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Hoof Pro™ and Sole Complete™ by Echo Ranch Products
Hoof Pro™ and Sole Complete™ by Echo Ranch Products offer 2 of the most EFFECTIVE, All NATURAL Hoof Care Products in the Horse World!

About Echo Ranch Products Makers of Hoof Pro™
Echo Ranch Products is a family owned business, founded by a master farrier, and based out of Mcminnville, Tennessee. Developed by active horsemen and farriers over 30 years ago, it has come a long way. From the early days of hand mixing and pouring each product into containers to give to local customers- who depended upon this formula to keep their horse’s hooves in top condition--to now being able to package and sell our natural products to all 50 states and beyond, we are proud of our business. and the reviews we get from both professionals and and non professional horse owners are non stop. Once you TRY Hoof Pro™— you will NOT go back!

We hope that you will try each product and see the difference that each makes in your horses. We strive to produce EXCEPTIONAL affordable products that work well for horse and pet owners.  We are thankful for our valued customers and strive to build new relationships with both companies and pet and livestock owners. We would like to extend a Thank You to everyone who has supported us thus far, and look forward to building on it in the future.

What Sets Hoof Pro™ Apart From Competitors?
That is a great question! Hoof Pro is BALANCING Conditioner that balances essential oils within the hoof— from the inside out! 
Hoof Pro™ was formulated and created by a Master Farrier with the help of a well respected equine vet.  Hoof Pro has been used for over 30 years and has been researched and developed to work in just about any environment. Its' unique blend of ingredients work to lock in the animal's natural oils inside the hoof, creating a perfect moisture balance no matter the conditions, wet or dry. It also contains no damaging drying agents such as alcohol, turpentine, acetone, or formaldehyde, which are ingredients in many competitor's formulas. We always try to use only the good stuff in our formulas.

* Penetrates deep into the hoof 
*  100% All Natural with NO TOXIC ingredients
*  Can be used over the entire hoof
*  Helps to prevent dryness 
* Helps wet hooves to create a moisture barrier to prevent over saturation
* Used by Top Farriers, Leading Veterinary Facilities and Top Trainers!

A tip for competition horses: We have some clients that use Hoof Pro before running their horses in speed events such as barrel racing. When painted on the bottom of the hoof and allowed to soak in for at least 10 minutes, Hoof Pro can sometimes help to shed dirt and debris from around the frog and sole, thus improving traction and helping the horse preform better! It is not recommended in shallow ground, ground with exposed rock, or ground that is otherwise dangerous or not safe to compete on. 

How Often Should I Apply Hoof Pro?
Hoof Pro™ is totally safe for daily use. You really can't over-use it. We recommend that it is applied a minimum of 3 times weekly to see the results you want. 

Can Hoof Pro Help My Horse In The Rainy Season?
You can absolutely use Hoof Pro™ in the wet season. Because its unique formulation helps to lock the natural oils inside the hoof, it also helps to lock excess moisture out. We recommend to let the horse stand in crossties or in a nice clean dry spot for about 10 minutes to let it completely soak in before turning them out in mud or standing water. We even have customers that paint it on before going trail riding through water or on muddy trails! 

What Are The Key Ingredients For Hoof Pro™
Hoof Pro is a perfect blend of Aloe, Pine Tar, Linseed Oil,  Neatsfoot Oil, Mineral Oil, Soybean Oil, and Sulfur…

Is It True That A Veterinary Facility In Florida Now Uses Hoof Pro™?
Yes! There are many vets, farriers, and experienced horse people that have used our products. The largest equine veterinary facility in Ocala, FL even endorsed it! Check out our website for the testimonials and endorsements. 

What Is Sole Complete™ and How Can It Help My Horse? 
Every horse owner that we introduce to Sole Complete seems to love the product! Everyone says it is very effective and that they see results quickly. We have customers that are amazed by the results, especially in cases of white line disease and seedy toe. One customer had a horse with white line that was at least half an inch deep and ran down one whole side of the hoof...With application every other day for a few weeks, the farrier was able to completely cut the bad part out the next time the horse was trimmed! You couldn't even tell there was ever a bad spot there!  Sole Complete is an amazing product to help strengthen and protect your horse’s hooves from infection or disease. Contains natural ingredients to fight and treat infections such as thrush, abscesses, as well as whiteline disease. This easy to use spray formula sticks to the bottom of the foot, allowing it to work deep into crevices around the frog and bulbs of heels.

