How Long Can I Expect My Ecoraster Grid To Last?
Ecoraster comes backed by a 20 year warranty. So you can imagine how durable it is if our company is willing to stand behind a warranty of that length. Ecoraster can last decades when installed correctly.

What Are My Ecoraster Options Available?
We have several that are great for equestrians… Ecoraster offers options to fit the task!

* Ecoraster E50 is for the toughest situations like driveways, gate entrance and any place meeting heavy loads. E50 is the perfect solution for heavy-duty construction and landscaping.  This permeable ground stabilization system is made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic and is quick and easy to install. It can hold 70,000 pounds per square foot and withstand even the harshest of weather all year long. Backed by a 20 year warranty, E50 is the ideal choice for your next heavy-duty project.

* Ecoraster E40 is a little less heavy duty and would be appropriate for stalls, aisle ways, paddocks, etc. Ecoraster E40 is durable and lightweight making it a great option for projects ranging from barn floors to RV parking lots. As always, Ecoraster is made from 100% recycled plastic, crafted with German engineering and is backed by our 20 year guarantee. E40 is plowable and able to withstand even the harshest of climates.
What Do People Say About Ecoraster Equestrian Solutions?
 People cannot believe how easy it is to install and how versatile it is. Elimination of mud is a huge advantage, but the support on the ground is equally as impressive. We’ve had customers love Ecoraster so much that they took it out of the ground and re-installed it when they moved from one horse property to another!

“The permeability of Ecoraster allows for superior drainage resulting in dry surface areas. This extends outdoor riding season significantly, which isn’t possible otherwise.”

Call For Pricing and We'll Help You With Your Order & Questions Today!
It’s never too soon to make your horse property more safe and with better health support for yourself and your horses! You will find that Ecoraster pays for itself in a very short time. Mud can create hoof infections, skin problems, hypothermia, and other health and wellness problems. It can even cause slipping or falling which is never a good thing for horse— or rider! Ecoraster is a cost-effective solution for equine needs. We are happy to help you determine which Ecoraster product is best for your needs and to help you get the best price possible! Call today and tell us about your horse property!

Contact: Our Friendly Staff 
801 Tremaine Ave. South
Listowel,, Ontario, CANADA N4W 3G9
Phone: 800-495-5517
Website: Click Here To Connect

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