Do I Need To Wrap The Hoof When Using Sole Complete™?
No. You do not have to wrap the hoof after applying Sole Complete. Since it is an easy to use spray, it runs down into the cracks and crevices to treat the problems at the source. If you do not wrap the hoof, we recommend letting the hoof stay in a clean dry environment for 5-10 minutes after application before turning them back out into mud or moisture. You absolutely can wrap the hoof if you choose to. 

Note: Sole Complete™ can be used safely under any kind of wrap without the fear of caustic effects on sensitive tissue.

How Often Should I Apply Sole Complete™ For Thrush or Abscesses™?
For severe cases of thrush, you can apply daily, or every other day. The same goes with an abscess. Just spray it on every time you change the bandaging, which is typically daily or every two days.  You can also apply it once or twice weekly to help prevent your horse from getting thrush if they are prone to having it.

Can I Apply Sole Complete™ to The Coronary Band To Help Abscesses At The Top of The Hoof?
YES! Sole Complete is totally safe to use anywhere on the hoof, including abscesses at the top of the hoof. Just simply spray it on. You can also saturate something like a gauze pad or piece of cotton with Sole Complete and use it in your bandaging to ensure that it stays on the exact spot that treatment is needed. 

Is Sole Complete™ a Painless Product?
Yes! People love the fact that Sole Complete can be used on your animals without the fear of it burning or causing pain when applied. Some other products containing chemicals or formaldehyde can burn your horse when applied to sensitive tissue. It is a great product for treating severe cases of thrush without the fear of causing pain to your animal in the process. It has even been used in cases where the frog area was so damaged that it would bleed when you touched it with the hoofpick, and even then it did not hurt the horse.   

What Are The Ingredients For Sole Complete™?
We may not be allowed to tell you every single ingredient (because there are many who would love to have this formula) but we can tell you that SOLE COMPLETE contains a natural. complex, iodine that, when mixed with the other natural (yet effective!) ingredients, can work wonders! Our clients love what it does for their horse and you will too!! 

What Do Horse Owners Say About These Amazing Products?

“I have used your products on several horses with different types of hoof problems, ranging from simple hoof wall cracks, to severe hoof and sole damage. All cases that I have been monitoring improved greatly and my clients seem to love the easy use of your products. These horses are now sound in the ring and will soon be under saddle again very soon. I personally like that all of your products are natural and can be applied to any area of the hoof without worry. Your products, including the Hoof Pro, Best Secret, and Sole Complete are easy to apply and I feel very comfortable recommending them to clients. It is good to see products on the market that work effectively and help to serve the equine industry. I will be ordering more in the near future for the clinic and will always keep a stock on the truck for use in field.” - Dr. Milt April

“I have been in the horse industry for 32 years and have tried most of the hoof dressings on the market. Jeff Stubblefield’s Hoof-Pro has proved to be superior to all. The health of my horses hooves has greatly improved. I won’t use anything else! We own a carriage service. The pavement is a true test to moisture and cracking. Hoof-Pro keeps the horse’s hooves in excellent condition. It has helped repair dryness, grow a healthier hoof, and keep it in great condition. Thank you for a great product!”
- Kathleen Kerr, Nashville Carriage Service

“Last year when you introduced me to Hoof-Pro, I was concerned by the condition of my “easy keeper” Palamino who does not need more to eat daily! His hooves were as bad as any I have ever seen with cracks nearly to the coronet bands on all 4 hooves and various feed supplement powders were not doing the job by itself. Using Hoof-Pro™ plus the supplement has been miraculous! He now has solid, strong, healthy hooves for the first time in his 5 year old life. I have been applying it liberally several times per week and giving him a reduced amount of supplement at the same time. I only wish I had taken before and after pictures. I now use Hoof-Pro™ on all the horses and would recommend it to anyone.”
Larry Hilmoe— President of the Tennessee Horse Council

Make Sure ThatHoof Pro™ and Sole Complete™ Are Caring For Your Horse's Hooves Today!
We don’t make that statement lightly. We know that there are literally dozens of hoof care products on the market today, and some are pretty good, many are completely inferior and some are out right harmful or toxic. Hoof Pro™ and SOLE COMPLETE™ are 100% Natural, and extremely effective. They work with the horse’s body to ensure the hoof is healthy and well nourished. Our pricing is absolutely affordable. Call and give your order to Amanda or Jeff today and see why those who use Hoof Pro™ and Sole Complete™— never go back to other brands. We welcome your call today!

Contact: Jeff Stubblefield or Amanda (Assistant) 
866 Shelbyville Road
McMinnville, Tennessee 37110
Phone: 931-808-9680
Website: Click Here To Connect

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